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Do You Have The Grounds To Seek Compensation Due To Defective Products?

Do You Have The Grounds To Seek Compensation Due To Defective Products?Every year, things go wrong. In Florida, a lot of injuries are caused by automobile accidents, and many are caused by premises liability issues like a slip, trip, and fall. However, while fault is often obvious in these cases there's another area that is sometimes not considered – defective products.

On occasion, a product could be defective in its design or its manufacture. And in these cases, it could cause serious injury and sometimes even cause death to occur. Once an issue is noticed, the company responsible for creating the product will issue a recall, something we've all seen a lot of. Recalls have been done for everything from toys to baby strollers to appliances to vehicles, and are an important way for companies to try to protect the public and themselves.

But what happens if you're injured or if a loved one dies as a result of a defective or unsafe product? For many, the best step you can take is to pursue financial compensation for your injuries. The reasons are numerous, but come down primarily to the fact that having... read article

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Dispelling The Myths About Personal Injury Law

Dispelling The Myths About Personal Injury LawOf all the various types of law practiced in this country, few are as misunderstood or as surrounded by myths as personal injury law. Personal injury lawsuits get a bad rap, but are intended to help those who need assistance recovering from an accident that wasn't their fault. It's well worth taking a closer look at some of the big myths concerning personal injury law and getting to the truth. Here are some of those myths.
Myth 1: Personal Injury Law Is Nothing But Frivolous Lawsuits
Thanks to the way that the media portrays many lawsuits, it's common to assume that those seeking compensation are nothing but opportunists looking for a quick buck. But these frivolous lawsuits are usually thrown out of court quickly, and those that can seem frivolous are actually not reported on fully – a headline is designed to be sensational, after all, and the facts aren't always looked at.

The reality is that those who seek compensation are indeed suffering because of their injuries. Things like lost hours at work, high medical bills, and more can all add up to huge financial burdens. Those... read article

Michael J Babboni