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Recent Accident Shows Safety Risk Of Frankenstein Vehicles

 Recent Accident Shows Safety Risk of Frankenstein VehiclesTechnology is always changing the world, and as it rapidly advances and evolves so do most industries. One of the biggest areas that tech is having a big impact is in transportation. From Uber to electric cars like the Tesla, there are innovators out there making huge changes in how we get around.

But, while technology can have a positive impact on things, it’s also leaving certain aspects of different industries in vague, unique situations. A recent accident in New York is a perfect example of this, and shows why new regulations are going to be needed to deal with the rise of “Frankenstein” vehicles – and what kind of challenges the world of personal injury and accident law will be facing very soon.

The Recent Limo Accident

The accident in question occurred in early October 2018, and involved a limousine that is considered a ‘Frankenstein”. This refers to a vehicle that has essentially been created by taking multiple cars, dismantling or cutting them up, and then reassembling them in a way that combines them into a longer ‘stretch’ limo. This vehicle, in particular, had a total of 19 seats, and it failed to live up to state standards.

In particular, the vehicle lacked seat belts and other safety devices, and was modified in a way that changed its handling and its ability to withstand crashes. The vehicle didn’t’ meet the safety standards of the current auto industry in the least.

The accident itself occurred when the vehicle – a modified Ford Excursion – overran an intersection in Schoharie NY. I then drove into a parking lot and struck an unoccupied vehicle and two people. Everyone involved was killed including 188 limo occupants and the two pedestrians that were hit.

A Question Of Fault

In this accident, not only was the diver of the limo not properly licensed, but the vehicle wasn’t up to standards either. As such, fault could be placed not only on the driver, but on the limo company they worked for. As with any personal injury case, the process essentially comes down to properly proving fault. This isn’t easy to do, and is something that will almost always have to be left to the professionals.

Every case is unique, and for now regulations are currently being worked on in various states concerning these vehicles and these accident cases. It’s always important to consider each case, the drivers, and the companies that are involved in order to properly assign fault, blame, and get the restitution for an injured party that they are owed.

What Does it Mean For Florida?

Florida does have different laws than New York, but the fact remains that proving fault and negligence are the two primary factors when it comes to pursuing legal action and getting injured parties compensation.

In short, those hurt in an accident involving any kind of vehicle that has been modified will still need to show that some form of recklessness or negligence is what caused the accident. This could mean showing that a company failed to maintain safety standards or that a driver acted erratically, and could even include showing that a piece of tech itself is to blame.

Florida personal injury attorneys will have to review every case involving these Frankenstein vehicles carefully, and will need to keep these basic, fundamental principles in mind when seeking compensation for their clients.

Michael J Babboni