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Can You Sue If You Are Attacked By A Cat?

Can You Sue If You Are Attacked By A Cat?Most of the time when we look at injuries in the home as the result of animals, and the possibility of a lawsuit, we normally talk about dogs. Dogs, after all, may be large, powerful, and in some cases even trained to guard properties and attack people. Dogs tend to be both more aggressive and more territorial when it comes to a home, and so it’s not all that uncommon for animal attacks to occur with dogs biting people. There are many laws in place laying out the rights of dog owners and visitors, and what happens if a dog bites another person.

Cats, on the other hand, are far less common. Even though the cat is very nearly the equal of a dog in terms of house pet popularity, you rarely hear on the news about personal injury lawyers representing clients for a cat attack.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, however. It simply means that these situations are much rarer and tied to a much more specific line of legal protection.
Cats Are Less Aggressive
The nature of most cats tends towards the fact... read article

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Boating Accidents Have Their Own Hazards

Boating Accidents Have Their Own HazardsFlorida has the great fortune to be one of the southernmost states in the country, and that means it enjoys warm, comfortable weather all year around. It also means that the seas surrounding the state never freeze, and this, combined with a lot of sunshine, make Florida a popular state for boating enthusiasts.

But it’s important for everyone to remember that while there’s a great joy in hopping on a boat to “get away from it all,” one of the things that you can’t get away from is financial and legal responsibility should an accident occur. On the flipside, this also means that if you are the victim of a boating accident and it is not your fault, you have protection as well.
The Law Still Matters
While there are some big differences between maritime and traffic law, there are still a few constants that remain identical to both vehicles. For example, in the event of an accident, blame will be assigned, and the person at fault in a boating accident will be responsible for financial compensation. The same holds true in the even that injuries are involved.

However, one... read article

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Are You Doing Everything To Keep Your Child Safe In Your Car?

Are You Doing Everything To Keep Your Child Safe In Your Car?For any loving parent that cares about the welfare of their children, there is a sense of enormous responsibility around the idea of keeping those children safe. Some of this is down to raising children with the right sensibility, such as not talking to strangers or agreeing to go along with them when they offer gifts. Other forms of protection are a direct matter of action for the parents to take, and one of those area is vehicular safety.

Sadly, this isn’t a responsibility that every parent always considers, as seen earlier in February in West Palm Beach. Two cars collided and rolled over at the intersection of Congress Avenue and Ware Drive, with eight people injured. Tragically, four of those injuries were children.

The most shocking thing about this particular accident was that one of the children was crushed under a car. The reason this was even able to happen was simple; the parents had failed to put a seatbelt on the child, resulting in ejection from the vehicle and being crushed underneath. This is probably one of the worst feelings... read article

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Bouncers Can Only Enforce Security Within Limits

Bouncers Can Only Enforce Security Within LimitsOne of the things that Florida is well known for is the night life in some our more lively cities. When the weather is warm, and the night is young, it’s natural for people all ages and persuasions to want to go out, meet some new people and have a good time. But of course, sometimes things don’t always go the way we plan. Sometimes, things can even get out of line as a result of the wrong word to the wrong person who is too drunk to really understand the consequences of his or her actions.

In some cases, violence can break out in a bar or club, and some nightspots have employees—known colloquially as “bouncers”—who are there to do just one thing; maintain order in the club. They do this usually by attempting to deescalate or break up fights, though sometimes, if there’s no reasoning with a drunk patron, there’s no other choice but to attempt to safely subdue the offender and remove him or her from the location so that other customers don’t get hurt.

So how exactly does this work? Does a bouncer... read article

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If Pokemon Go Is Interfering With Your Home, Take It To Court

If Pokemon Go Is Interfering With Your Home, Take It To CourtFor most people, playing a videogame involves either sitting at home in front of the TV or computer, or perhaps pulling out a phone or other portable system, while riding a bus or train. But over the last year, playing games has taken on a new form, with a new type of game known as “Augmented Reality,” or AR games, that use the real world as part of the game’s field of play.

Pokemon Go is the most successful example of this concept, taking the old videogame and animated series from the 1990s, and putting a new spin on it. Where people once played the game entirely on a portable console, running through virtual landscapes capturing and training new Pokemon creatures to fight on their behalf, the real world has become the play world. Pokemon Go, which now works on any smartphone, uses actual GPS data like Google Maps, and places the Pokemon players capture in real world locations that they are required to visit.

