Are These Defective Products In Your Home?

Have you ever been hurt by a defective product? No, we aren't talking about scratching your finger and making it bleed a little. Nor do we mean getting a small bruise on your belly from the button on a pair of pants. The injuries that are being discussed here are of the severe variety. You know, fractures and broken bones, burns, or brain damage.

If not, trust us in saying that you should be glad. Those kinds of wounds can impact one's life dramatically. When people get seriously injured by defective products, they sometimes cannot work for extended periods. Heck, sometimes, the ailments prevent them from ever working again. Because of this aspect, it is not uncommon for accident victims to run into financial challenges.

With no paycheck coming in, they can burn through any savings they might have in a hurry. Not only will the cash get spent on things like their mortgage and lights, but it will also be used to pay the new medical bills they acquire. These issues reveal why defective product accidents can be so stressful and overwhelming. Now, let's look at what action you can take to recoup your losses.

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

Manufacturers are liable for the harm that their products cause. Hence, if you get injured by a defective product, you might be entitled to compensation for your damages. Was the item previously recalled? If so, that is okay, as long as you can prove your wounds came to fruition before the recall was issued or that you didn't know about the issue altogether.

Getting manufacturers to hand out fair settlements is easier said than done, though. They have lawyers standing by to discredit claims. The attorneys often make lowball offers to victims, which isn't right, but it happens. When people don't accept the amounts, the legal teams go into drag their feet modes. They delay negotiations and bring everything to what feels like a stop.

Why? Because they know victims with injuries are hurting for money following accidents. By slowing things down, the attorneys hope the injured run out of options and have to settle for whatever they give them. Don't let these people give you the run-around. Instead, put our personal injury lawyer in your corner and show them you mean business.

We offer free case reviews, and you will only owe a fee if you win. How nice is that? Now that all of that good stuff is out of the way and you know where to get top-notch legal representation, it is time to discuss some defective products that could be in your home.

Be Aware Of This Consumer Alert

2,800 Margo Taper Candle Holders are being recalled in the United States and Canada by Urban Outfitters. These devices can come in contact with the flames of the candles and catch fire. So far, the organization has only received one report about the issue with no injuries, but that could change in a hurry. The units in question have SKU numbers of...

• 0058346800
• 0058346818
• 0058346826

They were manufactured in China and sold exclusively by Urban Outfitters. Consumers were able to purchase them online or in stores across the nation from August to November 2020. The candle holders pose fire and burn risks. Thus, if you own them, you might want to stop using them immediately.

Can you even imagine? You and your significant other sit down to an intimate candle-lit dinner, only to watch the candle holders go up in flames. They catch the table cloth on fire. Then, when you try to extinguish it, you sustain 3rd-degree burns on your arm. If defective products hurt you, just know that stellar legal representation is only a phone call away.