A Phone Can Be Both A Cause & Evidence In An Accident

California recently experienced a uniquely 21st century tragedy. A young adult driving her car and using her phone to shoot and broadcast, or “stream” the video, went through a horrific accident that resulted in the death of her sister. In the moments after the accident, she continued to stream, filming the death of her own sister and admitting her guilt to the Internet.

Distracted Driving Can Kill

18 year old Obdulia Sanchez was driving her 2003 Buick, along with her 14 year old sister, and another friend. Obdulia was already breaking the law by driving while under the influence of a substance, but this was further compounded by her use of a phone to shoot video of herself while driving. Her sister and her friend sat in the back seat, neither one wearing seatbelts.

While shooting her video, Obdulia lost control of the car, and it started to veer. In a panic, she overcorrected, and the car went into the lane going in the opposite direction, then left the road entirely, hitting a barbed wire fence and flipping over. Her sister and her friend, because of the lack of seatbelts, were ejected from the car, with the 14 year old sister sustaining major head wounds.

The Evidence Speaks For Itself

Obdulia Sanchez has now been charged with vehicular manslaughter, in addition to driving while under the influence. However, in this case, evidence of intoxication isn’t really the cornerstone on which this case is being built. Obdulia’s own behavior is all the court needs for evidence.

Because Obdulia made the decision to keep filming and broadcasting the accident on the Internet, there is plenty of evidence documenting what happened. Obdulia herself confesses in the video her actions, and takes responsibility, all the while filming her sister dying on the ground as the friend screams nearby.

With such compelling evidence as a driver filming their own accident and the subsequent death of a passenger, it won’t take very long for a court to make a decision. The fact that she was driving while under the influence simply makes the case go by that much faster.

It’s Not Just You

In a case of distracted driving, you’re not the only one at risk. In this scenario, Obdulia’s own need to get attention from the Internet cost the life of her sister, as well as injured a friend. And her insistence on filming all these events simply created more evidence that could be used against her in court.

Always remember that if you use your phone while driving, you are running the same risk. And in the same way, if you get into an accident, and it’s not your fault, you may suspect the other driver’s faulty driving could be the result of distracted driving. If that’s the case, do not let them get away with it. A phone is evidence, and its usage at the time of the accident can be tracked. All of these little details will be important in the investigation of a case if you decide to get a St. Pete lawyer to work for you in a personal injury case. Just remember, the same phone that might have been responsible for a distracted driving accident in the first place may also be evidence that can prove this in court..