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Avoid An Accident With A Tractor Trailer

Avoid An Accident With A Tractor TrailerThey are the biggest vehicles traveling along with you on the highway, and to most people, they are the scariest. Tractor trailers; big-rigs, 18-wheelers; any name that you choose for them cannot understate the size and power that they exude.

Professional Drivers With Lots Of Blind Spots


Those who drive tractor trailers are professional people who drive for a living. They know the rules of the road just as well, if not better, than you do. The problem isn’t with the drivers; it’s with the truck itself as big trucks do not have the same capabilities as a smaller car. Due to their larger size, tractor trailers have limited visual capability and have more blind spots than a car. Seeing what is traveling beside them on the right is a big challenge because the blind spot on that side is very large. The same holds true with those traveling right on their rear bumper and directly in their front.

The best thing you can do to avoid an accident with a tractor trailer is to give them space on the roadway. Important safety tips include:


• At an intersection, don’t pull to the right side of a truck who is making a right hand turn. Due to their size, they need more room and they make wider turns than a car does. If you are in the right lane as they turn, you might find yourself getting crushed by the trailer. Stay safe and stay behind.
• When you come up on a tractor trailer on the highway, it’s in everyone’s best interest that you part ways quickly. Pass on the left and maintain a consistent speed until you are farther away from them. If they are coming up on you, move to the right lane and let them pass so that they can stay on track.
• If you must travel close to a big truck, such as in heavy traffic, do your best to stay out of blind spots and give the truck as much room as you can. Drive at a consistent speed without making any sudden moves. If you need to change lanes, be sure to put on your turn signal well in advance so the driver is aware of your intention.
• Large trucks can unintentionally splash mud, water, or snow onto the windshield of a passing car, which can obstruct your vision. Even one moment of blurred vision is enough to cause and accident, so stay clear of the big guys when the weather is poor.


Remember, because of their size and weight, large trucks cannot stop quickly when they see a commotion in front of them. Though they do their best to try, it takes more time for the heavy rig to get to a slower speed and eventually cease to travel.

If your car crashes into a large truck, chances are he’ll sustain only minor damage while you’ll total your car and bet treated for injuries. Plus, a rear-end collision can cause a truck to run right over a car, while a car who rear-ends a truck might slide right underneath the back. Take all precautions to avoid tractor trailer accidents whenever you can. Sharing the road can keep everyone safe from harm.

Michael J Babboni