Electrical Components And Water Don't Always Mix

One of the little pleasures that life has to offer is going for a dip in your swimming pool. When the hot Florida sun is beating down, your pool offers you relaxation, fun, and most importantly, a place to beat the heat. There are multiple parts required to keep your water crystal clear and ready to go, and some of them, need electricity to function properly, like the motor. However, water and electrical components can be a deadly combination when the piece malfunctions.

Becoming shocked, or electrocuted, is a painful situation, that is not always avoidable. It can lead to a brain injury, broken bones, if you fall and land awkwardly, burns, and even death.

Be extra careful about what you touch, especially while you and your swimming attire are soaking wet. Touching a metal surface, that is not properly grounded, is going to lead to you having a horrible day.

Recall Issued For This Swimming Pool Motor

Nidec Motor Corporation issued a recall for variable speed swimming pool motors with a programmable user interface on the top. They will have “Emerson” or “EcoTech EZ” printed on the control box, while the model number, is marked on the rating plate, which is on the side of the pump. There is a vast amount of model numbers involved, which include...

  • M63PWBLE-0121, M63PWBLM-0128, M63PWBLR-0131, M63PWBLS-0132, M63PWBLV-0135, M63PWBLW-0136,

  • M63PWBMB-0140, M63PWBMC-0141, M63PWBMD-0142, M63PWBME-0143, M63PWBMF-0144, M63PWBMG-0145,

The pump control cover may be improperly grounded, which poses an electrical shock hazard to you. Approximately 16,000 units are affected in the United States, and an additional 22, or so, were sold in Canada. Consumers should immediately discontinue use and contact NMC toll-free at 877-282-0223, referencing the recall number of 17-174, to get relevant information. The company will schedule an appointment to have a certified technician install an external ground lead to remedy the problem.

Locations That Sold These Units

Leslie's Pool Supplies, Pool Builders Supply, Pool Corp., Pool & Electrical Products, and United Aqua Group sold these motors for between $400 to $500, from September 2010 through October 2016. That is a relatively long time span, which allows tons of opportunities for paperwork to become lost, and numbers to get worn off of labels. If you own a swimming pool, it is of the utmost importance to have your motor checked, to avoid personal injuries and keep guests and family members safe.

These Recalled Motors Could Be Right Here In St. Petersburg

If you become or have been previously injured, by a defective pool motor with an improperly grounded cover, you may be entitled to compensation. Present, and future medical expenses, loss of wages, mental anguish, and even punitive damages, might be obtainable. You and your loved ones should not have to suffer physically, mentally, or monetarily, due to the negligent acts of another. You have rights, and you do not have to attempt these legal feats alone. Our firm is prepared to give you excellent representation, while treating you with the respect that you deserve, on a personalized level. Without you, there is no us, so you are always our number one priority..