Do You Have A Personal Transportation Vehicle?

Personal transportation vehicles are also commonly called golf carts. As such, with so many great places to swing some clubs near St. Petersburg, maybe you invested in a cart, so you don't have to walk from hole to hole. But, of course, personal transportation vehicles are great for other things besides golfing too. Hence, you might have one around the house to help you with chores.

For example, when trash day rolls around, perhaps you load the cans up on your cart and take them to the end of the driveway, making the task much easier. Or, do you use a golf cart at work, driving from one sector to the next, barking out orders? To be truthful, it really doesn't matter why you have a golf cart. The point is that you do, and if it is a particular brand/model, riders could be put in danger each time you go out.

Textron Specialized Vehicles

It has been brought to our attention that approximately 280 E-Z-Go Freedom RXV personal transportation vehicles with rear-facing seats may have issues. The structures for the rear seats can fail. If that happens on your ride, the seat can tilt unexpectedly, causing an injury hazard to anyone sitting in that spot. This matter might not sound all that dangerous, but it can be. After such accidents, victims can be left with:

• Fractures and broken bones
• Lacerations and burns
• Traumatic brain injuries

If you get hurt in such an accident, the damages may be minor. In other words, you could be back to working on your golf game in no time at all. However, severe injuries might enter the picture too. For example, can you even imagine the outcome if the golf cart was in reverse and a person fell off because of the seat, getting run over in the process?

Are You Entitled To Compensation?

Manufacturers are responsible for any harm their products cause after being sold on the open market because of the legal concept known as manufacturer's liability. So, if a defective product injures you, you may want to consider seeking compensation from the liable party. There's going to be a lot of stuff going on after an accident. For one, you might have to take some time off work while recovering and lose wages.

In addition, there will probably be some medical bills. After all, if personal injuries present themselves, you'll need to be examined and treated. Make sure you aren't left on the hook for these and other financial hardships, especially when you didn't do anything wrong. You weren't using the product inappropriately. Instead, you were merely sitting on the rear-facing seat, as it was intended to be used.

Manufacturers don't simply cut people checks because they say their products injured them. Instead, the injured must prove that negligence played a role in some form or fashion. But that is also typically easier said than done if you try to take on a large company alone. That is because manufacturers usually have lawyers standing by to discredit injury claims.

However, if you reside in St. Petersburg, there is another option. You can put The St. Pete Lawyer in your corner to fight for the restitution you deserve. Would you like to see if you have a personal injury claim because of a defective product? Contact our St. Petersburg law firm to schedule a free evaluation if that's the case. The lawyer will go over everything with you during the meeting and explain why you have a legitimate claim to compensation or not.