A Dashboard Camera Can Be Crucial Evidence

When an automobile accident occurs and damage—or even injury or death—are the consequences, that’s when it time to get a good St. Pete lawyer with expertise in car accidents and start trying get financial compensation. This is especially important if you know that an accident you were involved in wasn’t’ your fault but that of the other driver. However, the big question then becomes, how do you prove it? In the 21st century drivers have more technology available to them that help answer this question.

The Truth Is In There

The first order of business in any car accident is reconstructing the exact sequence of events so that the people involved, the police officers investigating, and even the lawyers that handle a personal injury case afterwards have a clear idea of the accident itself. In the past, this could be an extremely challenging task. It relied on the memory and testimony of people involved, and, with any luck, eye witnesses in other vehicles or on the street that may have seen what happened.

Today, security cameras on buildings and even traffic cameras on intersections can record driving activity for much more reliable verification. But the final judge in piecing together the exact sequence of events in a traffic accident has to fall to a camera mounted on the dashboard of a car, otherwise known as a “dashboard cam” that may be always on, always recording.

Always Alert

The trick to a dashboard cam’s ability to record an accident is that many models, when a car is driving, are never off. They continuously record the view from the dashboard, with sharp, clear, high definition images that can capture details like license plate numbers, even at night. The secret to this “infinite storage” is the fact that the a dashboard cam uses digital storage system capable of holding an hour—or several hours—worth of footage. If nothing noteworthy occurs, the camera simply erases that last few minutes or hours of recorded footage and starts over.

This means that in the event of an accident, the driver, police officers, and eventually lawyers for car crash can have access to a camera that recorded every single moment of the car accident. It will be clear who was in violation of traffic law, who was first struck, and other details of the event as such as air and lighting conditions that may have affected the incident.

Good For Fender Benders

Some dashboard cams on the higher end are even built with motion and impact detectors. This means that if a car is parked, and a person or vehicle approaches, the camera detects this and starts recording. Suddenly, there’s no mystery about who might have bumped into a parked car and then decided to drive away, the dashboard cam recorded the whole thing and the video can be taken to police to catch the driver that tried to evade his or her legal responsibilities.

If you’re looking for good evidence and legal peace of mind in a traffic accident, having a dashboard cam in your car can be the essential tool that you can bring to your auto accident lawyer to get a quick resolution to your case..