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Do You Have The Right To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

 Do You Have The Right To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?Being hurt is no fun, and when you’re injured because of the reckless actions of someone else it goes beyond being an annoyance and becomes a frustrating situation. It’s hard enough to make a physical recovery, but when you’re left dealing with huge medical costs and lost wages due to missing work because of your injuries, it can throw your life into chaos.

The huge stress of this financial burden is difficult to deal with, and can be hard to overcome. Luckily, however, you do have some options for recovery. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is one thing you may be able to do, but it’s not possible for everyone due simply to their situation. Luckily, taking a closer look can help you understand more about your rights and what options you have available.

Fault Under Florida Law

If you are hurt in an accident, you might have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit – if you can prove that it was caused due to negligence and recklessness on the other party’s behalf. Essentially, under Florida law you must show that the other person involved in your accident acted in a way that was negligent or reckless, and that those actions led to your injuries.

Some examples of negligence or recklessness include things like:

• Drunk driving
• Speeding
• Failure to yield right of way
• Failure to maintain a safe working environment for employees
• Failure to maintain a safe public space at a business
• Knowing about a safety issue and not warning others or fixing the issues

The specifics of your case will vary, of course. In property accident situations it can be much harder to determine if you have the right to compensation or not, but talking to a good personal injury lawyer can help you figure out what your rights are.

What Happens If You Can File A Case?

Filing a case is just the first step. Once you start seeking compensation, things can quickly start moving forward. Specifically, the other side will likely start to argue their own case for nonpayment. They may offer you less than you deserve in damages, stall payments, or even refuse.

But once you have an attorney on your side that changes. The other side begins to negotiate with your lawyer to avoid going to trial and ending up with a huge potential risk of punitive damages. Almost all cases are settled out of court, but your lawyer should have no problem going to trial if need be in order to get you what you deserve.

That’s because the respect that you get by having an attorney ends up providing you with better results – when the other side knows they can’t push you around, they start working to reach a better outcome.

The Bottom Line For Personal Injury Cases

It all comes down to fault in your case and exactly what happened. You’ll need to let an attorney start by reviewing your case and your rights, then discuss with you. From there you can develop a plan that could help you get the compensation you’re owed.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident in Florida, you need an attorney on your side who will fight for you. Our team has decades of experience and are here and ready to get you what you are owed. Contact us today to talk to our lawyer and get a free initial consultation. From there, we will do all that we can to make sure you get the money you need to make a full recovery and get back on your feet financially after an accident.

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