An Accident With A Police Officer

Although the mere thought is almost unthinkable, you could get into an accident with a police officer in Florida. Unfortunately, the situation can even occur right here in our hometown of St. Petersburg. Sometimes, citizens are to blame. For example, a person could back into a cop car in a parking lot. Or, an individual might lose control of their vehicle on a slippery rain-soaked road and strike an emergency auto in the side.

However, it is also possible for an officer to be at fault. For instance, maybe they're speeding during a high-speed chase and hit your car in the rear even though you pulled over to the shoulder to get out of their way. Then again, perhaps the officer had a long day at the office and saw some things they'd wish they hadn't. So, they go to a bar after duty, have a few too many drinks, and decide to drive their cruiser home.

Of course, in this scenario, that wasn't a good decision. The driver dozes off behind the wheel, and the car drifts into an oncoming lane of traffic, hitting another vehicle head-on. Luckily, nobody dies in the event, and the officer doesn't get hurt. However, the other driver's car wasn't equipped with an airbag, and they hit their head on the steering wheel. As a result, the person is left with a traumatic brain injury that impacts all aspects of their life.

Should You Sue The Government?

In Florida, people are allowed to seek compensation from government entities for negligence actions. But, things aren't always that simple. Under various circumstances, government employees can be held liable for damages and injuries. However, the victim must prove that the person's reckless actions caused the issues. That's where having a stellar attorney in your corner comes in handy. They'll build a case that supports your particular position in the matter and fight for the compensation you deserve.

The employee will have an attorney representing them, and that professional won't hold back any punches in trying to discredit your claim. So, put the St. Pete Lawyer on your side to keep such situations at bay. He has clients' best interests in mind and always does what's best for them.

What About An Individual?

Sometimes, it is also possible for victims to file lawsuits against individuals instead of government entities. As such, you might be able to sue a police officer after an accident. In this particular scenario, let's say that the official sped through a red light at an intersection because they were texting and didn't have a siren on or anything. Then, their cruiser slams into the driver's side door of your work van, crushing your ankle in the process.

Because you have fractures and broken bones, screws and plates have to be installed to hold everything in the area together. On occasion, people are able to sue police officers themselves instead of an entire government entity. Would you like to determine if that's a possibility?

Contact The St. Pete Lawyer

Suppose you sustain severe damages and injuries from an accident with a police officer. In that case, you might be entitled to fair compensation from the individual or the government entity they work for. Contact our firm to schedule an appointment with the St. Pete Lawyer. He has been practicing law in and around St. Petersburg since 1987. Hence, you can rest assured that he has the experience to get the job done.

Did we mention that the initial consultation is free? Also, personal injury clients only owe fees when compensation is recovered. It's a win-win. So, go ahead and give us a call.