Financial Issues After Recovering From Serious Injury

If you have been seriously injured by an accident that was not your fault, chances are you are struggling with medical bills. These bills can pile up in no time, and it can be a real struggle to find your way out. You do not need to feel like you are alone with your injury. We are here to help you and can find you a way to get your life back together.

Loss Of Income

When you are seriously injured, most of the time you have to take some sort of leave from your job. Sometimes it is a short leave for only a few days, while other times you can be forced to take an extended leave that lasts months, or even years. In either case, you will experience a loss of income that was not your fault. A loss of income claim may be filed in this case to recoup some or all of your lost income.

Mortgage And Utilities

While you are not working, unfortunately you costs of living do not decrease. A mortgage does not disappear, and utility bills may actually increase because you are home more during the day. If you are lucky enough to have some savings built up, you may be able to continue living like this for a while, but eventually your resources are going to run out. It is best to seek professional help so that you do not fall behind on your mortgage payments, or get left in the dark when your utility payments stop.

Insurance Coverage

If your workplace provides your medical insurance, and you had to quit because of an injury, you may find yourself stuck without any help to pay your medical bills. There are a few types of supplementary insurance that you can pay for out of your pocket, but they can be expensive. If you have no income, it is not a practical choice. You may need to seek legal help in order to recoup some of the expenses that you are experiencing through medical bills.


Do you have a family that is depending on you? If you have been injured and cannot return to work, your whole family may be suffering. Groceries, diapers, daycare, school bills, college tuition payments and more can add up quickly. An accident can cause more than just an injury to yourself. It isn’t your fault, and you should seek help not just for you, but for the rest of your family as well.

Change Jobs

Sometimes an accident or injury will force you to change to a lower paying job. Your original job may cause too much physical or emotional pain for you to continue, and therefore a lower paying job may be your only option. While it is at least some income in your pocket, it may not be enough to pay the bills that you were once paying, or allow you to return to the quality of life that you had before your accident. A compensation claim may be your answer. Talk with us today about what we can do for you in this situation.

Emotional Pain

Sometimes an injury may not be physical, but there may be emotional pain left from an accident. This is just as serious as a physical injury and needs treatment from a specialist too. Therapy bills can add up quickly, especially without insurance coverage. Many people just opt not to get treatment in this case to avoid the high bills. This is not the right way to help out an emotional injury. Instead, seek help to get the treatment that you need. With proper treatment, you can be on your way to returning to work and daily life.

An injury caused by an accident that was not your fault can leave you with a lot of financial troubles. You shouldn’t have to feel like you are drowning in medical bills and mortgage payments. There is help available to you! Legal action may be necessary in order to hold the parties at fault for your accident responsible for financial help. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you, and how you can be on the road to getting back on track..