Driver Negligence Could Mean Compensation For You

No driver wants to get into an auto accident. Most of them take defensive driving courses and practice safe driving to avoid incidents. However, from time to time, no matter how much attention a person is paying to their surroundings, another driver's negligence can ruin their spotless record. Sometimes, property damage is all that comes from collisions. People walk away from those incidents with minor or no injuries.

On other occasions, however, car crashes can be terrible. Human bodies are just no match for twisted metal, broken glass, spilled chemicals, and fires. As such, many are left with severe and lasting injuries. Those often include the following:

• Broken Bones
• Deep Lacerations
• Burns
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Paralysis

Denied Injury Claims Can Be Devastating

It is not always immediately apparent who is at fault for an accident. In such situations, insurers do not mind denying injury claims. They even take this approach for other reasons. The point is that victims rely on those funds to either repair or replace their broken vehicles and pay for the care they need in order to overcome their injuries.

People must also be wary of low settlements. Insurance companies offer them in the hope of just making the problem go away. The only issue with that is when folks agree to the small sums, they tend to discover that the money is not enough to cover their losses. Thus, they still wind up paying for some of their expenses out of pocket.

Contact Our Firm To Fight Back

Insurers will walk all over victims if they let them. They do not mind taking advantage of people in their time of need. St. Petersburg citizens do not have to face those organizations on their own. Instead, injured parties can put our accident lawyers in their corner to fight for their rightful restitution.

Our team uses witness statements, cell phone records, accident reports, and other types of evidence to build winning cases. Once the insurers see what is headed their way, they often choose to settle out of court. Only this time around, they know better than to throw out low-ball numbers.

Our attorneys negotiate with insurance companies to get clients what they are genuinely owed. Some of the factors that determine compensation include but are not limited to:

• Pain And Suffering
• The Severity Of The Injuries
• Current And Future Lost Wages
• Medical Expenses

Our partners have won over $500 million for injured clients over the years. They will be more than happy to do the same for you. Each case we handle gets the personal attention that it deserves, and clients do not even have to worry about coming into the office if they are unable.

We will come to them at the hospital or their home for their convenience. The team has handled more than 10,000 personal injury cases. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a free case evaluation today and put an experienced, dedicated firm on your side.