10 Ways You Could Jeopardize Your Personal Injury Case

When a person gets harmed in an accident that may be due to someone else’s negligence, they may file a personal injury lawsuit. However, personal injury cases may be complicated. That is why there are personal injury lawyers in St. Petersburg, Florida who handle common types of injury caused by various accidents. An individual’s chance to maximize compensation in personal injury cases depends on a number of factors, and the following actions will not help a plaintiff’s claim at all.

Assume Risk Or Negligence

The circumstances following any accident might flood you with doubt then overwhelm you with guilt. However, to admit fault at the onset is to waive the rights you’re entitled to. You may or may not have contributory fault for your injuries, but that is only for the authorities to determine.

Talk To The Insurance Company

If you are involved in an accident, expect to be contacted by an insurance adjuster. If they ask questions and you answer them in detail right away, you effectively lower your chances of getting higher compensation. Do not give a statement, verbal or written, to insurance companies, which include your own insurance company. You can communicate with them only after you talk to a lawyer.

Wait To File Your Case

If you wish to file a personal injury case, time is of the essence. As a rule of thumb, it is best to act immediately when you get into an accident. Waiting to file your case does you no favors. The extent of your injuries will be harder to prove and defend the longer you put off dealing with the situation at hand.

Accept The First Offer

While urgency is a virtue when it comes to filing your case, it is not good when it comes to negotiating. The distress caused by a personal injury is understandable, but it might put you in a position where you’re desperate for a quick cash grab. When insurance companies smell this desperation, they will not hesitate to hand you a check for an amount lower than you deserve.

Forget Future Damages

Properly assessing damages takes time—it requires personal reflection and expert consultation. Do not be short-sighted: work with medical and legal professionals to widen your horizon regarding the possible damages of a personal injury. Most of the time, future damages involve personal injury losses. Failing to be careful about your projections and calculations will give you the short end of the stick in any settlement.

Downplay Your Injuries

You might think there is something honorable in pretending as though you’re perfectly fine, but while you’re dealing with a personal injury case, it is not the time to act tough. Be forthcoming with your doctor and tell your lawyer exactly how you feel physically and emotionally. Underselling your pain is selling yourself short in insurance claims.

Exaggerate Your Injuries

However, when it comes to your health, there is no reason for you to sensationalize anything. Legal judgment is based on official medical records, not your actual appearance. Besides, overstating your condition just to get a higher financial claim is fraudulent behavior.

Use Social Media

While your personal injury case is being processed, be discreet about it. Hold the urge to rant about possible frustrations with the case to other people, especially on social media. Even the most innocent photos on Facebook or posts on Twitter may be used against you. Control your use of social media as it will not help your case at all.

Hide Information From Your Attorney

If you decide to hire an attorney to represent you, there should be mutual trust between the two of you. Be as direct and thorough as possible with your lawyer to strengthen your case. Secrets or misrepresentations may backfire in ways you can’t imagine.

Handle The Case By Yourself

If you decide not to hire a lawyer, that’s fine—it is totally within your rights. It all boils down to considering your options. Weigh the pros and cons of going at it alone versus allowing a lawyer to represent you. Determine if the experience and expertise of a personal injury lawyer will help you achieve the results you are after..