2 Things That Cause Tractor-Trailer Crashes

There's usually nothing good about any wreck. Most accidents don't do anything except cause property damage and leave those involved seriously hurt. Sure, there are rare occasions where people walk away from unscathed incidents, but that's not the case more often than not. This is particularly true when an incident features a standard passenger vehicle versus a semi. 

Those trucks are much larger than your typical cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs. Not to mention, they are a lot heavier than them as well. As such, when collisions occur, smaller vehicles are often left in pretty bad shape, and so are the people inside of them. Some of the common injuries participants receive in collisions with big rigs include but are not limited to:

• Brain Damage
• Whiplash
• Broken Bones
• Paralysis
• Burns

That list barely even begins to scratch the surface, but at least it gives you an idea of what to expect. Also, tractor-trailer vs. car accidents are notorious for claiming lives. When you get seriously hurt in a collision with a negligent eighteen-wheeler operator, you may have the grounds to seek compensation via a lawsuit. Those who lose loved ones tragically in incidents might be able to do the same thing. However, people who elect to take on these corporations probably shouldn't do so alone.

Why? Because that is a sure-fire way to get taken advantage of, that's why. These organizations don't play fair. Instead, they have legal teams on retainers who want nothing more than to discredit injury or wrongful death claims. The attorneys attempt to protect their clients by stopping them from paying out large compensation amounts. They also like to offer low-ball settlements, hoping that victims will agree to them and make problems disappear. There are plenty of other ways people can get taken advantage of when seeking restitution from these organizations.

Hence, if you want to keep such situations at bay, put a St. Petersburg truck accident attorney in your corner. Don't leave such a monumental task up to just any professional, though. When only the best will do, you need the St. Pete Lawyer. He and his team will use witness statements, the driver log, the police report, and more to build a case that supports your position. It will be prepared for trial, but the claim may not go that far. Many times, personal injury lawsuits get settled out of court. It just depends, but our attorney will make sure everything is ready to go for each scenario. Now, let's look at two common reasons why truck accidents occur.

Improperly Balanced Loads

Transport companies need to take the time to get things right when it comes to loading trailers. If too much weight is on one side of the container, that could cause it to flip over onto passenger vehicles. The issue could occur when the big rig operator tries to take a sharp turn too fast. It might also become an issue when the driver doesn't do anything wrong. For instance, the person might simply be driving down the road when the load shifts, making the trailer tip. Regardless of when the problem happens, the point is that it shouldn't. Thus, if an improper load leaves you seriously hurt, contact us to schedule a free case review. Then, the St. Pete Lawyer will happily discuss your options with you.

Driving Above Posted Speeds

Tractor-trailer operators are just like other drivers on the roadways. Many of them often put the pedal to the metal to get where they're going quickly. However, when doing so, drivers may not be able to stop in time if the traffic comes to a halt in front of them. Eighteen-wheelers need room to brake, but speeding doesn't help drivers with that. When these vehicles don't have adequate space to slow down, disasters strike.

These are only a few reasons why truck crashes happen, but there are many others. Therefore, if you believe you have a legitimate compensation claim, please, don't hesitate to call us. We'll be happy to take a peek at what you've got.