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Unsafe Practices And Conditions Lead To Workplace Injuries

Unsafe Practices And Conditions Lead To Workplace InjuriesEmployees do a lot of crazy things to satisfy ownership and management. Depending on your line of work, some acts may be more dangerous than others. Regardless of what industry a person works in if an injury occurs while on the job, the employee may become entitled to fair compensation for the damages. Hazardous working conditions are not acceptable on any level, but unfortunately, many workers have to deal with them on a daily basis. Faulty or malfunctioning equipment, debris laying around a work area, or just a negligent act by a coworker can leave you injured and searching for answers.

Having to take on insurance investigators and lawyers representing the organization on your own can seem impossible, but we are here to help. Allow our St. Petersburg firm to go to bat for you. We will obtain necessary evidence like reports and witness testimonies to ensure that your claim has the best chance of success. Legal jargon and complex proceedings leave unprepared plaintiffs bewildered and confused. Our experience, reputation, and professional manners set us apart and allow us to make your legal experience at least somewhat enjoyable.

Slip And Fall, Crushing, And Other Accidents

A foot or leg can become crushed by a forklift, lawn mower, pallet jack, or other types of machinery. Even hands and fingers are thrust in harm's way by using these items. However, these machines are also essential for products to get delivered to consumers, on time, every day throughout our great nation. Employees must be properly trained to use such devices, but accidents are just that, accidents, and they strike anywhere and at the most inopportune times. Broken bones and lacerations are probable while a lengthy recovery period might be necessary to allow the body to heal properly.

Consider Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney To Reduce Stress Levels

It is hard enough taking legal action against another party, but when that entity is your place of business, anxiety and worrisome thoughts take center stage. Even with workers comp payments, essential bills become hard to pay. Without a healthy support system in place, which consists of your place of employment if they are genuinely concerned about your well-being, just making it from week to week is a daunting task. Don't feel as if you are in this fight alone. Let our team guide you through the complicated legal battle. We coordinate with some of the top mental and medical doctors in St. Petersburg to get you the treatment and therapy needed to recover.

Automotive-Related Accidents

Many businesses require employees to drive while delivering goods or providing services. Workers that sustain injuries while driving a company vehicle might also receive compensation for damages. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, one or more parties can be liable for the injuries. A defective part or piece of equipment may hold a manufacturer responsible, or the negligent acts of another driver could be to blame. The possibilities are endless, but the one constant that remains the same is that we will always fight for you to receive the monetary settlement that you deserve.

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