7 Types Of Car Accidents You Should Know About

Car accidents are much more common than we would like to admit. They can happen anywhere at any time and for a various amount of reasons. In fact, there are even different kinds of car accidents with their own dangers and causes.

Here are a few you should know about:

1. Rear-end collisions — This is often caused by sudden deceleration or slowing down. In some cases, another driver is following too closely or accelerates to a higher speed than the car in front of it. Whiplash is a common injury that occurs in a rear-end collision and usually affects drivers and passengers of the impacted car.

2. Side-impact collisions — Side-impact collisions can cause grave injuries because the airbags and seatbelt are incapable of protecting you. Also called "T-bone" or "broadside" collisions, side-impact accidents occur when the side of a vehicle is hit. It can be impacted by the front or rear of another vehicle or in some cases a fixed object. Vehicle damage is often severe and drivers or passengers on the impacted side of the vehicle usually sustain far worse injuries than they would in another type of crash.

3. Sideswipe collisions — Sideswipe collisions occur when two cars that are parallel touch. In many cases, the damage is only minor, as the cars have just "swiped" each other. Injuries and damages are typically minimal, unless one of the drivers loses control of the vehicle as a result of the collision.

4. Vehicle rollover — Vehicle rollover accidents are extremely dangerous and frightening. A rollover occurs when a vehicle literally flips over onto its side or roof. Any vehicle can be involved in a rollover accident, but cars with a high center of gravity such as SUVs are especially prone to this type of accident. Often caused by sharp turns at high speed, rollover accidents can lead to serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries and brain trauma.

5. Head-on collisions — These types of collisions are often fatal. Head-on collisions are exactly what they sound like, they occur when the front ends of two vehicles impact each other.

6. Single-car accidents — Accidents involving only one vehicle are also common. They occur when a vehicle strikes an object such as a pole, a tree, or a fire hydrant. In some cases, they may involve pedestrians and other innocent bystanders. Single-car collisions can result in driver and passenger injuries, pedestrian injuries, and often extensive property damage.

7. Multivehicle collisions — Multivehicle collisions are sometimes referred to as "pile-ups" and often occur on busy roads such as highways and freeways. They can involve many vehicles and be the most dangerous. Vehicles can be impacted multiple times and it may be difficult to escape.

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