Avoid Making These Mistakes During An Auto Accident Lawsuit

Although most motorists try to be careful and avoid crashes, there are negligent drivers on the roads who make that impossible. Drowsy, drunk, and distracted driving are all forms of negligence.

So are speeding, running red lights, and ignoring stop signs. When such issues occur, disaster can strike in the blink of an eye. Head-on, rear-end, and T-bone collisions can all come to fruition. 

Victims can be left with significant injuries after a car crash. Ailments vary from one situation to the next. However, some of the more common problems include the following:

▪ Neck, Back, And Face Injuries
▪ Fractures And Broken Bones
▪ Lacerations And Contusions
▪ First-, Second-, Or Third-Degree Burns

When people do nothing wrong, they should not have to pay out of pocket for their recovery expenses. Yet, if they do nothing, that could be what lies in store. If negligent drivers leave St. Petersburg residents hurt, the latter should contact The St. Pete Lawyer for a free case evaluation. They may be entitled to fair compensation for their damages. Our attorney will fight tooth and nail on their behalf to get them the money they deserve.

Our team builds solid auto accident cases with witness statements, driver histories, and black box data. We also collect cell phone and medical records as necessary. Traffic camera footage and police reports could become parts of the equation as well. Our firm even works with various specialists to recreate accident scenes when needed. Thus, if a negligent motorist is responsible for your accident, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will now look at some mistakes people should avoid making when they are entangled in a car crash lawsuit. Doing any of these things could be detrimental to their case. Hence, curious individuals should stick around and read on to learn more.


 - Some victims tend to exaggerate a bit when it comes to their injuries. In doing so, they probably believe they will get bigger settlements in the end. That could be the case if they get away with the fib, but liars get caught more often than not.

Falsifying information on insurance applications can void claims altogether. Then, the injured party will not receive any compensation. Therefore, people should remain open and honest with their attorneys, insurers, and everyone else involved.

Skipping Doctor's Appointments

 - Accident victims must attend all of their doctor's appointments after a crash. For one, the visits allow them to find out what medications and treatments they need to get better. Additionally, staying on top of those meetings can help with lawsuits. When people do not attend them, insurers and legal teams may believe they are not as hurt as they claim. Those professionals can use the missed appointments to drive that point home, which can lead to victims getting small settlements or no money at all.

Failing To Acquire Evidence

 - Yes, attorneys gather most of the evidence required for auto accident lawsuits. However, victims have first-hand access to many things that can be used to prove a claim. For example, if someone’s car is banged up and dented, the individual should snap some pictures on their phone if they are able. They may also want to do the same for bruises, broken bones, and other injuries. The last thing anybody wants is for their case to fail simply because there is not enough evidence.

Posting On Social Media

 -Insurance companies are turning to social media these days to discredit injury claims. They look for pictures and posts that undermine people’s injuries. For instance, if a person is supposed to be hurt and barely able to walk, an image of them dancing or playing sports should not surface on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Such issues can damage an auto accident lawsuit quickly, so be mindful of what you post when you have a legal battle on your hands..