Common Myths Surrounding Personal Injury Law In Florida

You've probably heard different things about personal injury law and auto accident attorneys over the years. However, that doesn't mean everything that crossed your path was a fact. Hence, that's why we're here to debunk some common myths surrounding personal injury law. Then, you'll have the intel you need to impress your friends the next time the topic comes up in a conversation.

You Shouldn't Call An Attorney For Minor Injuries

Sometimes, auto accidents only cause property damage. In other words, people don't get hurt, insurance covers the repairs, and everybody goes on their merry way. Yet, on other occasions, injuries enter the picture. They can be minor and severe, but some individuals suggest those with minor injuries shouldn't bother contacting attorneys. That is false. Even those with minor injuries should seek compensation from responsible parties.

Failing in that regard could be a huge mistake because healthcare costs are all but out of control these days. For example, according to How To Relief, $3,102 is the average price for an ER visit in Florida. That is certainly a lot of money, and it is an amount many Americans don't have in savings. Thus, this example alone shows why it can be worth it to seek compensation for minor injuries

The Defendant Will Pay Out Of Pocket

On occasion, a defendant will have to pay for damages out of pocket. However, in most instances, insurance companies are the ones that pick up the tabs. Many victims won't file lawsuits against people because they're afraid that will ruin their lives. But as you can see, the insurer will likely be responsible, so don't hold back. Get an attorney to seek the compensation you deserve.

You Can File A Personal Injury Case Whenever You Wish

It is true that people should have more than enough time to file personal injury lawsuits. However, if they aren't careful, there is a statute of limitations, and they could miss their opportunities. For example, in Florida, individuals have four years from the date of their accidents to file personal injury lawsuits. So, never go into one of these ventures thinking you have time, time, and more time on your hands. Instead, hire an attorney and get everything taken care of promptly to ensure your window doesn't close.

People Who File Personal Injury Lawsuits Are Dishonest

Periodically, people come around saying those who file personal injury lawsuits are dishonest. They believe victims aren't usually as hurt as they make out to be and are only trying to cheat the system to get rich. As such, some victims neglect to file lawsuits simply because they don't want to be judged. This assumption is false, though. More often than not, those who seek compensation for damages are legitimately hurt.

Some Last Thoughts

Have you been injured in a St. Petersburg car crash because of someone's negligence? If so, you might be entitled to compensation.