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6 Tips For Taking The Best Car Accident Evidence Photos

 6 Tips For Taking The Best Car Accident Evidence Photos The photos you take at the accident scene will serve you as some of your most important pieces of evidence. Your car accident photos will serve to substantiate your damage claims to your insurance company, and limit the ability the insurance company has to low-ball on your settlement negotiations. While insurance companies exist to represent policyholders, they also work to cushion their own bottom line, which means cutting any corner possible in order to settle for the least possible amount. With high quality accident scene photos, you have proof of damages that insurance claims adjusters cannot refute.

Because car accident photos are so important, it’s doubly important to make sure the ones you take are high-quality and particularly useful. 6 tips for taking the best car accident evidence photos are:

Document all property damage – After being involved in a St. Petersburg car accident, one of the first things you should document with photographs is property damage. Most will take photos of their own property and little else, but there is actually a whole lot more to consider to make sure... read article

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A Post Accident Checklist To Bring To Your St. Petersburg Car Accident Attorney

A Post Accident Checklist To Bring To Your St. Petersburg Car Accident AttorneyYour St. Petersburg car accident attorney will be able to best represent your case if they’re prepared, and it’s your job to make sure your attorney is as prepared to represent your auto accident as they can be. Bringing along all of the necessary pieces of evidence to your first post-accident meeting with your attorney gives them a full understanding of your case, and with this they can begin to develop a strategy and plan to procure you the settlement you need.
The best way to quickly ensure you have all the evidence you need for that first attorney meeting is by crafting a simple checklist. Some items that should have a special place on that checklist are:
• Copies of your insurance policy and premium payments – Regardless of who caused the accident, Florida upholds no-fault insurance laws that require a person to go through their own insurance policy to collect damages after an accident. For this reason, copies of your insurance policy and statements proving on-time and accurate premium payments should be brought with you... read article

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Breaking Down The Settlement Negotiation Process

Breaking Down The Settlement Negotiation Process In order to obtain a settlement after a slip and fall accident or car accident injury the negotiation process is something you’ll need to experience. Typically, most personal injury cases are settled out of court through negotiations, and while stressful, they can ensure a relatively smooth process from accident to compensation. With your St. Pete lawyer by your side, you’re giving yourself your best chance at a successful experience.

For those who have never experienced the negotiations process before, this can be a somewhat intimidating experience. Your St. Pete lawyer will be able to make clear to you the entire process and what to expect, and so will breaking down the steps of the process in a succinct way that explains what happens during negotiations and why.

The steps of the negotiations process are:

• You file your claim – Following your accident, the first step in the negotiations process is the filing of your claim. This is notifying the company of your accident and injuries, and it should be done as quickly as possible after an accident has occurred. Obtaining an attorney before this step is typically... read article

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Common Injuries After A Car Accident

Common Injuries After a Car AccidentIt has been said that car accidents are the leading cause of injuries and over 5 million accidents were reported in the United States during the year 2012. While many of these accidents proved to be fatal, there were still others that only resulted in injury. However, the costs involved with being in an accident begin to add up quickly. There can be detrimental costs for both your financial and bodily health

The following are a few of the more common injuries one can experience following a car accident:
Head and Back Injuries
By far the most common injury to experience following a car accident involves some kind of head and back injury. Both the driver and passengers of the vehicle are susceptible to injuries depending on the severity of the car accident.

Head and back injuries can range from mild to more severe cases. A severe injury would be a traumatic brain injury, while a less severe injury would be a mild concussion. Car accidents can result in comas as well and may also lead to other long-lasting cognitive problems.

With a head injury, one can also experience skull fractures,... read article

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Determining If Your Work Environment Is Safe

Determining if Your Work Environment is SafeHaving a safe work environment is a vital component of our everyday lives and is not something we should take lightly because we spend a good majority of our time in a workplace environment. Safety programs should be put in place in every work environment, and everyone should be aware of the safety practices and guidelines that they must acknowledge and adhere to in order to ensure a safe work environment for everyone.
What Constitutes a Safe Work Environment?
When trying to determine if you are being exposed to a safe work environment, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Does your employer offer a safety and health system for the business? A safety program should be put in place to help ensure that processes are being put in place to help improve the safety of the work environment.

Other standards you should be aware of when deciding if you are working in a safe environment include the presence of hazardous chemicals or other substances, as well as noise, that you are being exposed to. Are there safety practices currently in place to address the... read article

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How Is Fault Proven In Slip And Fall Accidents?

