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What Is Car Accident Law?

What Is Car Accident Law?The law in Florida is a little bit different than most other states when it comes to car accidents. As a No Fault state, it can be confusing to sort out what to do if you have been involved in a serious car accident. Let us explain some of the major points for you.
Car Accident Law is the branch of the law that deals with car accidents and who is responsible for the damage to personal property. Most car accidents fall under state law, and lawyers must follow the laws of the state in which they practice. It is best to enlist the help of a lawyer from the state where the car accident occurred in order to make sure that they know the best practice to fit with the laws that are governing your accident. The claims usually consist of a combination of traffic infractions and personal property damage claims.
No Fault State
Florida is known as a No Fault state when it comes to car accidents. This means that no matter who is at fault in the case of a car accident, your own insurance is responsible... read article

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Top 15 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Top 15 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury LawyerIf you are looking to hire a personal injury lawyer, there are a few things you are going to want to know about the person you are hiring. We’ve come up with a list of 15 simple questions that you can ask when you are looking to interview a potential firm to take your case.

1) What is your specialty? What area of law do you have the most practice with? This is an important detail to know about the firm that you are hiring. You don’t want to hire a lawyer that specializes in an area of law that has nothing to do with your case. You’ll have the best chance of a positive outcome if you use a lawyer who has handled a similar case before and has experience with how to present it in court.

2) What is your fee? You should always know upfront what you are going to be expected to pay. Most of the time the fee depends on the outcome of the case. This is called a contingency fee. This contingency fee can usually be anywhere between 25%... read article

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Road Ranger Survives Crash On Frankland Bridge

Road Ranger Survives Crash On Frankland BridgeOn Thursday morning, May 26, 2015, Omer Duncan, a Road Ranger patrolling the Frankland Bridge was hit by a pickup truck. He was sent to St Joseph’s hospital and has remained in critical condition.

The Road Rangers are a free public service provided by the Florida Department of Transportation. Rangers, like Duncan, patrol certain areas, in a rotating shift cycle to provide roadside service to victims of car crashes in order to reduce traffic delays and provide safety to motorists 24 hours a day. In the 16 years Road Rangers have been operating, they have helped provided assistance for 4.3 million accidents. Unfortunately, the job is not always safe and two rangers have been killed along the side of the highway since 2000.

Duncan, who’s shift began at 5:30am, was assigned to patrol Interstate 275 from 54th Avenue N in Pinellas County to Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa on Thursday. His route included the Frankland Bridge. According to Romona Burke of the Florida Department of Transportation, because of the high volume of accidents, the Frankland Bridge is covered 24 hours by rangers. Duncan had worked along the bridge... read article

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Wesley Chapel Man Dies In Zephyrhills Accident

Wesley Chapel Man Dies in Zephyrhills AccidentAccording to a report released on Friday by the Florida State Highway Patrol, Hector Sotomeyer, a 90 year old resident of Zephyrhills, died as a result of a fatal three car collision at the intersection of State Road 54 and Eiland Boulevard.

The intersection has been under observation by the Florida Highway Patrol and Pasco County’s Metropolitan Planning Organization since August 2015 as an area of road that may need to be upgraded to deal with increased traffic. The organization has proposed widening Gall Boulevard from 4 to 6 lanes starting at the intersection. This expansion will deal with the heavy flow of traffic that leads to a heavy occurrence of auto accidents at the various intersections along the stretch including the intersection at State Road 54 and Eiland Boulevard.

The fatal collision which occurred at the observed intersection, happened at 8:48 am early on Thursday morning, May 26, 2016. Sotomayor was driving his vehicle east along State Road 54. When approaching the intersection, he pulled into the left-hand turn lane, intending to turn left and head North on Eiland Boulevard. Sotomayor was driving a Kia Sorento... read article

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St Petersburg Police Officer Injured In ATV Crash

St Petersburg Police Officer Injured In ATV CrashOn Monday May 23, 2016, a 26-year veteran police officer was injured in an accident in downtown St. Petersburg at the intersection of Fifth Street and First Avenue South while riding a police ATV.

The incident began around 4:00 pm on Monday afternoon. Police attempted to pull over 27 year old driver Joshua Malone and his passenger for a routine seatbelt violation at the intersection of Fourth Avenue South and Fifth Street. Malone and his passenger, refused to pull over and began to flee the police.

