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Why Do You Need A Lawyer After Being Injured?

Why Do You Need A Lawyer After Being Injured? When you're injured in a serious car accident, it can leave you struggling to recover. Your life might feel like it's turned inside out, and figuring out how to move forwards is difficult. You'll have to physically heal, obviously, but beyond your physical injuries are the financial hardships an accident can put you through.

Finding help is important, and for many it's incredibly important to contact a personal injury lawyer to help guide you through your recovery and ensure that you get the kind of compensation that you're owed.

Help You May Not Know You Need

But, it's common for many people to be unsure of just why they need an attorney to help them. After all, it's common to be offered settlement amounts quickly after you're injured. Here's a look at some of the main reasons you could need the help of an attorney after you're injured.

• The first is simple - those settlement offers that you're being given by the other side can seem great, but the reality is that they're most likely a ploy used to get you to accept much less... read article

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What Happens If You Fake A Personal Injury Case?

What Happens If You Fake A Personal Injury Case?For the majority of people that seek the services of an accident lawyer, the motivation is simple. There’s been an injury, it was not your fault, and you want to make sure that negligence of the other party does not go unpunished, so you seek accountability in the form of financial compensation.

But for some people, the idea of getting paid for getting injured is simply too appealing to leave to chance. So instead, some unscrupulous people manufacture or stage an injury in the hopes that no one will discover the deception and the financial compensation will pay out. But just how easy is this to accomplish? And what happens if it fails?
The Great Temptation
Sadly, throughout the United States—and the rest of the world—people regularly attempt to cheat the legal system by counterfeiting injuries and then seeking compensation in court from people who have done no wrong. One of the most popular types of injuries to fake is the slip and fall at public spaces such as shopping malls, and other retail centers. This is because, unlike a car crash, for example, a slip... read article

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Did You Sign Away Your Right To Sue?

Did You Sign Away Your Right To Sue?It’s hard to believe, but in legal terms, one of the most dangerous moments in a person’s life is often just as they’re about to do something fun, and are in a hurry to get on with it. This is especially true for riskier activities, such as bungie jumping, or skydiving, where, before the activity can take place, the participant is often asked to sign a waiver or some other legal document.
This, legally speaking, is the crisis point.

No Time For Reading

The first rule that any concerned personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg will tell you, is to always read the fine print. A legally binding document is just that; legally binding and enforceable. By signing that document, you are consenting to certain conditions, or even agreeing to have certain privileges or rights taken away. Few people are going to sign a mortgage document on a house without having an expert look at it, but when it comes to being “in the moment” and wanting to get to the fun activity as quickly as possible many people will simply sign a document or waiver, as... read article

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Why Do Some Personal Injury Lawsuits Take So Long?

Who Do Some Lawsuits Take So Long?Nobody wants to see a dispute dragged out over a long period of time. In the same way that families want to avoid a protracted divorce that puts strain on the children, trying to fight for the money you are owed when someone does you wrong is not something anyone wants to stretch out. And yet, in some cases, this is exactly what happens.

For example, the single, longest civil lawsuit in American legal history lasted an astounding 57 years! From 1834 to 1891, Myra Clarke Gaines, of New Orleans, Louisiana, appeared in court an unbelievable 70 times over the course of decades as she battled to be named the heir of her deceased father’s fortune. Even today, some cases in the United States have been known to last for years, though not to the same degree as Myra Clarke Gaines.

But why does this happen? What is it about some court cases that take so long to resolve, and what are the odds that your court case might take this long? Just how much time goes into a court case anyway?
It’s A Marathon
To begin with, just... read article

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Mediation & Arbitration: What’s The Difference?

 Mediation & Arbitration: What’s The Difference?The normal procedure for a lawsuit can take a lot of time for proper, legal resolution. If you’re injured, or you lose someone important to you and engage a wrongful death attorney to go to court, you’re about to embark on a very complex undertaking. The goal of a lawsuit is simple; to legally assign fault to someone that’s done something wrong, in order to legally require that person be held accountable for their wrongdoing. That accountability is usually in the form of money, otherwise referred to as “damages.”

But a lawsuit means going to trial, which will entail both sides engaging the services of attorneys, and then those attorneys going through the Florida legal system. A trial date will have to be determined, a jury will have to be selected, and then the trial itself will need to be resolved which may take days, weeks, and in the case of some lawsuits, even years before a verdict is reached.

This is one of the reasons why a wrongful death attorney—as well as other types of lawyers—will sometimes suggest a different route; an out of court settlement.... read article

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Motorcyclists Are Always At Risk In Florida

Motorcyclists Are Always At Risk In FloridaThere’s always some bad that comes with the good, and that’s certainly the case with Florida’s great weather. Because it’s warm in this part of the country throughout the year, it means that motorcyclists don’t have to put their vehicles away for the season when winter arrives, unlike their northern counterparts. But the bad news that comes with that is that motorcyclists are on the road every day, all year round. And that increases their risk of getting into an accident considerably.

When you combine more motorcyclists out on the road on a daily basis with high levels of traffic, you get a recipe for a higher accident rate. When those factors are combined with a massive tourist industry that brings in people from all over the world—including countries where drivers use the opposite lane, and those people take to the streets in car rentals—the rate of risk jumps again.

In fact, while being #1 is often thought of as a good thing, Florida has had the unfortunate “honor” of having been declared one of the most dangerous states in the country for motorcyclists in 2016 and... read article

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Was Negligence Involved In The FIU Bridge Collapse?