How Is Fault Proven In Slip And Fall Accidents? When it comes to proving fault in Florida slip and fall accidents, things can get a little tricky. In slip and fall accidents, the property owner must be found at fault for the accident, and when human error comes into play, proving this fault can grow difficult. Looking at fault in slip and fall accidents also considers factors like reason and responsibility, creating a grey area that only a professional accident lawyer can best navigate.

Consider If The Accident Could Have Been Avoided

If the property owner could have reasonably avoided the situation that caused the injury, you may have a case. However, if the property owner has taken measures to limit a known hazard and an injury still occurs, you might not be entitled to compensation. For example, a person is walking through a car wash area, and steps on a particularly soapy spot on the floor causing a bad fall. If a drain was placed into the floor of the space, the property owner has taken some measure to avoid accidents in trying to dry the floor quickly, and for this reason,... read article

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No-Fault Car Accident Cases And The Serious Injury Threshold

No-Fault Car Accident Cases And The Serious Injury ThresholdThe state of Florida is one that observes no-fault car accident laws. What this means is that, whether a driver is negligent in causing the accident or not, they will first go to their own insurance provider in order to obtain a settlement to cover their car accident damages. However, if an accident passes the serious injury threshold, a person may be able to bypass the no-fault system and instead pursue a lawsuit against a negligent driver.

What Is No-Fault?

Before delving into the serious injury threshold, one must first understand the no-fault system and what that system means. In a typical car accident with some injuries and some damage, a person will file a claim with their own insurance policy regardless of their fault in the accident. This means that even if a person was injured in an accident not caused by them, they will still need to pursue damages through the insurance policy they hold.

Through a negotiations process, the injured party will typically receive a settlement through their insurance provider, but in some cases the insurance company may still need to be brought... read article

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Summertime Hazards On The Beach

Summertime Hazards on the BeachSummertime is finally upon us, and with it, we have the hot Florida sun and the relaxing Florida beaches on the horizon. But before you pack your beach towel and sunscreen, there are a few summertime beach hazards you should be aware of because they can potentially cause injury which will ruin your fun day out.

If you live in Florida, then you are probably one of many that find any and every excuse to escape to the beach for some much-needed sun and relaxation. However, your day of fun can quickly turn into a nightmare when you are involved in an accident either in or around the water.

Common Types of Accidents on the Beach

There are a few very common accidents that occur at the beach annually:

Drowning or even near-drowning accidents are prevalent on Florida beaches. Even if you consider yourself a good swimmer, there is still a chance you can be faced with the possibility of this kind of accident while at the beach.

There are a few signs you should learn that can help you recognize if someone is in danger of drowning. You would think if... read article

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The 5 Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents In St. Petersburg

The 5 Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents In St. PetersburgGetting caught up in a St. Petersburg car accident is a situation no one wants to find themselves in, and this rings particularly true for those who have been in an accident caused by another party’s negligence. Over 200,000 car accidents can be expected each and every year throughout the state of Florida, and each is caused by its own specific and particular series of events. The 5 most common causes of car accidents in the St. Petersburg area are:

• Driving while intoxicated – Florida has a particular sunny, laid back, and vacation-ready atmosphere, which often contributes to one of the state’s most common car accident causes. Intoxicated driving in Florida is higher than the national average, and both tourists and locals are guilty of drinking and getting behind the wheel.

• Distracted driving – With the advent of smartphones and handheld tech, distracted driving is a bigger problem now than ever. While 20 years ago distracted driving may be the result of eating while driving, talking, flipping through a CD book, or performing some other type of activity, the most common... read article

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The Importance Of Taking Car Accident Photos

The Importance Of Taking Car Accident Photos After experiencing a car accident, taking photos is probably the furthest thing on your mind. The scene is chaotic, you may be hurt or traumatized, and stress is running high. However, the photos you’re able to take at the car accident scene are some of the best pieces of evidence you can collect. Of course, it’s most important to get to a safe place first, but your next step should be taking full photographic account of the accident scene, damage, witnesses, and any injuries you may have suffered.

What Is So Important About Car Accident Photos?

There are several reasons why car accident photos are particularly important. For starters, they’re the only way to gather a physical photo of the scene, which allows your attorney and insurance claims adjuster to get a first-hand view of just what happened and the results of the accident. While verbal descriptions and police reports provide a useful picture, the only way you’re going to be able to acquire a physical one is by using a camera.


