3 Car Accident Settlement Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making

As much as possible, you should try and stay away from negotiating an out-of-court settlement with the other parties involved in an accident. Things can get heated between you and any of the individuals affected in the aftermath of the collision. It’s important not to let your emotions get the best of you.

There will be cases where you have to negotiate a settlement with the other people involved. But there are certain things you can do to compromise your case, however. These can range from mistakenly admitting guilt to rushing to accept the settlement to make the financial blow smaller. Read on to learn about three mistakes people can make when attempting to settle after a car accident and how you can avoid them.

Pleading Guilty At The Scene Of The Accident

Admitting to being even the least bit at fault in causing the accident can drastically affect your chances of getting a decent settlement. Yes, this includes even saying the words “Oops, my bad!” to the other involved driver in the scene of the accident. Don’t get us wrong; you do not have to lie to get a fair car accident settlement. You just have to watch what you say until you’ve spoken to your lawyer and a proper investigation on the accident has taken place.

Remember: you can never be too sure if the accident was your fault or not. However, there are times when drivers are forced by insurance companies, other drivers, or even the police to admit to fault at the scene of the accident. Do not give in—you have every right to protect yourself until you’ve spoken to an attorney.

Accepting Your First Settlement

Another mistake you could commit is hastily accepting one of the first few settlements you receive without making sure you’re being compensated fairly. Do not fall for shady one-time-only deals with insurance companies or any of the involved parties, at least without getting the go signal from a trusted auto accident attorney beforehand.

There’s no need to rush because you will get compensated even after rejecting the first few offers. Settlements need to be thought over with an attorney in order for you to maximize the compensation you receive for your car’s damages, your injuries, and your time.

Not Hiring An Auto Accident Attorney

It’s crucial to make sure you work with a trusted and reliable auto accident attorney before even considering any of your settlement offers. This applies to making settlement offers as well. When it comes to getting the most out of these settlements, the guidance of an attorney from an esteemed law firm will always be of great help. As soon as you’ve left the scene of the accident, make sure to call the best law firms in your area and find a trusted lawyer to represent you. You’ll thank yourself later for doing so.

It’s best to remember to think rationally. A car accident can be a traumatic experience and affect your judgment or decision-making. But it’s important not to let the situation or the other people involved intimidate you. Negotiate from a position of strength if you can. Hold your ground, and don’t let your confidence waver.

If negotiations go to a stalemate, expect that the situation can become a legal issue. Should that happen, it’s important to get proper representation to ensure that you aren’t left scrambling to navigate the intricacies of the law. The St. Pete Lawyer can help with that, specializing in handling personal injury cases, including auto accidents. Contact The St. Pete Lawyer today to learn more.