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The Rights Of Motorcycle Passengers Involved In Accidents

The Rights Of Motorcycle Passengers Involved In AccidentsThe sun, sand, and desirable temperatures in Florida make it an essential landing spot for motorcyclists. There are not many better feelings than hitting the open road while the wind whips around you from all directions. Operators and passengers alike enjoy these sensations, but they also share in the pain and misery if an accident occurs. Any time that a person gets into an automobile or on a bike, they take on certain risks. Riders should wear proper safety equipment, even if they are just going around the block. No one knows when tragedy will befall them, so always prepare accordingly, and with any luck, you will not need to seek legal representation to recover compensation for your injuries.

Florida plays host to a variety of different motorcycle rallies, and we must always pay close attention to our surroundings to avoid mishaps. These vehicles, bicycles, and scooters all share our roads, and an accident with one of them can have life-altering consequences. Broken bones, contusions, road rash, and various other outcomes of different severities are possible. While a driver of a bigger car may not become physically injured, psychological trauma can impact them by imposing guilt, anxiety, or other disorders in their life. Hopefully, by remaining mindful of our surroundings, drivers and passengers alike can avoid severe damages altogether.

Passengers May Be Entitled To Compensation From One Or More Parties

People that are not operating a vehicle are rarely held at fault for the incident. That is not always the case as a distracting action could put them in the hot seat. Your lawyer may attempt to recover damages from a one or more parties, including...

  • A vehicle or part manufacturer

  • The operator of the motorcycle

  • Drivers of other cars involved in the crash

If the operator of the motorcycle performs reckless maneuvers which lay the bike down or cause it to crash into a stationary object like a tree, they alone will likely be considered at fault. In cases similar to these, accident and witness reports will need to become collected, as well as any other evidence that is prudent to the claim. They can typically be settled quickly without going to trial, but hiring a reputable firm will ensure that the insurance company does not take advantage of you in a vulnerable and financially crunched state.

When multiple other vehicles are involved in the crash, proving blame becomes a more difficult task. Our firm will obtain the police reports, insurance documents, and seek out eyewitness accounts from people that might not have originally been so forthcoming. If a vehicle suddenly stops in front of your motorcycle operator forcing them to brake hard, while causing another car to crash into the bike's rear, multiple parties may share the fault. The Florida legal system is complicated, and an inexperienced person can become overwhelmed quickly. Contact our St. Petersburg office at 727-381-9200 for a free case review to find out your legal options.

Proving that a defective part caused the accident is not always cut and dry. A single entity or multiple manufacturers might share the blame, but these organizations also have legal teams on standby just chomping at the bit for such a case to arise. They will attempt to disprove any and all claims brought against their clients. Actions can include using social media accounts against a plaintiff, looking into past injuries or medical conditions, and even discrediting one's ethics or morals. Don't go into these types of predicaments unprepared. Allow our work ethic and reputation to go to work for you. We will fight for the compensation that you deserve, and your best interests will always be our top priority.

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