A few specific reasons why taking car accident photos is so important are:

• Comprehensive proof... read article

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The Importance Of Witnesses During A Claim Or Lawsuit

 The Importance of Witnesses During a Claim or LawsuitPersonal injury cases are unfortunately extremely commonplace in today’s society and are largely due to the incompetence and neglect of another person. If you are involved in any kind of accident, it is important that you take the proper steps following the incident and gather the right information that you will need to later prove this negligence regarding your personal injury claim.
What is Considered Personal Injury?
Personal injury is typically the result of an accident or other type of incident that happened due to the carelessness or neglect of another person. It is important to note that a personal injury claim only applies to physical injuries sustained, as the name implies. It does not include any damage done to a person’s property such as a vehicle becoming damaged due to a car accident.
Gather Your Evidence
The most critical time for a personal injury claim is the days immediately following the accident or incident. It is within this timeframe that you should be gathering important information that pertains to your claim including any physical evidence you have along with documentation for all of your injuries.

Physical... read article

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Understanding Florida’s Move Over Law

Understanding Florida’s Move Over Law In the state of Florida, the law requires that motorists move or yield right of way to a stopped emergency, utility, or sanitation vehicle. Among these vehicles, tow trucks are also included. If there is no way for the motorist to safely move over, then it is required that they slow down to approximately twenty miles per hour less than the speed limit is posted.

This law came to fruition following an abundant number of fatal crashes that involved emergency vehicles on the Florida highways. These laws have been put in place to make it safer for these vehicles on the roadside to do their job.

Is it Just Florida Law?

Following Florida’s Move Over Law, several other states have also decided to adopt the same set of rules for their roadways. However, it is still being said that more than half of the nation’s drivers have never heard about the move over law.

What Happens if You Fail to Move Over?

If you are driving in the state of Florida and fail to move over or slow down, then you can find that you will be hit with fines in... read article

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Understanding Premises Liability For A Home And Business

Understanding Premises Liability for a Home and Business

Many legalities may come up at some point in our lives if we own a home or business. Premises liability is just one legal concept that may come into play in light of a personal injury case in which the injury was caused due to unsafe, neglected, or defective conditions on someone’s property.

Types of Premises Liability Cases

Most personal injury cases are typically due to the negligence of a person, and when you learn a bit more about premises liability, you will see that it is no exception. However, to successfully win a premises liability case, you and your personal injury attorney will have to prove that the property owner was indeed at fault and they failed to exhibit reasonable care regarding their property and the condition of their property.

The following personal injury cases may very well also be considered as a premises liability case:

Slip and Falls

A slip and fall can occur in a number of different locations. For example, it could be a slip and fall in a retail store or even tripping on a sidewalk. Accidents like these can occur in either a... read article

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What To Do After A Parking Lot Accident

What to do After a Parking Lot AccidentIf you have ever been involved in a car accident, then you are probably already well aware of the necessary steps you need to take immediately following the accident. However, what if the accident doesn’t take place on a public street and instead happens in a parking lot? What protocol and steps do you need to follow in this case?
Determining Fault in a Parking Lot Accident
Many factors go into the mix when trying to determine who is at fault in a parking lot accident. Just like the rules when you are out driving on the main roads, parking lots also adhere to a set of established rules and guidelines regarding the right of way for each vehicle.

To determine who has the right of way in a parking lot, you should first consider the type of lane you are driving in. Parking lots have two types of available lane: the thoroughfare and the feeder lanes. The thoroughfare is the lane that will exit into the street or main road. This type of lane may be wider than the other lane and is one of the... read article

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Why Should I Call My Lawyer Before My Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Why Should I Call My Lawyer Before My Insurance Claims Adjuster? Getting into a car accident will completely ruin anyone’s day, or worse. You’re stressed, you might be hurt, and now you’re stuck trying to figure out how you’re going to replace your vehicle and recover from your accidents. Your first instinct might be to call your insurance company in order to get the ball rolling, but is this really the best idea?

Your St. Petersburg car accident attorney is your best line of defense in getting the settlement you really need. They’re there to serve you, and in doing so, they want to make sure your settlement is just, fair, and able to cover all of your damages. While you may pay policy premiums to your insurance company, they’re still loyal to their bottom line, and you’ll need that someone in your corner to ensure you remain top priority.

The Split Priority Of Insurance Providers

While the priority of your St. Petersburg car accident attorney is you, the priority of your insurance provider is actually split. Insurance providers want to attract and keep customers, since paying customers help to create higher profits, but... read article

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