Common Mistakes To Avoid After A Slip And Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are common in the United States. That is because of the many hazards people encounter, such as badly lit hallways, icy sidewalks, poorly constructed stairwells, spilled liquids, and scattered debris.

Around eight million emergency room visits a year are due to falls. Of these, a million are due to slip and fall accidents.

While some people only end up with a few bruises, others incur serious injuries. In some cases, the victim may have to deal with physical pain and emotional trauma that lasts for months or even years.

If the accident is due to the negligence of some people, businesses, or other public entities, it is best to hire a slip and fall lawyer to get proper compensation.

While knowing the steps to take may help, it is as important to avoid making mistakes that could cause you a fair settlement. Here are some of the common mistakes you should never make:

Not Getting Medical Treatment Promptly

Seeing a doctor immediately after a slip and fall is necessary. You should not wait for a few days before seeking medical treatment. A doctor will prescribe proper medication and aftercare procedures that will help prevent complications. Thus, increasing the chances of proper healing. Additionally, seeking prompt medical care will ensure that any injuries you got from the accident are well-documented.

Failure to get immediate treatment can also affect your case. It will be harder to prove that the slip and fall accident is what caused your injuries.

Not Reporting the Incident

You may be anxious to leave the establishment as soon as possible. But, you should not forget to inform the supervisor or property manager. It should be brief. You should also be polite when discussing the incident. Your goal is to have a source of documentation.

Not Having Enough Documentation

In some cases, proving that the accident happened can be difficult. You need to have sufficient evidence. Proper documentation is necessary, not only to verify the slip and fall but also to show that there was negligence.

Important documentation may be in the form of the following:

• Footage showing the accident
• Incident report
• Medical records

Failure to Get Witnesses’Contact Information

If someone witnesses your fall, they can provide reliable testimony. They can also give detailed information about the accident. Make sure you get a name, address, and phone number. If someone was with you when the accident happened, ask them to help get the contact information of witnesses.

Accepting a Settlement without Consulting a Lawyer
Accepting a settlement binds you to the agreement. That means you may not be able to get compensation for additional damages in the future. So, you have to make sure the settlement is fair before you sign.

Do not accept an initial offer. You are not obligated to sign a document immediately, especially if you are unsure about the settlement. Make sure you consult a slip and fall lawyer first.

Find an experienced attorney who has handled slip and fall cases similar to yours. A lawyer can give you legal advice and help in gathering evidence. With their knowledge of the law, they can prevent you from doing anything that could jeopardize your case.

Some slip and fall cases end up in a trial. However, states have a statute of limitations. In Florida, you should file a lawsuit within four years after the incident. A slip and fall lawyer will ensure you meet the deadline and will represent you during the trial.

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