According to the St. Petersburg Police Department, “The car refused to stop and fled northbound on 5th Street South. Officers did not pursue the fleeing vehicle and pulled over to the side of the street.” According to police spokesman Rick Shaw, “Our policy is if it flees, you let it go, so they pulled over to the side but they could still see it coming northbound.” This policy of pulling over was put in place to reduce the number of accidents from police chases.

The vehicle, driven by Malone, continued driving Northbound at increasing speeds, eventually running through a red light... read article

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Three Motorcycle Accidents Cause Injuries, Fatalities

Three Motorcycle Accidents Cause Injuries, FatalitiesIn one week, the Tampa Bay region saw three serious motorcycle accidents that caused two fatalities and left one man in the hospital fighting for his life. These accidents highlight the importance of motorcycle safety in Florida, especially in light of a AAA safety report released earlier this month, showing motorcycle accidents in Florida have risen 23%.

The first accident, occurred around 7:30 pm on Thursday, May 20, 2016 on Causeway Boulevard in Tampa. The fatal accident took the life of 23 year old Tampa resident Jonathan Davila and left motorist Nadine Williams suffering from minor injuries.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Williams was driving her 2015 Toyota Corolla west on Causeway Boulevard. Davila, riding a Suzuki motorcycle, was approaching Williams from the opposite direction, heading east.

At the intersection of Causeway Boulevard and Darlington Drive, Williams took a left turn where her sedan impacted Davila’s motorcycle. Police arrived at the scene of the accident to find Davila had died on impact. Williams was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

The police have yet to determine who was at fault for the collision and potential charges are pending... read article

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Accidents Are Now Crashes

Accidents Are Now CrashesIt’s a very subtle change in the way we use language, but language has power, and it seems like many people across the country are trying use that power. What started as a grass roots movement among everyday Americans is gaining traction with Federal officials, municipal and state leaders and important decision makers at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And it’s all centering around a phrase that has been in use for over a century; “car accident.”

Now many people, including policy makers are beginning to believe that we should change our usage over to “car crash” instead. The reason, like the word itself, seems to be subtle, but the implication isn’t when you stop and think about it.
Randomness vs Neglect
One of the key points about word usage is the perception it gives when certain words are employed. The argument goes that referring to an incident as a car accident gives off the wrong impression. There’s a sense that this was something unavoidable, an act of God, or destiny, something that is no one’s fault, because it was simply fated to happen.

A crash, on the other hand, describes... read article

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Even Bedrooms Aren’t Safe From Car Crashes

Even Bedrooms Aren’t Safe From Car CrashesMost people have every reason to believe that if they are nowhere near the road and are, in fact, safe and sound, at home, in bed, sleeping and getting rest for the next day, they would be safe from a car crash. The vast majority of the time, most people would be right.

But on the night of May 17th, in Port Richey, Michael and Tory Wolter found out they were completely wrong.

Despite having gone to bed for the night and being quite reasonable in their assumption that the only thing they might have to worry about was a burglary, they were the victims of a car crash without being in a car, or even on the street. A 2007 Altima lost control on the street near their home, swept past two trees, and collided not just with their home, but straight into their bedroom where they were helpless to avoid it. The car hit the bed the couple was sleeping on, and pushed them straight into the next room.
Fleeing The Scene
When police arrived, it was already a baffling sight, since most people don’t expect to... read article

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Boat Crashes Are On The Rise

Boat Crashes Are On The RiseIt’s that time of year again, when school is out, the weather is great, and Florida’s coastal location means just one thing; it’s time to enjoy the water, and your boat. But when you take out your boat, you need to be careful. It should come as no surprise that that Florida’s mild weather and marine location make it one of the busiest areas of America for recreational boating activities. And that means that the chance of a boating collision or other mishap is greater.

In fact, the Tampa Bay Times reports that there are three interesting numbers happening in our area’s boating scene right now. Unsurprisingly, the number of boats out on the water is on the increase. With a growing, affluent population, that’s going to happen. What’s more interesting is the figures that relate to what state law refers to as “reportable” boating mishaps. To qualify as reportable, a boating incident needs to meet one or more criteria; there is a death, injury, loss of the entire boat, or damage greater than $2000 in value.

What data is now reporting is that while fatalities in boating... read article

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What Happens When More Than One Car Crashes?

