3 Incidents Involving Negligence That Could Ruin Your Day

What is negligence? That's a good question because the term gets thrown around quite a lot, especially regarding legal matters. Let's see if we can't clear up any confusion. A quick Google search will tell you that negligence is failure to take proper care while doing something. People are expected to act reasonably and as others would. When they do, many times, accidents are avoided.

However, when folks fail in those regards, incidents occur, and victims get hurt. We'll discuss some particular events in a moment. Still, before that, it's time to cover what you can do following an accident with a negligent driver, business, homeowner, or somebody else. When such issues develop, it is not uncommon for a person's injuries to prevent them from working. That doesn't stop their bills from coming in, though. Nor does it take care of the treatments, surgeries, and other things they need to get better.

Things can get tricky for them financially, to say the very least. Did you know that sometimes victims are entitled to compensation from the negligent parties or their insurance companies? It's true, but getting their hands on a fair settlement can be easier said than done. These individuals and organizations lawyer up to discredit claims. In doing so, they force the injured to settle for low ball amounts or refuse to pay them altogether.

That's why you need The St. Pete Lawyer on your side and looking out for your best interests. Our firm will build and organize a case that supports your position. It will be prepared to go the distance and all the way to trial. However, these matters are often settled out of court. Why? Because insurance companies typically try to avoid situations with juries, that's why. They know putting an injured client, and Michael Babboni in front of peers would be a mistake. Now, let's take a peek at those three incidents involving negligence, shall we?

Ice Left To Melt On The Floor

How many times have you been inside a convenience store to purchase a soda fountain drink? Probably too many times to count, right? And on those occasions, have you ever seen ice on the floor? If you saw it, then that's good for you because you were able to avoid a slip and fall, but not everyone is so lucky. Clerks should be checking these areas regularly and mopping up spills. Not to mention, they need to put out signs warning of wet floors too.

If those tasks aren't completed, a customer could slip and hit the floor hard, ruining their day. Pulled muscles, a traumatic brain injury, or other issues could come to fruition. That stuff could have been prevented had the proper care just been taken.

A Hit And Run By A Drunk Driver

Drunk driving accidents happen more often than most people want to believe, and sometimes when they do, the drivers drive away as if nothing ever happened. Perhaps they don't realize they've struck a pedestrian, or maybe they simply don't care. Regardless of the answer, because of their negligence, the person they hit could be severely injured. It is even possible for them to die. Driving while intoxicated is another form of neglect, and you or your family might be entitled to compensation when accidents

A Rear-End Crash With A Texting Driver

So, you're sitting at a red light, waiting for it to turn green. Then, out of nowhere, a car slams into your trunk. The collision happened because that driver absolutely needed to know what Sarah or Betty were doing at that exact moment, and you're left with a concussion and whiplash. As you might have guessed by now, texting and driving combined are big no-nos. Thus, if you sustain injuries because of a texting motorist, we are here to help.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call if someone else is to blame for your broken bones, burns, paralysis, or other conditions. We'll fight to recover every penny you deserve. Contact the firm to schedule a free consultation today..