5 Common Biker Injuries In St. Petersburg

Bicycles are more vulnerable to accidents compared to bigger vehicles. Cyclists have less protection and are more exposed to road hazards, external elements, and harsh environments. More importantly, with only their helmets as protection, they suffer more injuries when they get into an accident with other vehicles.

Riding a bike around the area is getting popular but it will never hurt to be extra careful. Here are common biker injuries to watch out for.

• Face Injuries - Your face is far from safe when a bike accident happens. In fact, a bad fall at the wrong angle could lead you to fall face first and suffer cuts and bruises. More serious facial injuries include a broken nose, fractured jaw, and even broken teeth.

• Head Injuries - There is only so much a bike helmet can do, and even then, serious bike accidents would not spare your head from grave injuries. Wearing head protection may cushion your head during impact and at best, you may only feel dizziness and disorientation for a few moments. When it comes to more serious injuries, hitting your head against the pavement, curb, post, or anywhere could result in skull fractures, bleeding, bumps, hemorrhage, concussion, and traumatic brain injuries.

• Spine Injuries - You would be lucky to experience a soft landing after a bike accident. However, colliding or getting hit by larger vehicles could often cause cyclists to fly off their bikes and hit the ground on their backs. This could lead to a spine injury that may cause paralysis.

• Emotional Trauma - Physical injuries are not the only ones cyclists should be mindful of. The experience of going through a biking accident can also affect your mental and emotional state. When accident victims experience emotional trauma, they will also need medical attention, treatment, and therapy to help them recover.

• Wrongful Death - The worst that could happen after a bike accident is a wrongful death. When they are hit by a negligent driver and the impact causes their sudden death, this could be counted as a wrongful death and the surviving family members could ask for a claim. In addition, passing away from serious injuries caused by the accident could also be a case of wrongful death.

Causes of Bike Accidents

Florida is, unfortunately, not the friendliest place for pedestrians and bicycle riders. As the area grows and becomes busy, many vehicles occupy the roads and more infrastructure are built. Here are some of the common causes of bike accidents.

• Lack of Visibility - Ultimately, the lack of visibility is one of the common reasons behind many bike-car accidents. The difference in speed and size can cause drivers to make wrong estimates about their distance, causing them to do sudden turns or stops that end in a collision.

• Extreme Weather Conditions - Without protection against the elements, cyclists’ performance could be affected by harsh winds, slippery roads, and extreme heat. For instance, heavy rains could affect their sight as the place falls under zero-visibility. Heat waves could cause dizziness and sluggish movements while slippery roads could cause them to lose control and balance.

• Hazardous Roads - Road hazards like potholes, ongoing repairs, and traffic cones can be dangerous for bicycle riders. Getting in contact with road hazards could also make them lose their balance and result in a nasty fall.

Don’t let these stop you from enjoying a bike ride around St. Petersburg. Exercising caution can help prevent these things from happening. If an accident does happen, don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer to help you with your recovery.