Accident-Prone Areas In A St. Petersburg Workplace

The workplace, may it be the office or outside, is one of the common accident-prone areas. But even then, there are specific places where accidents are most likely to happen. These are the places where you should be more careful, alert, and ready.

• Stairways - Slip and fall accidents can happen quite literally in stairways for a number of reasons. First, employees who are rushing tend to lose their footing and slip while going up or down the stairs. Second, the steps may be too steep, uneven, or slippery.

If you think that the condition of the stairs is no longer safe for employees to use, you should report this to your boss or the management as it is their responsibility to ensure that the working environment is safe. Otherwise, filing a case or claim might be necessary when another person is harmed because of their negligence.

• Supplies Room - Offices, warehouses, factories, and any other workplace usually have a supplies room where they keep equipment, cleaning products, surplus, and even hazardous chemicals. Most of the time, these rooms are also not as well-maintained as other rooms.

There’s poor lighting, floor hazards, and boxes that could fall out of the top cabinets at any time. People who go here to retrieve supplies can bump into cabinets, unseen hazards on the floor, and even touch dangerous items. Even then, remember that there is an underlying duty to keep even the supplies room organized and safe to navigate.

• Elevators - Many prefer to use the elevator over the stairs because it is faster and more convenient. However, elevators are also prone to accidents. This is in no way an attempt to scare you but it is important to be aware of what can possibly happen when riding elevators.

For instance, a power outage and being stuck inside for a few minutes is relatively safe unless the elevator is not well-maintained. The small space can also make people easily bump into each other, especially if someone is carrying things like documents, equipment, or even food.

• Slipper Halls - This can be anywhere in the workplace and you are bound to encounter a slipper hall one way or another. As obvious as it is, slippery floors can cause people to lose their balance and accidentally slip. It can also cause items like wheeled cabinets and pushcarts hard to control, causing them to go off track and cause harm to others. When passing by slippery halls and corridors, watch out for warning signs and tread carefully.

What To Do When You Get Into An Accident In The Workplace

There are many reasons for accidents that happen in the workplace, and depending on what you experienced, you may file a personal injury case for a slip and fall accident or a workers’ compensation claim. The most important thing is to get a personal injury lawyer to help you because dealing with workplace accidents can be tricky..