What Happens When More Than One Car Crashes?In the month of May of this year, in Pinellas Park, there was an unfortunate collision that could have easily been avoided. It happened at Gandy Boulevard, at the Grand Avenue intersection. Unfortunately, negligent driving was at the root of the problem.

One driver, determined to not “lose time,” ran a red light at the intersection, and collided into another car. This has a domino effect on the other cars that were in motion, and by the end of the collision, multiple lanes of the road had been closed, and a total of seven cars were caught in various collisions. And it all happened because one person was in a rush.

At least one of the drivers required serious hospitalization. But an incident like this does bring up very pertinent questions. What exactly are your legal options when you are involved in a multi-vehicular collision? How is responsibility and blame assigned? What are YOUR options if you were hit by someone through no fault of your own, resulting in you hitting someone else?
Serious Finance
Obviously, one of the biggest factors that will affect a multi-vehicle collision is... read article

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Car Crashes And Why You Should Wear A Seatbelt

Car Crashes And Why You Should Wear A SeatbeltThe summer weather has arrived, but so has an increase of vehicle accidents as well. It is no secret that driving a car presents its own set of dangers for drivers and passengers alike, it has become a crucial way for Floridians to get around and commute to work. High speed environments like highways are especially dangerous and crashes in these areas are likely to come with severe injuries.

While these accidents are unfortunate all on their own, the results are especially fatal when those involved neglected to wear their seatbelt.

Seat belt laws have existed since 1986, but several drivers still neglect to use them and thus face a much larger risk of injury than their fellow ‘seatbelted’ drivers. While this may seem like a hassle sometimes, it still remains a crucial way to reduce car accident related injuries and fatalities.

Just take a look at this latest car crash in Hudson, Florida:

In Hudson on May 31st, a woman by the name of Patricia Marie Blacer died at U.S. 19 and Country Club Drive. She had been driving south in the center lane of U.S.... read article

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Teens Get Arrested For Grand Theft Auto After Crash

Teens Get Arrested For Grand Theft Auto After CrashCar accidents are frustrating and scary as it is, but when they involve teenagers and stolen cars, it can be quite a mess of trouble. Sadly, that is exactly what happened in Pinellas Park when three teenagers aged 13 and 14 decided to go on a little joy ride in a stolen vehicle.

In Pinellas Park, three young teenagers by the names of Winston Trevor Gibson Jr., Ja-Liah Jackson, and Tyron Davis have been arrested on the charges of grand theft auto after they had crashed their stolen vehicle and attempted to run from the scene of the crime.

For 13 year old Winston Trevor Gibson Jr., this will be the fourth arrest since January. This is only the second arrest for Ja-Liah Jackson, also 13. However, for 14 year old Tyron Davis, this has actually been the 22nd arrest since 2014. He is facing three new charges including grand theft auto, leaving the scene of a crash with injuries and fleeing to elude law enforcement.

Police had responded to the crash at around 5:15p.m. at 7200 U.S. 19 N. It was stated that the vehicle... read article

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Woman Dies After A Five Car Pileup In Pasco

Woman Dies After A Five Car Pileup In PascoCar accidents happen more than we care to admit. Florida especially is known for its larger than average amount of car accidents. In 2014 alone, there were 2,336 reported fatal crashes and that number has continued to increase since then. If that wasn’t unnerving enough, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated that two out of three drivers will be involved in an auto injury accident at some point during their life.

It is not news to anyone that driving is a dangerous activity. While seatbelts and airbags have done wonders to help protect drivers from fatal injury, the amount of drivers on the road has greatly increased the number of deaths and accidents by a large margin. In fact, it can take only a small mistake on the road for it to cost the health and lives of others. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened.
An Auto Accident In Pasco
According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a five car pileup in Pasco was caused after a single car failed to stop and has caused the death of one woman and sent two other drivers... read article

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Passenger Dies From Injuries After Crash In Lealman

Passenger Dies From Injuries After Crash In LealmanFlorida might be called the “sunshine state”, but it is also a state known for its large number of car accidents and fatalities. From the increased amount of vehicles on the road, especially during the summer, to the rainy weather, there are a lot of reasons why our state has so many accidents attached to it. However, some accidents are simply due to the failure of a single driver. Sadly, that is just what happened on June 11th to Karch Ross and Zachary James.

