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The Great Product Recalls Of History

The Great Product Recalls Of HistoryThe business and industrial news over the course of 2015 has been quite hectic, and not always in a good way. One of the big stories that affects both the business and consumer side is product recalls, with companies like Volkswagen and Takata featuring prominently for products that don’t work as advertised. Sometimes these product recalls, as in the case of Volkswagen, are simply because a product doesn’t do what it is supposed to, and the deception to consumers is the main point of controversy. Other times, as with the Takata air bags incident, the failure of the product can actually result in injury and issues of personal safety are now involved.

Unfortunately for consumers, this is nothing new. There have been occasions in the past where far more serious product recalls have occurred, and here are a few of the most notable ones in consumer history.
China’s Sanlu Milk Scandal
In 2008, Chinese authorities finally had no choice but to address the corruption in some segments of China’s food industry. Despite advance warning from other companies and even news reports, Chinese dairy companies managed to cover up... read article

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Florida Law Has Embraced Self-Driving Cars

Florida Law Has Embraced Self-Driving CarsIt may seem like part of the far flung future with jet packs and Mars colonies, but the technology for self-driving cars already exists. They are already on the road, being tested in some parts of America, and some estimates put the first self-driving cars at going into limited use on US roads as early as 2020.

What does this have to do with Florida? Surprisingly, quite a lot. Many people in the state are unaware of this, but Florida is one of only a few states in the country that has already approved the use of self-driving cars for testing purposes on our roads. Nevada was the first state to approve the use of self-driving cars. Florida was actually the second, with California, Michigan and Washington DC following.

This means that it’s theoretically possible to see a car with a driver not actually driving on the highways and streets of Florida, as companies like Google prepare for a future where anyone that can afford a car can still go on the road. Audi has already been testing their own self-driving cars on Tampa highways. Self-driving trucks are... read article

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More On The VW Scandal

More On The VW ScandalIn case you haven't heard already, Volkswagen has gotten in a lot of trouble recently after it was revealed that they have been cheating emission tests for several of their diesel cars. In order to do so, Volkswagen purposefully allowed a device to be put into their cars that manipulated software used to determine emission levels. The company has been aware of the problem for a few years now, but had no plans to fix the issue nor be truthful about the device until now.

As you can imagine, Volkswagen is already suffering from heavy losses in sales due to the scandal. November sales have plunged 25 percent to 23,882 units for the Volkswagen brand compared to last year. Small cars involved with the scandal have been the hardest hit. For example, sales of the Passat Sedan down by 60 percent. However, luxury models seem to be completely unharmed by the scandal.

However, the Volkswagen's emissions cheating scandal is far from over. Recently, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has said that Volkswagen has been cheating on emission level tests on more vehicles than originally thought.

Volkswagen has told the... read article

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What You Should Know About Spinal Injuries

What You Should Know About Spinal InjuriesThe spinal cord is one of the most vital parts of our body's ability to move and function properly. That is why injuries to the spinal cord are often severe and permanently change your way of life. Though many doctors and scientists alike are optimistic about advances in research and treatment, we are still far from fully understanding the nature of spinal cord injuries.
What Is The Spinal Cord?
The spinal cord is a cylindrical bundle of nerve fibers and associated tissue that is enclosed in the spine. These fibers connect to nearly every part of the body to the brain and is a major part of the nervous system. As you can imagine, the spinal cord is a very crucial part of your body's ability to move or receive and send signals to the brain.

However, that also means that any damage to this area can have severe consequences. Spinal cord injuries disrupts the signals which can harm your ability to move or receive sensory messages. Though injuries can sometimes be temporary or get better with treatment, spinal cord injuries have very low chances of healing. Luckily,... read article

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Why You Should Be Collecting Evidence

Why You Should Be Collecting EvidenceA long time ago, being able to document an accident or crime was challenging. Many cases ended up being a simple battle of “my word against yours”. This was especially true for personal injury cases where the wounds may have healed by the time you actually went to court. However, thanks to technology, these troubles are certainly a thing of the past.
The Benefits Of Technology

Nowadays, collecting evidence is easier than ever. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, just about everyone has a camera handy to take photos or even videos to get the evidence. Phones aside, most public places come handy with cameras watching and recording everything that goes on. Some even come with audio recording devices that can further back your claim.

