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Injuries Are A Possibility With This Fire Hazard

Injuries Are A Possibility With This Fire HazardDrivers accept a certain amount of responsibility when they get behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle. Human error is one of the most common reasons for a crash happening, but various other elements play a part as well. Rain, wind, and even debris in the roadway contribute to accidents too, but it is not every day that a defective part is to blame. Due to the seriousness and severity of injuries from air bags, they remain on top of trending lists everywhere, but it is equally as important to give other recalls the attention that they deserve.

A Potential 16,800 Affected Polaris Units

There is nothing better than driving your recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) in sunny St. Petersburg Florida. As the wind whips through your heair, and the sun warms your skin, stress just seems to melt away. However, if you own one of these units your escape could turn into a nightmare. This double-whammy can leave, either the fuel tank neck cracked, or the wiring harness short-circuited and poses an increased risk of fuel leakage and fire hazards. Models and years include...

  • 2015 RZR 170 EFI Red with a model number of R15YAV17AA or R15YAV17BA

  • 2015 RZR 170 EFI Blue with a model number of R15YAV17AF or R15YAV17BF

  • 2016 RZR 170 White with model numbers of Z16YAV17AB or Z16YAV1CAB

  • 2016 RZR 170 Blue with a model number of Z16YAV17AF or Z16YAV1CAF

  • 2017 RZR 170 White with a model number of Z17YAV17A2

  • 2017 RZR 170 Blue with a model number of Z17YAV17A5

Polaris has received 102 reports of cracked fuel tank necks, and another 28 involving smoking, burning, or melted wires. The company has not been notified of any injuries yet, but you should check your ROV's model number so that we can keep it that way. The organization is contacting known owners directly, and consumers are urged to discontinue use immediately. However, anyone interested in becoming more knowledgeable about the situation can contact Polaris at 800-765-2747. Reference the recall number of 17-195 to ensure that the information you receive is relevant to your situation.

Sold at Polaris Dealer from February 2015 to July 2017

The ROVs were available nationwide, so they can easily be parked right in our backyard. The fire hazard poses a risk to more than just drivers and passengers. Flames that break out, especially in the dry summer months, can spread quickly through the trees, grass, and other foliage if you are out playing on your toy when the problem occurs. A fire that happens while the ROV is parked, in the garage, is equally as dangerous, as it can jump quickly from house to house, so it is our pleasure to provide you with this info, which with any luck will make these fates avoidable.

Just And Fair Compensation

Not all accidents and injuries are preventable, and you do not have to face this up hill battle alone. We want you to remain out of harm's way, but should you become injured, our firm is here to help. You may be entitled to compensation for injuries sustained from a recalled vehicle or product. Our team has the financial means to take cases the distance, but often they settled out of court because of our reputation. Proving fault is a difficult challenge when a recalled product is involved, and multiple organizations may even share the blame, so give our office a call for a free case review to discuss your legal options.

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