This has resulted in parks, shopping malls and other areas becoming inundated with players seeking to acquire... read article

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Important Product Recall Information To Help Protect The Safety Of St. Petersburg Residents

Important Product Recall Information To Help Protect The Safety Of St. Petersburg ResidentsWhen we buy something from a brick and mortar store, or from an online retailer, we expect that item to be safe and ready to use. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Consumers will experience some form of personal injury from a product in their lifetime. This injury may not always be serious in nature, but it is an injury nevertheless. This information is designed to help keep St. Petersburg residents, and all other residents of the world safe.
Product Recall Information

This company has issued a recall on gas station hose swivel connectors. This is the metal connector between the hose and the nozzle. There have been two instances reported to the company about these swivels becoming disconnected from the hose or the nozzle. There are approximately 824,000 potentially affected units. Gas station owners should stop using pumps with these connectors immediately due to the increased risks of fire and personal injury to consumers. The affected models are…

241TPS-0241C: 3/4”- models manufactured between 1/1/2013 and 3/12/2017
241TPS-0241: 3/4”- manufactured from January 2013 to March 2017
36S: 3/4”- with manufactured dates between 1/1/2013... read article

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Stay Afloat With These Tips And Avoid Boating Accidents

Stay Afloat With These Tips And Avoid Boating AccidentsFlorida is known for its beaches, sun, and fun. Tourism, fishing, and recreation all play a part in boating accidents becoming more prominent in the area. Reckless driving and negligence of other drivers can often be one of the main causes of these types of accidents. You can very easily be involved in a boating accident from no fault of your own. When this happens, you should contact our office for a free case review. You should not have to pay because of the careless acts of another. These tips are designed to help you remain safe while you are out at sea.
Boating Accidents Happen, These Tips Will Help Prevent Them
1. Always do a safety check, prior to taking your boat out. Make sure that all of your lights work on your boat, as well as on your boat trailer and vehicle. These lights are in place for a reason. They allow other boats to see your craft better, especially at night. Life jackets should be on board, worn, and able to accommodate all passengers on your boat. Check all of your fluid... read article

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4 Common Distractions That Should Be Avoided When Behind The Wheel

4 Common Distractions That Should Be Avoided When Behind The WheelWe have all been guilty of becoming distracted by something while driving. As much as we would like to admit that we are perfect drivers, we are not. We are human and we unfortunately make mistakes. It is easy to become distracted with all of the pressures that every day in modern society brings. However, when you are behind the wheel, it is important to let everything else take a back seat and concentrate on the task at hand.
Common Distractions And Ways To Avoid Them While Driving
1. Eating

There are way to many moving appendages to attempt to eat while driving. Your vision will be impaired due to your eyes diverting towards your food. Diverting your eyes anywhere other than the road, your instrument panel, and your surroundings is a recipe for disaster. This is one task that should not be attempted to multi-task with. Driving requires your complete and undivided attention. Eating puts your mind on too many things at once and your hands as well, not to mention the drink between your legs. There are entirely too many variables to... read article

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Isuzu Is Issuing A Recall Due To Increased Risk Of A Crash

Isuzu Is Issuing A Recall Due To Increased Risk Of A CrashIsuzu Technical Center of America, Inc. is issuing a variety of different models. It is presumed that the rear wheel/axle assembly may become partially separated. The company believes that the bolts holding the left rear wheel bearing hub were not tightened to the specific torque during the assembly process.

Should these bolts become loose, and the wheel assembly separate from the axle housing, loss of braking may occur. This can also cause your control over the vehicle to become in jeopardy. These aspects can significantly increase the risk of a crash occurring. In the same sense, your chance of sustaining a personal injury also dramatically increase.
Models Affected By The Recall
It is expected that a potential 97,000 units are affected by this recall. Over the years, Isuzu vehicles have become more prominent in America. Many residents of Florida have chosen this brand for their transportation needs, so keeping you informed of the situation is a priority. We would rather you avoid any personal injuries altogether, but should you sustain a personal injury due to negligence, we are capable of handling all of... read article

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Can You Sue For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Can You Sue For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?In the 21st century, a large amount of work has shifted over from working in dangerous environments, such as factories, to the relatively safe confines of offices. For people that live in cities, it’s pretty common to have a job in a retail, restaurant or other commercial environment that is more about servicing customers, or handling data-intensive work, rather than the hard manual labor that industries of the 20th century relied on.

As result, many people in urban areas don’t usually have to worry about the hazards of going blind from staring unprotected at the light of a welding torch. And while that move to the proliferation of “white collar” jobs has reduced the number of industrial injuries urban residents experience, that doesn’t mean that injuries don’t occur anymore. They do, but now the injuries are smaller, slower and more prevalent in scope. And one of them is known as carpal tunnel syndrome.
The Rise Of The RSI
Carpal tunnel syndrome falls under a class of injuries known as repetitive stress injuries, or RSI. The name itself is pretty descriptive; a RSI is gradually acquired as a worker... read article

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What If Security Doesn’t Do Their Job?

What If Security Doesn’t Do Their Job?It may be perhaps one of the more nightmarish scenarios that a resident can experience, but unfortunately it does happen. Some people live in either neighborhoods or buildings which tout extra peace of mind because there are security guards on hand to add extra, full-time, human protection to the residents. In theory, with someone trained in conflict resolution, wearing a uniform, with a legal prerogative to protect all residents within an area, you should have nothing to worry about. If you’re safer with a burglar alarm installed in your home or car, you should be safer still with actual guards present.

And yet, sometimes, even with all that added protection, crime such as assault, theft and even rape can still happen.