Not only do all these advancements make it easier for you, but also for police as well. It can be challenging to understand just what exactly happened in an accident and even those involved may be in too much shock to fully grasp it themselves. However, with the abundance of cameras around, police can now see exactly what went down and understand who or what... read article

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What A Helmet Can Do For You

What A Helmet Can Do For YouMuch like other sport like activities, motorcycling requires its own protective gear and equipment. For a motorcyclist, your own clothes need to be able to protect you in case of an accident. This means a long-sleeved jacket, full-fingered gloves, long pants, and of course a helmet.

For some motorcyclists, a helmet can be a touchy subject. After all, a motorcycle is suppose to be the symbol of freedom and danger right? Wrong! Though riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, that is not a good enough excuse for risking your life further by not wearing your helmet.
How Does A Helmet Protect You?
Different helmets do different things. There are plenty of hard hats and helmets used to protect your head in all kinds of activities from construction to sports. That's why each helmet must be specialized for each unique situation and need. A motorcycle helmet has four basic components that work together to provide your with the best protection possible: an outer shell, an impact-absorbing liner, the comfort padding, and a good retention system.

Outer shell – The first thing you notice about a helmet is its outer shell.... read article

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A Closer Look At Negligence

A Closer Look At NegligenceIn the majority of court cases, in order to know whether someone was liable for injuries or damages caused, you need to understand whether someone's actions or negligence caused it.

But what does negligence mean and how do you know what it looks like?

Don't worry, we'll clear it up for you!
What Does Negligence Mean?
Negligence is defined as “conduct that falls below the standards of behavior established by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risk of harm”. In court, this means that you did not directly intend to harm someone, but that you indirectly did so by not adhering to certain well-known safety measures.

Here are a few examples of how negligence may look in a variety of different cases.
Negligence In The Workplace
As a worker, it is partially your duty to ensure your customers, clients, and fellow employees are not harmed by your actions. However, there are some ways your inaction could cause them harm as well. Did you forget to put up a 'Wet Floor' sign after washing the floor? Any accident caused by that is because you didn't do what was required of you.

Your not the... read article

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Slip And Fall Accident Law In-depth

A Closer Look At Slip And Fall Accident LawAccidents occur all the time from minor scratches to life-threatening ones. While many accidents are caused on the road, slip and fall accidents are often far too common and very serious as well.

Just like is sounds, a slip and fall accident is caused when a person slips, trips, or falls on the premise of someone else's property. This can also be considered as premises liability and it can lead to some very serious injuries.

Much like other accidents, the key is being able to prove that the other party has caused your injury due to their actions or negligence. However, this can be easier said than done. There are many challenges that a slip and fall case brings to the table that aren't present for other personal injury cases.

In an auto accident for example, it is a lot easier to prove that someone else was at fault. Often you can find a lot more witnesses, physical evidence, and even police are on the scene quickly to determine what happened.

During a slip and fall accident, obtaining this proof isn't so simple. Even if you... read article

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Worker's Compensation: Stress Related Injury

Worker's Compensation: Stress Related InjuryAccidents can happen anywhere, including at work. Thanks to workers compensation, employees are able to get the financial compensation they need after an accident in order to recover in peace. However sometimes the injuries you receive at work aren't from an accident, but rather from minor harm that occurs over a long period of time.

Basically, you can be injured simply from the physical or mental stress of your job.
Physical Stress Injuries
Physical stress injuries tend to be fairly easy to identify. For example, an administrative assistant assistant suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome due to typing or a warehouse stocker suffering from chronic back pain. In all of these examples, an employee performs an activity at work over a period of time and ends up suffering from a physical problem as a result.

So what can you do in this kind of situation?

You typically can not file a lawsuit against your employer, but the workers' compensation system does provide a remedy to the situation.

Under the worker's compensation system, you are entitled to a portion of your average earnings while you are out of work to receive treatment due... read article

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What Is Whiplash?

