Erasing The Stigma Of Personal Injury Lawsuits

For years, personal injury lawsuits have played a major role in movies, TV shows, and the news. The press always likes to paint personal injury lawyers and their clients in a negative light, showing them as money-hungry ambulance chasers just trying to get something for nothing.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and for those who are hurt in an accident of any kind the funds from a personal injury lawsuit could be the only thing that saves them from total financial ruin. But the stigma associated with personal injury law is such that some who deserve and even need compensation may not always file a claim – just because they’re afraid of what people will think. Taking a closer look at this could help erase this stigma and help those who need help get it.

The Truth About Personal Injury Lawsuits

Everyone’s heard the story about the ‘hot coffee lady’ and often uses it as an example of what frivolous lawsuits are. It’s easy to laugh about someone spilling some coffee and getting a million dollars.

But the truth of that case is that the injuries sustained were so severe they required extensive surgeries to correct, left the victim in extreme pain, cost her tens of thousands, and were all because the coffee was kept at a temperature too hot to be safe. Add to this the fact that the victim tried to settle just for the money for her medical bills but McDonald’s refused, and the truth becomes clearer.

The point of this? Personal injury lawsuits in Florida aren’t just about getting money – they’re about getting justice and about helping victims get back on their feet after an accident instead of being left struggling. Simply put, if you’re hurt due to the actions of someone else, you owe it to yourself to get the compensation you deserve – there is no need to struggle to get back on your feet when your accident wasn’t your fault.

The Truth About Those Huge Claims

We all hear stories about settlements being ordered that reach millions or tens of millions of dollars – those stories are a big part of why personal injury lawsuits get that stigma. But those huge settlements are generally due to a case going all the way to court and then the courts ordering compensation based not only on what you’re initially owed, but also on two main factors:

• Punitive Damages – These are damages a court may award to essentially punish a responsible party or to serve as a lesson to others. They’re a number that can be determined based on the overall opinion of a jury or judge and can reach thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars very easily.

• Pain and Suffering – These damages are awarded based on the mental and physical anguish a victim experiences and are also awarded at the discretion of the courts, and can reach millions of dollars as well.

The thing to remember here is that these settlement amounts are generally only awarded when a case goes to court. However, they could play a factor in the overall amount you receive during a negotiated settlement as well. They’re a huge reason that those responsible for an accident will often agree to a settlement – because if a case goes to court it can quickly cost them more.

Knowing Your Rights

Essentially, if you have been hurt due to the recklessness or negligence of someone else, you may have the right to seek financial compensation for your injuries. You’ll need to speak to a personal injury lawyer to learn more, but don’t feel as though you shouldn’t file a claim just because of the stigma associated with this type of case..