3 Accidents That Could Leave You With A Traumatic Brain Injury

People get into accidents all the time. However, most of us don't believe that we will ever experience one. The truth is that there is no telling when or how an incident might occur, though. Hence, that means you, yes, you, could become involved in an event.

Hopefully not, but there is a possibility. 

You may not be out of the woods even if you're the safest person in the world. Why? Because there are others here who are negligent, careless, and reckless, that's why. Their behavior or actions could thrust you into harm's way and leave you injured. Accidents produce different kinds of injuries, but traumatic brain injuries are the ones we're focusing on today.

These ailments usually come about from violent jolts or blows to the head/body. They can last for several years or impact people throughout their lifetimes. Lab tests, imaging, and other treatments are typically needed.

Doesn't that just sound expensive? That's because it can be. 

Why should you have to pay those bills when you did nothing wrong. You shouldn't; it's that simple. If someone else's negligence, recklessness, or carelessness leaves you seriously hurt, consider contacting an accident lawyer. You may be owed fair compensation from the party. Do you not know who to hire?

Well, you're in luck because we have the answer. 

The St. Pete Lawyer handles all things personal injury. Thus, if you get hurt in a car crash, on a commercial property, or at a construction site, he's got you covered. Our firm also represents truck or motorcycle victims and more. The initial case review is free because Floridians shouldn't have to break the bank to determine where their claims stand.

Plus, with us, clients only owe fees if they win. So, don't delay any longer and contact our office today. Now, let's check out three types of accidents that could leave you with a traumatic brain injury.

A Rear-End Collision

Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a vehicle with a texting driver slams into your car's rear-end. The airbag deploys, but instead of cushioning your head, it sends it flying into the driver's side window.

Somehow, the glass doesn't break, so you don't get cut. However, whack to the skull produces a traumatic brain injury.

A Falling Ceiling Fan

This time, a person is invited to their friend's house to watch TV and play video games. They are sitting in their chair, minding their own business, when the ceiling fan comes crashing down on their head.

The acquaintance immediately tells them they are sorry and that they have meant to fix that. However, an apology doesn't repair the brain damage the person got after getting invited over. Nor does it pay for the medical care they will need now, thanks to their negligence.

A Slip And Fall Accident On A Slippery Surface

Heading to the grocery store isn't usually dangerous, but it can be. For example, if a customer breaks a bottle of soy sauce on the floor and gets a team member to clean it up who doesn't set up a wet floor sign, an unsuspecting party could take a spill.

Let's say they are walking along scanning the aisle when their foot suddenly goes out from under them. The person falls backward, and the back of their head slams into the hard concrete floor. Once again, in this scenario, they too are left with a traumatic brain injury