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Train Crash Into Semi Injures One

Train Crash Into Semi Injures OneWe all are pretty aware of just how dangerous the railroad tracks can be. Trains are vehicles whose size and inertia make it deadly to anyone who may find themselves on the railroad tracks in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Couldn’t the train just hit the brakes or swerve away? Unlike other modes of transportation, trains cannot immediately slow down for anything that may be in the way and they cannot swerve off of their train tracks to avoid your vehicle either. In fact, even if they could, it is very hard for train drivers to be able to see people or other vehicles on the railroad until it is too late. However, that is why it is so crucial that any railroad section that crosses over a public road is able to send out clear warning when the train is coming.

This well-known warning often comes with lights, an audio signal, and ‘arms’ that come down to block the way. With all of these signals, it should be clear when the train is coming and for vehicles to be stopped at a safe distance until... read article

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Pickup Driver Dies After Crash

Pickup Driver Dies After CrashWith summer here, everyone is eagerly hopping onto the road to feel the wind in their hand and begin enjoying their vacation days. However, this also means that there will be more people on the road and thus more accidents to watch out for. While a car against car accident is dangerous enough, it gets even more deadly once semitrailer trucks are thrown into the mix.

Accidents involving large trucks or semitrailer trucks can be absolutely devastating due to their large size and weight. This not only makes the damage caused greater in size, but also makes it nearly impossible for truck drivers to maneuver their vehicle to avoid the accident. In fact, of all vehicle accidents, it is these ones that are the most dangerous and often end in fatalities or serious injuries.

Sadly, a semitrailer truck accident is exactly what occurred to Lithia man.
A Deadly Crash
A Lithia man has died after a collision between a semitrailer truck and a pickup on Lithia Pinecrest Road.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the crash occurred after the tractor trailer’s driver, 40 year old Shane Howard of Jacksonville, swerved to... read article

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Bicyclist Killed By Drunk Driver

Bicyclist Killed By Drunk DriverWith the naturally warm weather of Florida, it is no wonder how it has become a popular state for bicyclists. Though cycling is certainly a great exercise for your health and well-being, it can come with its own dangers once you are on the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there have been 726 bicyclists killed within 2014 alone. That is just under 2 people every day of that year in the United States. This is only a slight decline from the 749 bicyclists killed the year before.

With more than 700 deaths per year, it is obvious that there are risks associated with riding a bicycle. However, bicyclist fatalities only represent 2 percent of total traffic fatalities. Still, this is more likely due to the very small number of people who use bicycles as their main mode of transportation including cyclist John M. Brennan.
The Death Of A Bicyclist
A crash has killed a man on his bicycle and has blocked all four southbound lanes on the Howard Frankland Bridge.

The police have identified the cyclist as 44 year old John M. Brennan of Sayreville, N.J. He died... read article

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Teen Impaled By Guardrail After Crash

Teen Impaled By Guardrail After CrashLearning how to drive is an important rite of passage for many teenagers and young adults out there. It is a symbol of freedom, independence and responsibility. However, driving comes with its own dangers.

No one wants to hear that their child has been in a serious accident. Sadly, this is the reality for the parents of Bradley Penny and Carter Price.
Two Teens In Hospital After Car Crash
According to authorities, two teenagers have been hospitalized after the vehicle they were driving in ended up hitting a guardrail that tore through the car and had impaled the front seat passenger.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Larry McKinnon, at around 2:30 a.m., 16 year old Bradley Penny was driving his 1999 Honda Accord at 45 mph west on Bloomingdale Avenue. For reasons that remain unknown, Penny drove off the road and hit a guardrail west of Bell Shoals Road. The rail ended up piercing the front seat passenger, 15 year old Carter Price.

Both teenagers have been taken to local hospitals with unknown conditions.
Keeping Your Teen Safe On The Road
Teaching your child about traffic safety is not just... read article

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Eckerd College Student Dies After Crash

Teens Get Arrested For Grand Theft Auto After CrashCollege is supposed to be a happy and enlightening experience. It is a time to learn. A time to grow. College is not only a time for young adults to find themselves, but also to work towards being the best person you can be and to build a future. That is exactly what Maggie Fenney was hoping to do before she tragically met her death all too soon.
Student Death After A Head-On Collision In The Keys
An Eckerd College student has sadly died from her injuries after suffering from a head-on collision the night before heading back to her Florida Keys home. 22 year old Maggie Fenney from Islamorada was heading north on U.S. 1 when she crossed the center line and entered the southbound lane causing her to then collide head-on with a semitrailer truck.

