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how-do-car-accidents-affect-my-mental-health Michael Babboni Feb/08/2022 Michael Babboni

How Do Car Accidents Affect My Mental Health?

When a car accident happens, people pay attention mostly to physical injuries, property damages, and compensation for the harm and inconveniences that the accident inflicted against the victim. What is easily overlooked, both by the victim and the at...

be-wary-of-that-car-repair Michael Babboni Feb/03/2022 Michael Babboni

Be Wary Of That Car Repair

A tie rod is a part on the front end of a car. It links the steering knuckle to the rack on the front wheel. The pieces are crucial, perhaps just as much as engines or transmissions, but you don't often hear about them. However, if your vehicle begin...

what-to-do-in-a-slip-and-fall-accident Michael Babboni Feb/02/2022 Michael Babboni

What To Do In a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are quite common in the world of personal injury. Before you fall victim to this type of accident, it is important to learn what a slip and fall is and what to do in the event it happens to you or a loved one. Most Common Sli...

three-things-a-jury-isnt-allowed-to-know Michael Babboni Oct/27/2021 Michael Babboni

Three Things A Jury Isn’t Allowed To Know

Being injured due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence isn’t just unfair; it is illegal and can be addressed by civil law. However, this kind of injury isn’t considered a criminal act, so the people responsible don’t typically face criminal c...

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