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Things To Do After Becoming Involved In A Trucking Accident

Things To Do After Becoming Involved In A Trucking AccidentThe chances are that if you ask any St. Petersburg driver if they want to participate in an accident that they are going to answer no. The reasoning behind these responses is because car crashes are traumatic experiences that include painful injuries which are sometimes permanent. Truck accidents are some of the most unforgiving types of collisions to be apart of, and severe damage is a possibility when one occurs. These vehicles are so much bigger and heavier than standard passenger cars that the sheer impact alone is devastating. However, if standard safety equipment fails, and a car is allowed to travel underneath a trailer, an increased risk to loss of life becomes a possibility.

First, Make Sure That All Parties Are Okay

Regardless of who is at fault, it is of the utmost importance to check and see if any passengers or drivers require medical attention. Call an ambulance and other emergency personnel if you are able and if not ask a witness or bystander to do it for you. Receiving care should always be the first and top priority of everyone involved. It is not a bad idea to have yourself checked out by a doctor, even if you believe that you have not sustained a physical injury. Attempt to stay calm throughout the entire ordeal. After all, particular acts or actions might become interpreted as threatening or intimidating when coordinated with the already chaotic and hectic scene.

Take Pictures While On-Site

If it is possible without causing further injury, or putting one's self in harm's way, pull out your smartphone and snap some photos of the area. Rubber skid marks on the street might prove as beneficial information to have on hand later on, as well as pics of the different cars and trucks in the crash. After a period, memories can become jumbled, but by having photographic evidence to refer back to, makes the recollection process easier on both, you and your attorney.

File A Police Report

Victims should file a police report regardless of whether an officer comes to the scene or not. Take a quick trip down to the correct station, as soon as you are able, and complete the required documentation. If for nothing else, it will give you peace of mind knowing that paperwork is on file. The firm representing you will have easy access to the report should a lawsuit become brought against you. These acts may seem inconvenient and the places out of the way, but having a proper police report filed is essential for any future claims.

Avoid Discussing The Accident And Contact Our St. Petersburg Office To Find Out Your Legal Options

Don't post pictures or comments about the incident on social media accounts, and it is best to keep talking about the accident between you and your attorney. People can take the information the wrong way, which can cause tons of backlash, and these photos or words may even be used as evidence to discredit a claim. Contact our office for a free case review, and together, we will decide if legal action is in your best interests. Trucking companies have firms on retainer as just in case insurance for when these problems arise. They will be prepared to fight for the company that they represent. Don't be ill-equipped to handle their onslaught of questions. Instead, put our distinguished lawyers in your corner to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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