5 Tips For A Safe Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip

With spring finally here and summer not too far from sight, it is about time to go on that cross-country motorcycle trip you had been planning!

While we wouldn’t want to ruin your fun, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you have an enjoyable experience on the road. Aside from the obvious ones like wearing your helmet, of course.

1. Plan Your Route Ahead Of Time

Thanks to the convenience of GPS, we are so used to never knowing or needing directions that we forget, when on a motorcycle, there is no searching for directions on your phone. Know your directions ahead of time, read through them well and check them after every stop. If you have someone joining you in a side car, then have them be in charge of directions so you can keep your focus on the road.

2. Bring Food And Water With You

At some point you will get hungry on the road, and you need to choose food to pack that lasts in your bag without turning into a warm, stinky, or smashed mess. Also, choose food that you can munch on, so it serves as more than one meal. A few good choices include beef jerky, trail mix, and dried fruit. You can pack a lot of it without taking up a ton of space.

That aside, it is also crucial that you bring water with you. You will need more than a liter’s worth per day in order to keep you well-hydrated on the trip.

3. Pack A First Aid Kit

Hopefully, you will never have to pull this one out. However, you cannot bet on that. So prepare at least a basic first aid kit with bandages, hydrogen peroxide, etc. in order to help keep you safe on the drive. You may end up going the whole ride without needing it, but that is better than finding yourself injured and without it.

4. Baby Wipes

Now you are probably a bit confused about this one, but trust us, you will be glad you had some handy. They pack easily, taking up relatively no space, and have a million uses. Most obvious is a no water/no hassle/anywhere shower, and you’ll be amazed how much better you feel after cleaning up when camping. That aside, you can also use them to clean the wind-visor wipe of all the dead bugs it has collected to ensure you can see clearly on the road.

5. Talk To People

We aren’t telling you to follow or listen to just anyone you find on the road. You still need to use a little common sense. However, there is a vibrant and interesting community of travelers, bikers, and tourists alike on the open road, and you’ll get to know some fascinating people if you stay open to the opportunity. Also, many travelers will be more prepared than you, and they just might give you a tip about road conditions, route problems, or some other useful detail you hadn’t thought through..