Avoiding Slip And Fall Accidents In Florida

While the St. Petersburg area may not experience the same icy and snowy conditions as other parts of the country, that doesn’t mean we don’t have slip and fall risk areas of our own during the winter season. Slip and fall accidents are responsible for millions of emergency room visits each year throughout the United States, including the St. Petersburg region of the state of Florida.

When you find yourself in a slip and fall accident due to another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation to cover your injury related damages. Lost work wages, medical costs, and even pain and suffering could be awarded to you when you present your case. Your Florida personal injury attorney is here to help you to make your case as successful as possible.

Slip and fall accidents are accidents, which means that they sneak up on individuals and they’re never planned. While you may not be able to guarantee you won’t find yourself in a slip and fall accident, there are things you can do to lessen your likelihood. Avoiding slip and fall accidents in Florida is ideal, but if you should find yourself in an accident the assistance of a personal injury attorney can make your experience a lot more positive.

Tips For Avoiding A Slip And Fall

A few tips can help those in the St. Petersburg region lessen their chances of winding up in a slip and fall accident. These tips include:

• Recognize risky locations – A cluttered department store at the end of the day is probably more likely to be considered a “risky location” when compared to an open field. Being able to recognize these risky locations and how they can lead to a slip and fall is the first step to making sure you’re approaching the situation carefully.

• Take your time – Rushing around can cause us to lose sense of our surroundings. When you’re laser focused on a particular task at hand or something else that may be on your mind, you’re not paying attention to recognize risky locations or the hazards that may be present in those locations. While walking out, take time to stop, look around, recognize hazards, and proceed with caution.

• Take care to dress appropriately for the occasion – If you’re taking a walk around your neighborhood in a pair of high heels or walking around a slippery area in sandals, you are likely putting yourself at greater risk for a slip and fall accident. Think about the occasion you’re dressing for, and consider how you can make sure your attire adds to your safety instead of taking away from it.

• Talk to your doctor – As we age, we may not realize just how much more susceptible we become to slip and fall accidents. Talking to your doctor about your personal fall risk level can give you an accurate picture of what you should do to avoid slip and fall accidents going forward. Your doctor may even have recommendations to lower your fall risk as you go about your everyday tasks in the St. Petersburg area.

What If I Fall?

Even when you take all possible precautions, not all slip and fall accidents are avoidable. If you find yourself in a slip and fall accident in the area, contact a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer to trust with your case..