Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Law

Many people don't spend a lot of time with personal injury lawyers, and many of us don't familiarize ourselves with personal injury law simply because we have never had to. However, if the time has come when you find yourself needing the guidance of a personal injury lawyer, you should educate yourself on some of the common misconceptions floating around about personal injury law.

Misconception: It Is Going to Cost Me Too Much Money

This is one of the more common myths and often the reason people choose to handle their claims themselves rather than hiring a personal injury lawyer. However, it is important to note that lawyers charge differently for the services they offer, so no two law offices are going to be the same.

When looking for an attorney, take a closer look at fee structures and make sure there are no upfront costs to contend with. This is where the cost can quickly begin to add up. Contingent fee structures are what many attorneys use. They agree to work on the case for free and then deduct their fee at the end when you get a settlement or win your case.

Misconception: Insurance Will Cover All My Injuries

If you were involved in an auto accident and you sustained injuries and other damages, then you may be entitled to compensation. Insurance companies do business to earn a profit, so they are going to find ways to pay the least amount possible in your claim. So, no. The insurance most likely will not cover all of your injuries.

Every year, it is reported that insurance companies only pay out approximately 50 percent of the costs associated with an auto accident. This means that you are stuck paying the rest out of your own pocket.

Misconception: The Responsible Party Will Pay for My Injuries

In most personal injury cases, it is the insurance company that pays the claim, not the responsible party themselves. If they had to pay themselves, they would probably find it difficult to do so, especially if your injuries and damages are significant.

So, the at-fault party's insurance company is the one to pay the claim and will most likely try to settle out of court.

Misconception: You Don't Need an Attorney for Minor Injuries

Even with minor injuries from an auto accident, you can quickly find those medical costs begin to add up. So, if someone else is responsible for those injuries, it may be in your best interest to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer that can help you get the compensation you deserve. Minor injuries can also become a major problem later on, so it is not something you want to let fall to the wayside.

Misconception: I Have Time. I Will File Later

When you have a personal injury claim, it is best to file it as soon as possible following the accident. There is a time limit known as the statute of limitations, and this countdown begins the day you sustain the injuries. After two years have passed, you will no longer be able to file a personal injury claim.

As you can see, there are plenty of misconceptions about personal injury that you need to familiarize yourself with if you have a personal injury claim to file. Don't let too much time go on and don't downplay your injuries because you don't think you can afford a personal injury attorney to help you.

An experienced lawyer knows the law and will help you navigate the process. So, don't hesitate. Call today for more information about how they can help you..