Catastrophic Injuries Are More Complex

A typical injury in a car accident or a slip and fall on someone else’s property is usually of the “recoverable” variety. A collision in a car may involve some whiplash, maybe even a broken limb, but nothing proper medical treatment can’t address with a full recovery. Similarly, a slip and fall on-premises might require hospitalization, but often life goes back to normal once the injury is behind you.

Unfortunately, not every injury leads to a full recovery. There are some accidents so severe, with injuries so catastrophic that life may not ever be the same. And this brings with it complexity and a different set of consequences.

Recovery May Not Be Possible

In more severe car accidents, such as an impact with a heavy vehicle, like a freight hauling Mac truck, injuries may be so serious they are permanent. The same can be said for what might appear to be a trivial “slip and fall” on a property.

A car accident victim caught in a truck collision, or a customer at a shopping mall falling from the second floor of a building, for example, can be injured in such a way as paralysis may be a result.

In such situations, becoming a paraplegic is a permanent condition. Not only does it deny a person the mobility they took for granted, in some cases, but it may also even be impossible to return to a job, such as construction, for example, if a person is now using a wheelchair. In the worst of all possible situations, an accident can result in death, financially crippling an entire family if they were dependent on the deceased.

Making A New Life

Things become much more legally and financially involved with catastrophic injuries because the final outcome is not the restoration of the status quo. If, for example, someone is paralyzed and can’t return to their job through no fault of their own, there are a whole host of concerns that need to be addressed. How will the victim cope with life in a wheelchair, or with blindness, deafness, or other permanent injuries? How can a salary be earned if a lifelong career at the same familiar job is no longer possible?

What happens now for families who have lost a loved one that was also the main source of financial support? How do the children continue to eat, receive clothing, go to school, or save tuition for post-secondary education? Who is responsible for these things?

Making Things Right

When there are so many more issues to consider and resolve, you need all the help you can get. An experienced personal injury attorney, especially in the area of injury you’ve experienced, such as a slip and fall or a car, boat, or motorcycle accident, can be crucial in getting the kind of financial compensation that will be required.

You may not be able to recover from a catastrophic injury fully. But a personal injury lawyer can help ensure that as you make a new life for yourself, the financial resources you need for recovery, rehabilitation, and future employment prospects are legally entitled to you when you need them..