2 Accidents That Could Leave Your Family Needing A Wrongful Death Attorney In St. Petersburg

Most people don't expect to die in an accident. However, incidents happen that claim lives all the time. Hence, your household should try to be prepared for the unthinkable. That's because the loss of a loved one can leave your St. Petersburg family on the hook for medical bills if a loved one receives care before passing away. Not only that, but the situation could also make relatives responsible for final expenses.

Funerals are anything but cheap these days. According to research, the costs of burials and viewing vary from place to place, but you should expect to spend between $7,600 and $12,000 on the ventures. Some household will attempt to take a cheaper route with a cremation, but the price of that isn't all that low either.

Those who elect for that option often spend $4,000 to $7,000 on the service.

With families facing high dollar costs like these, they sometimes go looking for solutions to combat the expenses. That's when many of them turn to wrongful death attorneys. They hire the professionals to seek and recover restitution for them. If you believe you believe a party's negligence killed a relative, you could have the grounds to seek compensation. So, contact The St. Pete Lawyer to schedule a free case evaluation and find out. Now, let's look at three types of accidents that claim lives.

A Bicycle Accident

Bicyclists take to the St. Petersburg streets daily. That's great because it is good for the environment. Bikes don't need gas to run, so these riders are doing their part to stop using up all the fossil fuels. Of course, they are cutting down on pollution as well because the transportation modes don't emit harmful gases into the air. You know, things like carbon dioxide and methane that eat away at the ozone layer.

Bicycles don't offer the same protections as cars. After all, they don't have roofs, doors, and other components. As such, when vehicles strike bikes, their riders are sent flying through the air, and once they become airborn, it is anybody's guess as to where they're going to land. It could be on the pavement, on top of the car that hit them, or perhaps even into the side of a tree. These issues alone are enough to see why bicycle accidents can quickly become responsible for wrongful deaths.

Drunk Driving Crash

It is not uncommon for people involved in crashes with drunk drivers to get killed in the events. The intoxicated souls don't always get hurt, but they leave death and destruction behind in their wakes. Sometimes, drunk drivers speed or operate vehicles too slowly. They swerve, going from line to line or lane to lane as well. And how about falling asleep at the wheel? That's a problem many drunk drivers run into. It doesn't matter whether someone driving under the influence strikes a car, pedestrian, motorcyclist, or something else; the situation can lead to a wrongful death.

A Few Last Words

Obviously, there are many other accidents that can kill people in St. Petersburg. These two examples really barely even begin to scratch the surface of the topic. So, if you believe you have a wrongful death claim, don't hesitate to give The St. Pete Lawyer a call.