What Is Whiplash?When traffic accidents occur, especially ones in which some kind of collision is involved, one of the most common injuries that people sustain is something called “whiplash.” But, exactly is whiplash, and how much does it actually affect you? Is this something worth going to court over?
Your Neck & Stresses
Whiplash gains its name as a result of the violent action that sudden movement inflicts on the human neck during a car collision, or other incident involving high speed impacts with human passengers. The term was originally coined in 1928 as cars became more common, and was previously known as “railway spine” in earlier years when collisions involving trains were the most common culprit.

Whiplash itself comes about from a rapid forward, then backward movement of the head and neck that occurs because, unlike the rest of your body which is likely to be confined by a seat belt, there is no restraint on your head, since you need to turn it and move it over the course of normal driving.

When a collision occurs, the lower bones of your neck are put into a position of hyperextension, while the upper... read article

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Distracted Driving Is More Dangerous Than Drunk Driving

Distracted Driving Is More Dangerous Than Drunk DrivingIt’s quite alarming to see that in the last ten years there has been a new heir apparent to the throne of driving while under the influence, and few people in the general public have taken notice. In fact, many have participated in this act, even though these same people have the good conscience to never endanger others on the road by driving while drunk.

The new killer on the road is distracted driving, either by texting, taking selfies, or talking on the phone, and statistics now show it has overtaken DUI-related accidents and deaths as the #1 cause of vehicular mishaps in America today.

Amazingly, however, it does not carry the same public or legal stigma as drunk driving. The same people that would take decisive, proactive action to prevent a loved one from drinking too much and getting behind the wheel are now the same ones that bring out the phone, set the camera to “record” and sing songs to the lens while the driver ignores the road to take part in the action.

The legal regulations for distracted driving vary from state to state.... read article

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Truck Accidents Are More Complex

Truck Accidents Are More ComplexWith most vehicular accidents, the circumstances of the case are fairly straightforward. If you are injured as a direct result of someone else’s negligence on the road, that other driver is usually responsible for the injury itself, while they or—and this is more common—their insurance company takes up the financial burden of compensating you for your injuries in the event of a successful court case.

But this is only the case in accidents involving more conventional, private vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. In these cases, the people that are operating the vehicles are usually the owners, and while they may be driving for work related reasons, the driving itself is not actually a major component of their job description.

This is not the case where large, cargo hauling trucks are involved.

Truck accidents differ from smaller vehicular accidents in a number of ways. One of the most obvious is severity, especially for the smaller vehicle that goes up against a truck. In normal vehicle accidents where the hardware involved is similar in size, the severity of damage to one vehicle or another is almost entirely determined by where... read article

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If You Slip & Fall, Should You Go To Court?

If You Slip & Fall, Should You Go To Court?Accidents are just a part of life, and while no one enjoys them, we shouldn’t let them stop us from living our life to the fullest. Similarly, small accidents are easy to forgive, and no one should be taken to task too severely for them. For example, a child spilling a drink in a food court should not be sued by the shopping mall, and in the same way, if you accidentally bump into an employee at a store, there’s nothing there to get angry over.

However, some accidents have a way of growing much more serious and having long lasting consequences. A slip and a fall in a public space or other place of work or business is one of those incidents that can develop in a number of ways. If you simply slipped a little, but recovered, and there was no injury, it’s probably not something to make too much of a fuss over, except perhaps to complain to management. On the other hand, if an accident involving an elderly person causes them to slip, fall and break bones, causing them... read article

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Can I Go To Court For Food Poisoning?

Can I Go To Court For Food Poisoning?It’s not something that many people think about, especially when you set out on the town for a nice night with a good meal, but occasionally even a simple activity like a dining experience can go wrong. Sometimes the unfortunate result of this is food poisoning, and while such an unpleasant experience can ruin an evening, some people do wonder, “Is this something I can take a restaurant to court for?”

