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auto-accidents-can-occur-during-motorcycle-rallies Michael Babboni Sep/17/2020 Michael Babboni

Auto Accidents Can Occur During Motorcycle Rallies

The 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota reveals that COVID-19 isn't going to slow many riders down. Even a healthcare crisis can't prevent people from riding their hogs. Different events have been scheduled right here in the Sunshine State...

evidence-to-collect-after-a-motorcycle-accident Michael Babboni Sep/15/2020 Michael Babboni

Evidence To Collect After A Motorcycle Accident

Florida is the perfect state for motorcycle riders. Our year long good weather, flat highways, and beautiful nature make it a great state to ride. Unfortunately, because it is such a great state for motorcycles, it also has one of the highest rates o...

driver-negligence-could-mean-compensation-for-you Michael Babboni Sep/10/2020 Michael Babboni

Driver Negligence Could Mean Compensation For You

No driver wants to get into an auto accident. Most of them take defensive driving courses and practice safe driving to avoid incidents. However, from time to time, no matter how much attention a person is paying to their surroundings, another driver'...

the-financial-difficulties-of-a-car-crash-victim Michael Babboni Aug/19/2020 Michael Babboni

The Financial Difficulties Of A Car Crash Victim

Car accidents can have significant impacts on one’s life. If you’re a victim of a car accident, aside from the injuries that you may obtain, you will also encounter financial hurdles you need to deal with, and they include the following: Medical Cos...

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