This brings up a very delicate question. If you, as a resident of a neighborhood, estate, compound or other building are actually paying some kind of fee to a Home Owner’s Association or board for your building for security, and you are still victimized anyway, what was the point? The very thing you were paying money for to prevent has occurred. Do you have any legal... read article

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Toy Recall Information Of 2017 To Keep Child Safety In Mind

Toy Recall Information Of 2017 To Keep Child Safety In MindChildren will play with just about anything. Usually, when you buy them a toy, they prefer to play with the box that they toy came in instead. Toys are often enjoyed by children, however, some adults find pleasure in them as well. There has already been some toy recalls that have taken place in 2017 that consumers may not be aware of. Personal injuries to children can occur from these recalled toys, so it is of the utmost importance to stay aware of items like these.
2017 Toy Recalls
In January of 2017, Active Kyds issued a recall on children’s toy shovels and garden tool sets. The toy shovels were sold in yellow and black paint which contain excessive levels of lead. The garden tool sets include four pieces: a hand shovel, hand fork, transplanter and cultivator. They have blue handles with orange caps and black painted steel ends. These also contain excessive levels of lead paint. The toys should be taken away immediately and Active Kyds should be contacted for a refund. There have been no incidents reported to the company, and... read article

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3 Ways That Pokemon Go Can Affect Your Personal Injury Status

3 Ways That Pokemon Go Can Affect Your Personal Injury StatusPokemon Go is a fun and entertaining game that is enjoyed by adults, teens and children alike. Participants go to various locations in hopes of finding a Pokemon character on their smartphone, tablet or another device. The game promotes being active due to players having to walk or travel to other destinations. However, there are ways in which your personal injury status can be affected if you are not careful when playing this game.
3 Ways In Which You May Become Injured By Playing This Game
It is almost impossible to think about there not being the Internet. Smartphones and other gadgets are equally important to our way of life, but can also become an unneeded distraction at times. This is when you are at the highest risk of sustaining a personal injury. Players can become injured playing Pokemon Go in these ways…

1. Automobile Accidents

The game has taken precautions to attempt to stop individuals from playing while driving. The game asks you before you even begin playing if you are driving. How many times have you picked up your phone to glance at... read article

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4 Motorcycle Safety Tips To Help You Avoid Accidents

4 Motorcycle Safety Tips To Help You Avoid AccidentsThere is just something about riding a motorcycle. The wind blows through your hair, the bike feels extremely powerful, and a sense of freedom is born. However, motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, and at no fault of your own. Reckless and negligent driving plagues American highways. It has for years, and it does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. These tips are designed to help keep you, other drivers, and your magnificent piece of machinery safe.
Avoid Motorcycle Accidents With These 4 Safety Tips
1. Be aware of your surroundings.

One must always be on the lookout for hazardous road conditions. These can include items such as potholes, fallen trees and power lines, or stalled out vehicles. All drivers and riders should remain vigilant in their quest of being aware of their surroundings. In a vehicle that has a body and doors, you are protected by metal, fiberglass, and other materials. When you are riding a motorcycle, there is not much protecting you, so make sure you are aware of what is going on around you.

2. Wearing highly visible clothing can... read article

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Why Don’t Companies Like Going To Trial?

Why Don’t Companies Like Going To Trial?One of the things that people will often hear when legal battles or courtroom stories unfold is that a case reached an out of court settlement. That’s pretty easy to understand, and the phrase itself explains exactly what happened. The two parties that were set to go head-to-head in a trial reached an agreement before a trial was necessary, and one party is paying a sum of money to the other.

One of the instances when this happens most frequently is when it comes to private individuals contesting the activities of a company. In Florida back in February 2015, for example, three of the largest tobacco companies in the country reached an out of court settlement with a total of $100 million, to lay to rest 400 individual lawsuits filed just within this state.

While that’s a very large, public display of an out of court settlement, experienced personal injury lawyers encounter many negotiations for out of court settlements all the time, and it’s usually also with companies. In the case or personal injury situations, however, it’s usually insurance companies that are eager to avoid a case.... read article

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Your Travel Insurance May Not Protect All Your Travel Activities

Your Travel Insurance May Not Protect All Your Travel ActivitiesThe bright, sunny skies and warm weather of Florida make it a natural destination for fun seekers of all kinds. While some may be looking for nothing more than relaxing trip on the ocean in a boat, others may be wanting more of a thrill, from water-skiing, skydiving, zip gliding or the many other “extreme sports” activities that Florida’s weather makes it easy to participate in all year round.

Many of these travelers will take the precaution of getting a bit of travel insurance when they go on their trip. It’s a perfectly rational decision that gives people some peace of mind and a bit of added financial safety in the event that anything should happen while they are on their vacation. Travel insurance is likely to give coverage to the more conventional incidents than may happen on a trip, such as getting caught in a car accident while renting a car and driving in a new state or country. Many, however, are surprised when they find out that their more risky activities don’t have the protection they assumed was there.
Extreme Sports Mean... read article

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