Delivery Driver Fell On My St. Petersburg Property Am I Liable?

Many of us take full advantage of delivery services, whether grocery, food, or even regular mail and package services. However, has the question of liability ever popped into your head? What happens if one of these delivery drivers falls and is injured on your property? Will you be liable?

The Property Owner

As the property owner, you owe the delivery driver a duty of care. This means that you are responsible for your property and ensuring that there are no dangerous conditions that could ultimately injure someone while they are on your property.

Delivery drivers may slip, trip on a broken step, or lose their balance while walking your pathway. If there isn't decent lighting, this can also cause a delivery driver to trip and fall.

Premises Liability Laws

Even though cases are all different, delivery drivers are still considered invitees. This means when they enter a private property like a business or residence, the owner of that property still owes a high duty of care to the people that have been invited. This means that property owners must fix all hazards that could potentially cause an injury.

If any hazards exist on the property that cannot be fixed immediately, invitees must be notified of the property's current condition. Additionally, properties should be inspected regularly to look for any potential hazards.

Damages and Liability

Premises liability claims can be complicated and costly, even when the property owner has homeowner's insurance. When a delivery driver is injured on your property, you can be liable for all the expenses involved, including:

• Medical Bills: Some slip and fall cases can result in broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, cuts, abrasions, and more. More serious injuries can result in hospitalization, physical rehabilitation, or after-care all of which are expenses that can certainly begin to add up.

• Lost Wages: If the delivery driver is unable to work following the injury because they cannot walk or they suffered broken bones, torn ligaments, or are in pain, then the property owner may be held liable for the lost wages.

• Pain and Suffering: Since these kinds of injuries can cause pain and suffering, it can make it more difficult for the injured party to continue to enjoy life at the same level as before the accident. This can also result in damages in this kind of personal injury claim.

Maintaining Your Property

To avoid slip and falls and other accidents from occurring on your property, there are several things a property owner can do to ensure that it is a safe environment for all invitees. This also applies to a business owner as well.

To avoid liability if someone is injured on your property, make sure that all pathways are illuminated, including the driveway. This offers good visibility for anyone visiting the property.

Additionally, make sure all tools, toys, and other potential obstacles and tripping hazards are put away and eliminated. Place these items in your home or garage and keep them out of the yard, pathways, and driveway.

Staying Safe on Others' Properties

If you ensure your property is safe for visitors, you will proceed with more caution when visiting others' properties. Exercising care and caution are good ways to avoid slip and fall accidents. However, when these accidents are unavoidable, it is often due to negligence, which means one may be entitled to compensation for those injuries.

If a delivery driver has been injured on your property and you feel that you exercised your duty of care, it may be in your best interest to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to determine if you are, in fact, liable for the injuries.