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5 Things To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident

5 Things To Do After A Slip And Fall AccidentSlip and fall cases are very common in and around commercial buildings, such as on a wet floor or a slippery sidewalk. Most people fail to realize, however, that slip and fall accidents commonly occur at residential properties as well. Some of the common hazards that can lead to an accident include:

• Wobbly steps in a stairwell.
• A broken handrail on a balcony.
• Missing chunks of concrete or large gaps on a sidewalk.
• Loose carpeting in hallways.
• Broken or loose window screens.
• A dead tree limb that’s hanging on by a thread.

Any of these issues can cause a person to slip, fall, or become injured at any time. Severity of injuries can range from minor skin scrapes to major bone breaks.

Landlords and homeowners are responsible for keeping their properties safe for everyone, from tenants to visitors. In a rental property, the landlord or property owner must keep the following areas maintained and in proper working order:

• Roofs
• Doors & Windows
• Floors
• Porches & Railings
• Steps & Walkways
• Foundations
• Exterior Walls
• Plumbing
• Windows & Screens

Property owners have a responsibility to perform regular checks... read article

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8 Things To Do If You’ve Been In A Bicycle Accident

8 Things To Do If You’ve Been In A Bicycle AccidentThe weather in St. Petersburg is always perfect for biking. Not only is it great exercise, it also helps the environment by reducing emissions that come from motor vehicle usage.

Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over 50,000 bicyclists are injured in accidents with motor vehicles each year. If you are ever involved in a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle, here are 8 things to do that can have an impact on your treatment, recovery, and future compensation.

• Remain calm. It might be easier said than done, but staying calm is the best way to ensure that you make the right decisions as events unfold. Call 911 to alert the police to the accident scene. Do not approach the other party to apologize, and don’t tell anyone that you are “okay” if they ask how you feel.

• Wait for the police. Even if you think that you are not injured, it is vital to wait for the police to arrive. Minor injuries at the scene can develop over time. You need the police to document everything in a... read article

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Choosing The Right Motorcycle For Safety

Choosing the Right Motorcycle for SafetyIf you are a new rider or even a seasoned one, it is important to take the time to choose the right motorcycle for you as a way to protect yourself and remain safe while on the road. While you may have visions of the perfect bike already ingrained in your mind, is it really the best fit for you and your lifestyle?

Motorcycles do not protect you as well as other automobiles do. Therefore, you must take extra precautions to ensure your safety and keep these precautions in mind when you set out choosing your motorcycle.
Understanding Basic Motorcycle Safety
Did you know that approximately 90% of new riders that were involved in motorcycle accidents didn't actually take any specialized course or receive any training? If you choose a motorcycle, you need to take the time to learn the basic safety rules and guidelines including what equipment you should be using and how you can ride the bike safely and avoid collisions.

For example, helmets are not required by law in every state, but they should not be ignored. A helmet should always be worn when riding a motorcycle.... read article

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City Infrastructures Not Sound For Bike Lanes

City Infrastructures Not Sound for Bike LanesThe demand for bike lanes in recent years has risen significantly as more and more people are choosing this method of transportation as a viable alternative to commuting by vehicles. Because of this demand, more and more cities are investing in a new infrastructure that includes incorporating more bike lanes and other ways to make it safer for bikers who share the roadways with vehicles. Some are putting bike lanes in the middle lane where there is more visibility. However, in doing so, bikers need to be sure to follow all traffic safety laws as well.

Bikes offer people a more flexible form of transportation, and if the bike lane is not designed with the rider in mind, then they are put at an increased risk of becoming involved in an accident or collision with vehicles. When the bike lanes are placed between the curb and areas in which cars can park, then visibility for the rider is seriously diminished. City infrastructures need to keep this in mind moving forward as they find new and innovative ways to make the roads safer.
Improving Visibility
To make riders more... read article

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Determine Your Rights When A Child Gets Injured In Youth Sports

Determine Your Rights When A Child Gets Injured In Youth SportsWith so many kids participating in school sports, it’s no wonder that so many injuries can occur. From grade school through high school, millions of children and teens in the U.S. take part in these competitive activities. This doesn’t make things any less stressful for parents, however. When an injury is severe, or life-altering, what type of recourse does a parent have to get their child the compensation and help they deserve?
Taking A Look At The Numbers
The American Academy of Pediatrics and Safe Kids Worldwide have come up with some statistics to show just how prevalent sports related injuries are today.

