10 Reasons Why A Personal Injury Attorney Would Turn Down Your Case

While most attorneys take on new clients every day, contrary to popular belief, more cases are turned down that accepted. If you have been turned down by an attorney, it is important to understand it is nothing personal. Talk to several attorneys. You may have two turn you down and the third feels you have a valid case. However, there are some cases that every attorney will turn you down.

Why Is My Case Being Declined?

While you are interviewing and speaking with an attorney, they are using their knowledge and expertise to evaluate your case. They are deciding not only if it can be won, but the costs involved and their ability to represent you. Here are the main reasons that a personal injury lawyer will take into consideration and may turn your injury case down:

Difficulty In Establishing Liability: If the other person or company’s liability is going to be difficult or establishing fault will be difficult, an attorney may turn you down. For example if you slip on some water in front of a store fall and get badly hurt: you have to prove that the store or the owner knew about the water and did nothing.

Inadequate Damages: If the damages are not that great, the attorney must be able to justify the expenses they will incur as they work on a contingency basis

The Case Will Cost Too Much: Since most attorneys work on a contingency basis, that is a percentage, they need to examine how much time and resources they need to invest versus the possible settlement.

The Case Will Require Too Much Time: Attorneys do not take on one case at a time. Often they have many clients and is working to take good care of them all. Also financially, they may not be able to carry the risk.

• The Case Is Very Complex: Sometimes the attorney will refuse your case on the basis that they feel they do not have the necessary experience to represent you to win.

Conflict Of Interest: Attorneys are subject to many ethical laws and requirements. If they violate ethical rules they can lose their license. They may know the defendant or even have represented them in the past.

• Poor Attorney-Client Rapport: It is vital that a good, trusting relationship is perceived by both attorney or client. If the attorney does not feel you will work well together, they may decline your case.

Statute of Limitations Has Expired: This is why it is so important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. If the statute of limitations has expired, there is nothing an attorney can do to help you.

Defendants Resources Are Limited: The defendant in the case does not have the resources to collect a settlement.

You May Not Be Seriously Injured Enough: No ethical attorney will try to go for damages in any case unless the injuries meet the criteria set by law. Secondly, you may have a totally valid claim. But an attorney will not invest $10,000 in your lawsuit if it is only worth about $15,000 based on the extent of your injuries.

When it comes to an attorney, just because you have been turned down by one does not mean you should not speak with several more just to be certain. Not every St. Petersburg personal injury attorney is willing to take on the tough cases like Michael Babboni. If you’ve been injured and turned down by a personal injury attorney, don’t give up. Contact us and set up a free consultation and we will review your case and help you decide what to do next..