The answer, as with many cases where some kind of personal injury is involved is, “it depends.”
Proof & Severity
As with any other case that goes through our legal system, a case of personal injury—in this case food poisoning—against a restaurant, presumes innocence until proven guilty. This means that the burden of proof lies with you and your personal injury attorney to show a court enough evidence to allay any reasonable doubt that the restaurant was not involved.

This is where a case can become tricky, as many factors can play a part in just how solid a case you may have.

The first and most important thing you must determine is whether or not you have... read article

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7 Most Common Car Seat Mistakes

7 Most Common Car Seat Mistakes Despite what you may think, car seat safety isn't child's play. It is all too easy to make a mistake that could cost the safety of your child. That is why we have a list of the most common mistakes for you to avoid when it comes to car seat safety.
1 Getting A Used Car Seat Without Researching First

Not everyone has the money to afford a brand new car seat for their child. Though there is nothing wrong with that, you need to make sure you check a few things before you purchase a used one. So before you make that purchase check to see if this car seat:

Comes with instructions or has a label showing the manufacture date and model number
Hasn't been recalled
Isn't expired or more than 6 years old
Has no visible damage or is missing pieces
Has never been in a moderate or severe crash

If you are unable to find any of these, you shouldn't be using it for your child.
2 Using The Car Seat As A Replacement Crib
A car seat is designed to protect your infant or child during travel, not as a... read article

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The Volkswagen Scandal Isn’t Harmless

The Volkswagen Scandal Isn’t HarmlessThis year, one of the most surprising stories to emerge from the automotive industry was the deceptive practices of the Volkswagen automobile company. Traditionally known as one of the bastions of German engineering in cars, the company made promise that seemed to be too good to be true. They had created a technology that allowed everyday consumers to enjoy the power and efficiency of using diesel fuel, without contributing additional pollutants to the environment.

For people all over America who were concerned about the kind of environmental legacy they were leaving to their children, but unwilling to compromise on the quality of their transportation, the idea of a low emissions diesel fuel engine was a fantastic offering. The Audi A3, and the VW Jetta, Passat, Golf and Beetle were all fitted with this impressive technology.

Unfortunately, scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency had always found Volkswagen’s claims to be too good to be true to the point of stretching scientific credibility. After conducting their own stringent tests, they realized they were right. The cars did not, in fact, provide diesel power with low emissions. Volkswagen’s engineers had turned their... read article

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You Should Check Used Goods For Recalls

You Should Check Used Goods For RecallsBargain hunting is something that everyone understands, especially when it comes to used goods. There’s something gratifying about finding that perfect gift, or useful item at an extremely low price, simply because, despite the fact that it works fine, someone else doesn’t want it anymore. Whether it’s antiques, or bargain hunting, there’s a natural impulse on the part of people to enjoying discovering a good deal.

But, as with any activity, for all the good that comes from bargain hunting and garage sales, there may be some bad. This was perfectly illustrated in March of 2014, when Sophia Justice age 5, of Houston, Texas, was injured by a new toy.

The toy wasn’t actually new. It was an Easy Bake Oven, which had been bought used. The toy was a miniature oven for children that allowed them to make small, bite versions of desserts like cupcakes and cookies. What Sophia’s parents were unaware of, however, was that this particular toy had been the subject of a product recall.

In 2010, it was found that this particular model of the toy had a glaring design flaw. The slot that... read article

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What If Your Child Gets Injured?

What If Your Child Gets Injured?An injury—especially a debilitating one with lifelong effects—is something everyone fears, but when it happens to a child, who has yet to experience every that life has to offer, that kind of injury becomes tragic. The experience becomes even more nightmarish if the child is a member of your family, and in the event that this was an accident that didn’t have to happen, that could easily have been preventable, it’s natural for a parent to not let the irresponsible parties off the hook. Going to court for personal injury to a child is one of the most unpleasant—and yet at the same time necessary—actions a parent can take. But there are some critical differences that families should take note of when it comes to this kind of case.
Age Is A Factor
The court will normally assume a certain amount of intelligence and common sense in an injury case for adults. When it comes to children, things change. Children under the age of six are generally assumed to be special cases where they may not necessarily “know better” because they are still in the process of acquiring... read article

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