• More than 30 million children participate in organized sports each year.
• More than 3.5 million children ages 14 and under receive medical treatment for sport injuries yearly.
• 62 percent of organized sports related injuries occur during practice, not during a game.
• One-third of parents admit that they don’t take the same safety precautions during practice that they take during games.
• Contact and collision sports such as football and rugby have higher injury rates.
• Individual sports such as swimming and gymnastics... read article

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Do Older Drivers And Younger Drivers Cause More Car Accidents?

Do Older Drivers And Younger Drivers Cause More Car Accidents?Traffic accidents are sometimes blamed on one end of the age spectrum or the other. Both older drivers and younger drivers have a reputation for being at fault when an auto accident occurs. But just how accurate are the statistics?
Younger Drivers
Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S. The Center for Disease Control reports that in 2016, 2,433 teens between the ages of 16-19 were killed in motor vehicle accidents. 292,742 were treated for injuries related to car accidents. Teenagers are at the highest risk for being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Those who are most at risk include newly licensed drivers and males aged 16 to 19.

There are several factors that put teen drivers, their passengers, and other people on the roadway at risk, including:

• Failure to recognize dangerous situations coupled with an increased ability to make critical errors that lead to serious accidents.
• Drinking alcohol and operating a motor vehicle.
• Driving with one or more passengers in the vehicle, leading to diminished concentration and attention to the roadway.
• Driving without wearing a seatbelt.
•... read article

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Do Rideshare Companies Cause A Rise In Auto Accidents?

Do Rideshare Companies Cause a Rise in Auto Accidents?Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have been gaining in popularity in recent years as more and more people are choosing not to drive their own cars or purchase their own. These kinds of services are a convenient and affordable option for people to get where they need to go and are an alternative to a traditional cab or rental car service.

Just like with anyone else driving, these rideshare drivers are also involved in their fair share of accidents. Also, like with any collision, these accidents can cause a significant amount of damage and injury to those involved.

When litigating these kinds of accidents and personal injury cases, however, you will find that the process is much more complicated than average cases. For this reason, it is recommended that you find an experienced personal injury attorney that can help you throughout the claims process and explain each step as you go.
Commonly Asked Question
One of the most common questions, when involved in an accident with a rideshare service, is: can I sue the driver? The legal options that are available to you following this type... read article

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Florida Cities Are The Most Dangerous For Pedestrians

Florida Cities are the Most Dangerous for PedestriansPedestrian fatalities are high with only a slight decrease between 2017 and 2018. At one point or another, we all become pedestrians so knowing how to remain safe while also raising awareness for the many dangers pedestrians face is important to keep these numbers going down.

There were approximately 5,977 pedestrians killed in 2017. On average, a pedestrian was killed every one and a half hours in 2016, so you can see how dangerous being a pedestrian can be.
The Basics of Pedestrian Safety
While you may already think you are familiar with the basics of pedestrian safety, it never hurts to refresh. First, always be predictable. Follow all the rules of the road and obey all traffic signs and signals that you come across. If there is a sidewalk available, then that is where you need to be walking.

Never become distracted. Always stay alert and very aware of what is going on around you. Never count on other people to pay attention to you or even see you.

If a car is approaching when it is supposed to be safe for you to cross the street, then... read article

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Florida Motor Scooter Safety Guidelines

Florida Motor Scooter Safety GuidelinesMotor scooters offer Florida residents a more affordable form of transportation and are especially helpful if they just need to get around town locally like run to the store or park. However, like with any other vehicle on the road, you are not immune to traffic, congestion, and the possibility of accidents and collisions.

So, what can you do to remain as safe as possible while riding a motor scooter in Florida? Read on to find the answer and also a rundown of what you should do if you ever find yourself the victim of an accident while on your scooter.
What Is a Motor Scooter?
Motor scooters are often confused with motorized scooters and mobility scooters. However, a motor scooter is legally allowed to share the roadways while the other two are not. Motor scooters, according to Florida Statutes, are considered a type of motorcycle which makes them subject to the same registration and insurance laws that every licensed driver in Florida faces. You are not required to have a motorcycle endorsement to operate a motor scooter.
Common Motor Scooter Accidents
Since they are considered a type of motorcycle and they... read article

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Hiring An Attorney For Injuries Sustained On Vacation

Hiring an Attorney for Injuries Sustained on VacationFlorida is a popular tourist location year round due to our incredibly sunny weather and beautiful sandy beaches. With the increase in tourism and the multitudes of people visiting the area, you may also see a rise in the number of accidents that can occur on both the roadway and waterways in Florida. Just because you are on vacation doesn't mean that you are immune from accidents and collisions that may cause injury.
Injured While On Vacation
If you have been injured while on vacation, it might cut your time short or may force you to return home a lot sooner than you originally expected. This is especially true if you have to seek the services of emergency care while you are still visiting.