Karch Ross died from his injuries suffered in a car accident in Lealman on Saturday night. It has been reported that this 19 year old man from North Redington Beach was a passenger in a Toyota Corolla that had been struck by a GMC 1500 driven by Kendal Bartholomew. The Florida Highway Patrol has reported that his vehicle had been traveling north on 28th Street N and was trying to turn west on 47th Avenue N when it was struck by Bartholomew, 40, of Tampa at approximately 10:42 p.m.

The troopers have stated that the GMC 1500 had also been driving north,... read article

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DUI Charges For Deputy Involved In Crash

DUI Charges For Deputy Involved In CrashFlorida roads can be dangerous, and Matthew Crane has experienced firsthand just how risky they can be. In the early morning hours of Friday, June 10, Crane noticed headlights heading his direction. A few moments later, and he realized that the vehicle approaching him was in the wrong lane – his lane – and moving right for him.

Crane was operating a semi-truck, and managed to move his truck to the shoulder of the road. It wasn’t enough. The SUV ended up sideswiping his truck, denting the rim and blowing a hole into his tire. Crane only realized that he had been struck after a rear tire began wobbling and he pulled to the side of the road to investigate, then calling 911.

The driver of the SUV didn’t stop, and it took the Florida Highway Patrol little time to catch up with him. The vehicle was found abandoned just down the road from the site of the accident, with the front quarter-panel peeled off the vehicle, a driver’s side door that was completely mangled and jammed shut, and other minor scratches and damage.

The owner of the... read article

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Motorcycle Accident Claims Life

Motorcycle Accident Claims Life Florida has its share of accidents every year, and when motorcycles are involved things can quickly become even more serious. This was proven yet again on Wednesday, June 16 when a Tamp motorcyclist was killed in a crash in Brandon.

Thirty year old Ryan Lundy was the victim, and was driving westbound at about 11:40 pm on State Road 60. As he did, a 1998 Ford Escort driven by Katrina Taylor traveled in front of him while making a left turn onto Limona Road. The 18 year old’s vehicle turned into the path of Lundy’s bike, causing the accident.

Troopers report that Lundy died while at the scene of the accident. Meanwhile, Taylor suffered minor injuries and was transported to Brandon Regional Hospital to receive treatment. Currently, charges involved in the accident are pending.

This accident is just the latest in a long string of motorcycle involved crashes on Florida roads. Every year, thousands are killed or injured in motorcycle crashes and while there are some who make it out of an accident unscathed, most will suffer from some form of injury simply because there is less protection for motorcyclists.

This... read article

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Largo Crash Leaves One Hospitalized

Largo Crash Leaves One Hospitalized As summer kicks into full gear and the roads in Florida fill with residents as well as tourists, it’s time to be sure that you’re as safe as you can be on the roads. Every week, accidents occur that leave people injured or dead, and the types of accidents that occur vary greatly and seem to have no real rhyme or reason to them.

An accident involving a pedestrian that occurred on Sunday, June 12 is a perfect example of this and shows that whether you’re in or out of your car, you need to be careful – and also showcases the need to protect yourself if you’re involved in an accident of any kind.

The incident occurred in Largo at around 11 PM. A pedestrian was in the process of crossing Belcher Road on foot when they were struck by a 2003 Toyota Avalon that was travelling southbound on the road.

The Largo Police Department arrived as quickly as possible and assisted in providing first aid before the victim was transported to the local hospital. Currently, the man involved in the accident is being treated for potentially life-threatening... read article

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Tampa Crash Kills Brandon Man

Tampa Crash Kills Brandon Man Florida roads see a lot of traffic throughout the years. With millions living here and millions more visiting on a regular basis, the state plays host to a huge number of vehicles at any given point. Because of this, most accidents that occur in Florida usually involve more than one vehicle or more than one party. However, as a June 17 accident shows, accidents involving only a single vehicle can be just as dangerous.

The accident involved a 26 year old man from Brandon, Samuel E. Melgar Pineda, and left him dead due to his injuries. At roughly 5:30 PM Pineda was travelling east near Tampa East Boulevard when he lost control of his 1993 Honda Civic and crashed.

The Honda rotated, then slid off the road and directly into a wooden utility pole. Responders took Pineda to Brandon Hospital, but the extent of his injuries were too great and he died due to them while at the hospital.

According to witnesses at the scene, Pineda was driving at least 50 miles per hour and was in the process of accelerating instead of braking when the crash occurred. That... read article

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