She was then flown to the Ryder Trauma Center in Miami in critical condition. According to the college, she was pronounced dead on Tuesday.
A Hopeful Future Put To A Tragic End
Maggie Fenney had been living in St. Petersburg while she spent her internship working with autistic children at the... read article

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A String Of Deadly Crashes On Fourth Of July

A String Of Deadly Crashes On Fourth Of JulyThere is nothing like being able to grill up some burgers and hotdogs and watching the fireworks light up the night sky. Fourth of July is a wonderful and patriotic holiday that should be a time of celebration with all of our beloved friends and family. However, this was sadly not the case for several families and friends in Tampa this holiday season.
The Beginning Of A Long Weekend
It all began Friday night when 21 year old Nicholas Behringer left a party in Riverview. He had texted a friend in Brandon that he was on his way over, but he unfortunately never arrived. For the next two days, family and friends had searched for him and had photos circulating on social media with little to no knowledge of what could have happened to him.

On Sunday, the authorities finally found Behringer dead in the woods. His 2012 Nissan Juke had veered off Balm Boyette Road into a ditch, flipped onto its hood, and struck a tree.

However, this marks only the first of several fatal accidents during this holiday weekend in Florida. As of Sunday evening,... read article

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Hillsborough Sheriff’s Deputy Injured In T-Bone Crash

Hillsborough Sheriff’s Deputy Injured In T-Bone CrashThe summer weather is still here and there are plenty of eager vacation goers and Floridians happily on the road. Sadly, more people on the road means that there will also be more people and accidents to watch out for.
T-Bone Crash
According to authorities, a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputy was injured after another driver had slammed into the side of her patrol car.

Around 3 a.m. Deputy Yvette Hibbard had been on the corner of Balm Riverview Road and Panther Trace Boulevard when another car struck the driver side of her patrol vehicle between the front and rear door. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue crews were at the scene and needed to use a hydraulic tool in order to pull away the metal and remove Hibbard from the vehicle.

Hibbard was then immediately taken to the Tampa General Hospital after complaining of pain. She has since been released from the hospital at around 4:30 p.m. later that day and is expected to make a full recovery. The other driver, 25 year old Alexander Henley, was not injured.

Deputies are still investigating the cause of the crash.
The Hidden Costs Of A... read article

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Tampa Motorcyclist Identified As Victim In Fatal Crash

Tampa Motorcyclist Identified As Victim In Fatal CrashWith Florida’s consistent warm and sunny weather, it is no wonder why Florida is such a popular place for motorcyclists everywhere. As wonderful as the feel of the wind in your hair and the freedom of a motorcycle is, it cannot be ignored that motorcycles are one of the most hazardous forms of motor vehicle transportation.
Fatal Crash On Courtney Campbell Causeway
The Tampa police have identified the motorcyclist who died in a fatal crash as 30 year old Sean Michael Kleingardner. When Kleingardner was riding his motorcycle in the eastbound lane, he ended up crashing into the back of a Saturn driven by Yoan Bienes-Betancourt. According to police, Bienes-Betancourt had only just turned into the Courtney Campbell causeway from an access road.

This caused Kleingardner to be thrown from the motorcycle. The Clearwater fire and police pronounced him dead at the scene. A passenger in Beines-Betancourt’s car had to be transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa after they had complained of back and neck pain.

Both sides of the causeway had to be closed for four hours following the crash.
Motorcycle Fatalities
According to the National Highway Traffic... read article

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Mercedes Plunges Into Intracoastal Waterway

Mercedes Plunges Into Intracoastal WaterwayAs we get older, our health and abilities begin to change. It may get harder for you to move around. You may need to get glasses or update your prescriptions. While you take these new changes as they come, it is important to remember that you may have to take on activities with a new method. This includes your ability to drive.

