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understanding-a-wrongful-death-lawsuit Michael Babboni Jul/22/2015 Michael Babboni

Understanding A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Most accidents that occur in Florida are fairly minor, and the majority of the rest will lead to serious injuries. But a percentage of them will sadly end in death. When a loved one passes away as a result of an accident, it can have a serious impact...

the-basics-of-auto-accident-personal-injury-law Michael Babboni Jul/20/2015 Michael Babboni

The Basics Of Auto Accident Personal Injury Law

Florida is home to nearly 20 million residents, and when you add in the millions who visit the state each day, there are a huge number of people travelling our roads each and every day. That's a big part of why there are accidents throughout the stat...

personal-injury-law-and-floridas-amusement-parks Michael Babboni Jul/14/2015 Michael Babboni

Personal Injury Law And Florida's Amusement Parks

Florida is the Sunshine State, and every day millions of visitors flock to the amusement parks and other attractions scattered throughout its borders. With so many people visiting the state's water parks and amusement parks – not to mention carnivals...

the-high-costs-of-personal-injury Michael Babboni Jul/07/2015 Michael Babboni

The High Costs Of Personal Injury

With millions of people living, working, and playing in Florida every day, it's only natural that accidents happen. Luckily, the vast majority of these accidents are fairly minor and result in minor injuries. However, there are also a huge number of...

dispelling-the-myths-about-personal-injury-law Michael Babboni Jun/30/2015 Michael Babboni

Dispelling The Myths About Personal Injury Law

Of all the various types of law practiced in this country, few are as misunderstood or as surrounded by myths as personal injury law. Personal injury lawsuits get a bad rap, but are intended to help those who need assistance recovering from an accide...

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