So, what do you do if you find yourself injured while on vacation?

It is important that you seek medical attention immediately for any injuries. Doing this is also critical when it comes time to file your claim because insurance companies are always looking for gaps and inconsistencies when it comes to the details of the case. Therefore, if you wait to seek medical... read article

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Providing Evidence For Your Slip And Fall Case

Providing Evidence for Your Slip and Fall CaseSlip and fall cases, while common, may be incredibly hard to prove if you don't collect the right evidence to prove your claim. The evidence you will need to collect for your claim will depend on the kind of accident. Slip and fall cases can be broken down into several different categories as outlined below:

• Slip on a foreign substance; i.e., water, ice, oil, etc.
• Fall on stairs
• Trips and slips on floors and thresholds
Slipping on Substances
When you collect evidence, you need to find ways to prove the conditions at the time of the accident. Pictures are always a great form of evidence if it is possible to do so. If you can't take photos of how the area was when the accident occurred, you will find that it is going to be much harder to prove your case. The burden of proof falls on you.

You need to be able to show proof of whatever substance you slipped on, the area in which the accident occurred, and any evidence that can show proof of negligence of the owners.
Slip and Fall on Stairs
When you fall... read article

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Seeking Compensation When Wrongful Death Occurs

Seeking Compensation When Wrongful Death OccursDeath occurs around the world, each and every day. It might be inevitable, but it can be even more tragic when it’s unexpected. Compounding the grief is when death occurs due to another party’s negligence.
Defining Wrongful Death
Wrongful death is a legal term. It refers to a civil claim that can be brought against a party who recklessly caused someone’s death. One of the most famous wrongful death cases in this country pertains to former professional football player, O.J. Simpson.

Simpson’s estranged ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were famously murdered in 1994. This became one of the most high-profile court cases in history. Simpson was acquitted of two counts of murder. Ron Goldman’s father, Fred Goldman, brought about a wrongful death civil lawsuit against Simpson, in which he was awarded $33.5 million by the courts. Though Simpson was acquitted in the criminal case, he lost the civil suit.
Florida’s Statutes And Survivors
Florida Statutes 786.16 – 786.26 outline the legislative intent behind Florida’s Wrongful Death Statue. When a family member has had their life cut short due to a preventable incident brought about by someone else’s recklessness,... read article

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Semi-Trucks And Collisions: What You Need To Know

Semi-Trucks and Collisions: What You Need to KnowWhen so many vehicles share the roadways, accidents are inevitable. Even the most experienced truck drivers may find themselves unwilling participants in a highway collision, and it could be due to the carelessness of another driver.

Semi-truck accidents can cause significant damage, serious injuries, and even death. The legal weight for a semi is 80,000 pounds, so when you compare that weight to that of an average car on the highway, you can see that the odds aren't good. Semi-trucks, due to their size, are also a lot harder to stop in an instant. They require a far greater distance to stop safely than a car. Even with the specialized training semi-truck drivers get, accidents still happen.
What to Do Following a Collision
If you were involved in a collision with a semi-truck, there are a few things you should know. First, you should never leave the scene of an accident. Wait until the police have arrived and have cleared you to leave. This is especially true if the accident involved any injuries or extensive damage. You have to report the accident.

If you sustain injuries, wait for... read article

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The Biggest Vehicles On The Road Can Cause Big Damage

The Biggest Vehicles On The Road Can Cause Big DamageTractor trailers, or semi-trucks, can be the scariest vehicles on the road to have an accident with. Motor vehicle crashes involving this type of vehicle can lead to serious injury or death. There are many factors that make accidents involving semi-trucks much more difficult to avoid, from the truck itself, to the people who operate them.
They Have Tons Of Power
Semi-trucks are big, they have a lot of power, and they can’t stop as quickly as a passenger vehicle can. Road conditions from weather to construction can affect their controllability. Even if a driver is wide awake and concentrating on the task of driving, an accident with a truck can cause more damage than one with a passenger car simply because:

• Tractor trailers and flatbed trucks can weigh more than 40 tons compared to passenger cars and smaller trucks that average about 2.5 tons. This sheer weight difference gives it more power to cause damage when colliding with a passenger vehicle
• Due to their larger size, tractor trailers have limited visual capability and have more blind spots than a car. The blind spot... read article

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