While older drivers do tend to practice the safest driving habits of all the age groups, their physical and mental limits can hurt their awareness of the other vehicles or hazards around them and their reaction time when accidents do occur. That aside, seniors often suffer more fatal injuries than middle aged or young adults in similar accidents. Making car accidents much more life threatening for seniors. Unfortunately, this was the case for a Mary Ellen Dyer, a passenger who was unable to survive a car accident just a few days ago.
Plunging Into The Intracoastal Waterway
According to deputies, it was around 3 a.m. when a silver Mercedes-Benz sport utility vehicle had missed a left turn at the end of 75th Avenue and ended up crashing through... read article

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Fiery Crash Kills 5 And Injures 25

Fiery Crash Kills 5 And Injures 25According to Sheriff’s Officials, there were 5 people have been killed and 25 were injured when a bus that was carrying farmworkers collided with a tractor trailer which caused both vehicles to burst into flames on U.S. 98 in the Panhandle.

A Blue Bird bus from Georgia had been carrying around 34 adults and children when it had ran a flashing red light before crashing into the tractor trailer, then spun around and hit the semi once more. One of the bus members that had been killed was a small child. According to the Wakulla County Sheriff Charlie Creel, the driver of the semi-truck has been identified as 55 year old Gordon Sheets from Copiague, New York. Unfortunately, he did not make it.

Once deputies were able to respond to the chaotic scene, both the front and back area of the bus was already on fire.

Creel stated "Our deputies are heroes . . . our deputies got on the bus and started pulling people off, people that were not able to get off by themselves. They pulled out two deceased victims,".

He continued to say that deputies had... read article

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Pasco Fire Engine Crash

Pasco Fire Engine CrashThere were two firefighters and three others that were injured after a Pasco Fire Rescue engine had collided with a van in New Port Richey.

County officials states that the wreck occurred near the intersection of Altoona Avenue and State Road 52. Around 12:30 p.m., authorities state a truck from the Pasco County Fire Rescue’s Station No. 21 had been struck by a 1995 Chevy Astro van, driven by 65 year old Virginia Marie Davidson. Davidson had to be taken to Bayonet Point Hospital for treatment.

It is unclear whether the truck, which had been housed at Station 21 off State Road 52 in Hudson, was currently on their way to an emergency or not. However, according to the reports, the fire truck had been traveling eastbound in the inside lane on SR-52. When it approached the intersection of Altoona Avenue when Davidson had accidently missed a stop sign which caused the truck to strike the left side of their vehicle.

The troopers have stated that the van rotated counter clockwise and traveled south and traveled south across SR-52. Immediately following the impact, the van ended up hitting a concrete curb.

The... read article

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Motorcyclist Critically Injured In Pasco County

Motorcyclist Critically Injured In Pasco CountyRiding your motorcycle down the Florida roads can be a wonderfully thrilling and rewarding experience. With all of the natural beauty to look at and the great sunny weather found here, you are assured to have an awesome ride every time. However, all of this is not without its own risk and challenges.

Motorcyclists that are involved in a car accident have very little protection for their body and an accident could be quite fatal. In fact, while traffic fatalities have fallen to around 20 percent over the last decade or so, motorcycle fatalities continue to rise to about 90 percent and motorcycle accident-related injuries have increased by 50 percent.

Luckily or rather unluckily, Jerry Peckham recently became one of the 50 percent when he became injured after a motorcycle accident.
Critically Injured In Pasco County
On a Sunday night in Pasco County, a motorcyclist had been critically injured after he had been thrown from his motorcycle.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 58 year old Jerry Peckham of Holiday had lost control of his motorcycle after passing a vehicle on Little Road near New Port Richey East.

Peckham’s motorcycle had veered... read article

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Tampa Man May Receive A DUI After Crash

Tampa Man May Receive A DUI After CrashA Tampa, Florida resident may face driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) charges after fleeing the scene of an accident on Tuesday night. According a Florida State Troopers press release, around 8 pm on Tuesday July 19th, William J. Daniels, 52, of Tampa Florida was driving along Leland Hill Road in Franklin when he swerved his vehicle into two mailboxes causing property damage to both his vehicle and the mailboxes. Daniels then immediately fled the scene of the accident without notifying anyone of the damages.

