Differences Between Truck Accidents and Car Accidents

If you look at the differences between trucks and cars, the physical differences are pretty obvious. Cars weigh between one and three tons, while a fully loaded semi-truck can weigh closer to 40 tons.

So, the differences in size and weight between these two vehicles can make a big difference when it comes to the damages and injuries that result.

Truck Accidents and Serious Injuries

Truck accidents often involve much more serious injuries than a typical car accident that may result in no injury, minor injury, or serious injury. Catastrophic injury often occurs when a larger commercial truck hits a smaller vehicle.

When there is a catastrophic injury, it involves extensive medical treatment that can include hospitalization and even surgery. Some victims after a truck accident also have to deal with long-term damages, including lifelong therapy and rehabilitation. Some may even require some kind of home assistance in the future.

In St Petersburg, Florida, catastrophic injuries often meet the serious injury threshold. When this happens, you can file a fault-based claim to recover complete compensation that stretches beyond what is just covered by personal injury protection (PIP).

However, meeting this threshold doesn’t necessarily guarantee fair compensation from the liable party. For this reason, you want to consult with a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney who is familiar with such cases. They can help provide witness testimony, help gather evidence proving your claim, and more accurately put a value on the damages in the case.

Multiple Parties Are Involved

Another difference between truck and car accidents is that many more parties are often involved in a truck accident. Not only is the truck driver investigated, but the trucking company, shipping company, truck broker, or even a government entity could also be held liable for these accidents.

When it comes to identifying all the parties that could be liable in a truck accident claim, an investigation must be conducted. To recover compensation, find a lawyer with the resources and knowledge needed to find the cause of the accident and help build a strong case against everyone responsible.


The negotiations involved in a truck accident versus a car accident are also more complicated. The extent of the damages is often far greater in a truck accident, making the claim more challenging. You then throw in the insurance companies looking to pay as little as possible, and you have tough negotiations ahead of you.

Going to Trial

When a truck accident case goes to trial, the insurance company wouldn't agree to a fair settlement. So, to recover the compensation you deserve, you need to file a lawsuit. The attorney on your case will handle most aspects of this, including filing motions, submitting written questions to gather information, and obtaining witness testimony, among other tasks.

During the trial, witnesses will be examined, testimony introduced, and the evidence will be presented. Since truck accident claims are so much more complicated than a typical car accident, you want to make sure you and your lawyer come up with a solid legal strategy supporting your case.

As you can see, there are many glaring differences between a truck accident and a car accident and the process involved. Since trucks are much larger, they can cause more extensive damage. In these cases, more than one liable party can be named, further complicating things.

Hire an experienced personal injury attorney specializing in truck accident cases to get the compensation you deserve following the accident for injuries and damages.