Bicycle Accidents Are Sometimes More Than Mere Falls With Scraped Knees

Can you remember back to when you learned to ride a bike? If so, then you probably also remember those days when you fell, scraped your knee, and ran off crying to the guardians for some babying. Afterward, you'd get right back up and try it again, hopefully learning from your mistakes. Then, after trying and trying again, you became a bicycling pro.

Does that still ring true today? Do you ride every chance you get, or is your bicycle a part of your everyday routine? Those who do not do either may want to think about getting into cycling regularly or sporadically. Physical activity helps people stay lean, fit, and healthy. Plus, riding can improve one's stamina and endurance, ensuring they're ready to tackle various personal and work tasks.

Anyways, let's get back to those scraped knees. If a negligent driver strikes you while you're out biking, sure, you might have skin missing on your legs, but it is highly doubtful that's all you'll receive. Bicyclists involved in such crashes sometimes walk away from the events unscathed. However, more often than not, they are left with severe injuries or even get killed. The latter, wrongful deaths, are our focus here today. 

Bicycle Crash Fatality Stats

According to the FLHSMV, there were 6,664 Florida bicycle crashes in 2019 that caused 156 fatalities. Meanwhile, in 2018, the Sunshine State accounted for 6,590 accidents with 160 deaths. That equals out to a two-year average of 6,627 incidents and 158 lost lives. These stats aren't meant to scare you; they are just the facts, but unfortunately, they are probably painting a pretty grim picture in the back of your mind. picture in the back of your mind.

The Point Of All This Information

When spouses, children, and some other surviving relatives lose loved ones to negligent drivers, they are often entitled to fair compensation for the loss. Why should these individuals hire an attorney and file a lawsuit against the responsible party? After all, no amount of money will ever make up for what they lost. That is very true, but there are also final expenses that come along with one's passing.

Hence, relatives can experience financial challenges after the death of a family member because of medical bills, funeral costs, and more. Speaking of funeral prices, did you know that the average cost of a burial with a viewing in the United States runs between $7,000 and $12,000 today? That's a lot of money for families to scrape together on the fly.

Final expenses are one reason to seek compensation after a bicycle crash causes a wrongful death. However, it is also notable to mention that the action might provide closure as well. Regardless of why you choose to take legal action in the matter, be sure to put a top-notch wrongful death attorney in your corner. The professional will fight to recover the compensation owed to you and your family. Contact The St. Pete Lawyer to schedule your free case evaluation today..