Avoid Becoming Taken Advantage Of By Insurance Companies By Hiring The St. Pete Lawyer

Going to the doctor is expensive today and with so much turmoil surrounding the healthcare industry, who knows when this action is going to change. Even with insurance, regular everyday medical expenses are becoming almost too much to bear. However, when a person sustains an injury, loses time from work, and requires a substantial amount of recovery for healing, their overall way of life is threatened. If the damages became incurred by an automotive, slip and fall, or workplace accident, the party, will likely have to deal with an insurance company throughout the entire ordeal.

Do not apply your signature to any documentation without first letting the St. Pete Lawyer review the item. It is becoming more and more common for binding contracts to contain fine print or carefully worded phrases that attempt to relinquish a person's right to compensation for their injuries. These documents typically do not hold up in a court of law, but they will delay proceedings. When every moment and dollar counts in difficult times like these, it is best just to avoid the entire situation by not signing anything until we have the opportunity to review it accordingly.

Don't Accept A Low Ball Settlement

Insurance companies and the firms that represent them know that people going through the recovery process are likely soon to be facing financial difficulties. They do not deny that injured victims are entitled to a particular amount of compensation for pain and inconveniences, but typically the first number that they throw around is minimal in comparison to what it should be. Our St. Pete Lawyer has the financial means, experience, and ability to take your case to trial, but often, the firm's reputation makes insurers settle quickly away from a jury and for a fair settlement amount.

Insurance Companies Don't Always Have The Injured Party's Best Interests In Mind

Going to an insurance-only specified physician, as required by the insurer, might be a recipe for disaster. While medical professionals take the hypocritical oath and make sure we are healthy, they might also rush the process along when particular organizations are involved in a legal matter. These types of acts can lead to your recovery becoming mishandled and injuries looking less severe than they truly are. Our firm works with some of the finest healthcare providers and physical therapists in the St. Petersburg area to ensure that you receive the proper care to reach a full and speedy recovery.

The St. Pete Lawyer handles the collecting of documents like accident or witness reports. Proving fault in injury cases is not always as cut and dry as it should be, but our experience in the personal injury field has given us the knowledge to form a winning plan just for you. We understand that each claim and person is unique and different, and our team goes above and beyond to treat every case in an individualized manner for a more personalized feel. Many people feel out of their element when it comes to visiting courtrooms or doctor and lawyer offices. From your initial phone call to the first and last visit, our lawyers treat you with dignity and respect. Compassion and understanding go a long way in helping make the situation somewhat less stressful and more comfortable. We look forward to the opportunity of not seeing you become injured, but for the chance to show you what sets our firm apart from the rest..