After Daniels fled the scene, the owners of the mailboxes reported the incident to the state troopers. The state troopers began patrolling the area around Franklin to find the suspect.

While on patrol, the state troopers noticed a vehicle matching the description of Daniels’ along State Highway 28. The vehicle was swerving, a typical sign of drunk driving, so the state troopers pursued the vehicle. The state troopers followed Daniel until he started to turn into a driveway off the Highway toward the nearby town of Oneonta.

At the turn state troopers noticed he was really beginning to lose control of... read article

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Palm Harbor Driver Was Involved In First Self-Driving Tesla Accident

Palm Harbor Driver Was Involved In First Self-Driving Tesla AccidentOn May 7, 2106, a wreck between a self-driving Tesla Model S sedan and a semi-truck occurred near Gainsville Florida. The accident happened when the electric powered Tesla sedan driven by Joshua D. Brown, 40 of Canton, Ohio, collided with a semi-truck trailer driven by Frank Baressi, 62, of Palm Harbor. The accident resulted in the fatality of Brown and has called into question the safety of self-driving vehicles.

The accident occurred when the Tesla’s car cameras failed to distinguish the white side of the semi trailer while Baressi was making a turn and collided with the side of the vehicle. According to government reports released the first week of July, experts believe the reflection of the brightly lit sky against the white semi-trailer interfered with the vehicle’s ability to recognize the vehicle and automatically activate its brakes.

Preliminary reports indicated that the crash occurred on a divided highway southwest of Gainesville, Florida. Baressi’s truck was turning left at an intersection where there was no traffic light.

Firefighters arrived shortly after the accident and found that the Tesla had continued driving a few hundred feet... read article

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Seffner Football Team Safe After Lakewood Bus Accident

Seffner Football Team Safe After Lakewood Bus AccidentOn July 13, 2016 Seffner Christian Academy’s high school football team and staff were involved in an accident passengers described as “scary.” The accident occurred on Interstate 4 driving toward Lakeland near County Line Road on that Tuesday afternoon. There were no serious injuries reported as a result of the accident.

Andy Holmes, the athletic director at Seffner Christian Academy for the past eleven years, was driving the team to a 7 on 7 scrimmage at Lakeland Christian School. The school bus was carrying both the 20 members of the Crusaders, the Seffner Christian Academy’s football team, and members of the athletic staff.

The normal bus driver and summer assistant coach, Eric Leonard, was unable to drive that day because he was training at a new job. First-year Crusaders coach Travis Puleo told reporters “All summer Coach Leonard has driven us for our scrimmages from Orlando to Lutz and all points in between and this was the one scrimmage he couldn’t drive for us.” He went on to state that Holmes agreed to step in as the driver so Leonard could attend his interview.

While traveling along... read article

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Fatal Accident In Zephyrhills Claims Life Of A Grade School Teacher

Fatal Accident in Zephyrhills Claims Life Of A Grade School TeacherOn Monday July 18,2016, an accident in Zephyrhills claimed the life of a beloved grade school teacher. Tiffanie Michelle Hughes, 33, of Winter Haven, was driving her 2016 Toyota 4Runner sport-utility vehicle (SUV) west along State Road 54 near Loury Drive on Monday afternoon when her vehicle collided with a 2009 Mazda CX-9 SUV driver by Koosh Raahul Patel, 17, of Wesley Chapel. The collision claimed Hughes life and injured her two passengers.

Initially, the Florida Highway Patrol believed that Hughes’ SUV drifted over the center line into eastbound traffic, believing this lead the SUV to collide head on with Patel’s vehicle.

However after further investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol, reporting officers changed the details of the accident. On Wednesday, patrol officers found that it was actually Patel’s vehicle that crossed the dividing center line causing the head on collision. Though, further details of the crash are still currently under investigation.

Hughes was driving her 11-year old son, Lane Hughes, and his friend at the time of the accident. Though the police reported the passengers were not immediately taken to the hospital following... read article

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