Was Negligence Involved In The FIU Bridge Collapse?When an accident occurs in a public space, such as a shopping mall, or even in a private space, such as the backyard and swimming pool of someone’s home, people always want answers. If an injury is involved, the most important question to answer will be “who is at fault? Is anyone at fault?” And right now, that is the question that police, engineers and other professional investigators are asking of the tragic bridge collapse that happened on March 15.

The bridge, still under construction and closed to the public for at least another year, fell apart, of its own accord, crushing vehicles that were still allowed to drive underneath it. The accident took the lives of several people, including motorists driving under the bridge as well as staff onsite. There was no earthquake, no storm, no fire, no other outside causes that could have contributed to a sudden, catastrophic, structural failure, so what happened?

The Pursuit Of Fault

This is where forensic engineers will be critical to the investigation. Clearly something went wrong, some error occurred somewhere down the line as many structures are built all... read article

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PIP Repeal Stalls In Florida Senate

IP Repeal Stalls In Florida SenateAfter near-unanimous approval in the Florida House of Representatives, a recent bill that would have repealed the state's no fault Personal Injury Protection insurance laws and start changing things towards a fault-based insurance approach like most other states have has stalled in the Senate.

Lobbyists, insurance representatives, and more all arrived at the beginning of March to defend the PIP system, ending in a vote that currently means things aren't likely to change anytime soon. The Senate appropriations subcommittee on health and human services voted 6-1 against the measure to repeal.

What Is PIP And What Was It Going To Be Replaced With?

PIP coverage was created in the 1970s as a way to reduce litigation in the courts. This type of insurance is required of every motorist in Florida, and it covers them regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

In short, if an accident occurs, drivers would submit a claim to their own insurance provider, even if they aren't responsible for the accident. Then, the PIP policy would pay out directly to them regardless of fault. However, the system doesn't provide total restitution in most instances,... read article

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Self-Driving Cars And The Question Of Accident Fault

 PSelf-Driving Cars And The Question Of Accident Fault When you're involved in an accident today, you have a few options when trying to seek additional compensation. While your PIP insurance policy could help you offset much of your costs, it's important to remember that you also have the right to seek compensation from those who are responsible if they acted in a negligent or reckless manner.

But what happens if the vehicle involved in your accident was a self-driving car? It is a question that is becoming more and more common as the rise of these vehicles continues, and a recent Arizona accident that involved a self-driving Uber killing someone crossing the street illustrates just how important the question will be in the future.

The Most Recent Accident

This most recent accident occurred when a 49-year-old woman named Elaine Herzberg was crossing the street with her bicycle. She later died from her injuries at a hospital. The vehicle itself was moving at 40 miles per hour and while it was in autonomous mode, there was a human safety driver on board.

However, recent videos released of the incident show that that driver - Rafael... read article

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Where Do Slip & Fall Accidents Happen Most?

Where Do Slip & Fall Accidents Happen Most?Because we provides services for anyone in need of a slip and fall lawyer, see a lot of clients come in who have experienced this type of injury in a variety of situations. Make no mistake about it; a slip and fall injury can, and does, happen anywhere. But while a slip and fall injury is something that no location is 100% secure from, there are certain places where the risk of it happening go up. But where and why? We’ll go over some of the more common causes and locations so you can be more aware and more careful.

Industrial Settings

This includes people who are working in these areas, and people who come to visit them or do business. An auto repair garage is a perfect example where these two types of people meet in a potentially hazardous environment. One of the necessary fluids for good automobile operation is oil, which is, of course, slick and slippery. It is nearly impossible, depending on the type of work required, for a mechanic to work on a car without causing the release of some oily fluids... read article

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What Are Your Rights If Injured At A Florida Resort?

What Are Your Rights If Injured At A Florida Resort?Florida may be one of the most populated states in the country, but it's also one of the most heavily visited. In fact, the state is synonymous with destinations, theme parks, beaches, and resorts, and every year millions of people flock to Florida to enjoy themselves for a few days.

But what happens if you're injured while visiting a Florida resort or destination? The process of recovering physically will take up a large amount of your time and energy, but it's important that you don't forget about the challenge that can come from making a total financial recovery as well.

In Florida, those injured on the property of someone else could have the right to seek financial compensation in certain instances - notably, if the property owners or managers are found to be at fault and thus responsible for the accident that led to the injuries. However, many don't fully understand what that means or how to go about getting the restitution that they deserve. Luckily, a few basic points can make it easier to understand what rights you have if you're injured at... read article

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6 Major Types Of Personal Injury Lawsuits

6-major-types-of-personal-injury-lawsuitsLegally speaking, a personal injury is any kind of harm done to a person. This harm can be physical, psychological, or it can be to a person’s reputation. Tort law, the part of the legal system that deals with personal injuries, also covers property damage and wrongful death suits brought by the surviving family. Several types of lawsuit come under the tort law banner, including the following categories.
Workplace Injuries
For the most part, workers’ compensation insurance covers any and all injuries suffered on the job. As a no-fault insurance, workers’ comp goes around the usual problems of finding fault and assigning liability so employees can get paid medical and living expenses until they’re well enough to get back to work or else find a new job if they can’t go back to the old one.

However, there are times when employees have to go around workers’ comp, or else the insurance doesn’t apply for some reason. At times like these, it may be necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer to get proper compensation.
Traffic Accidents
Millions of auto collisions take place every year, and a big fraction of them result in physical injuries and... read article

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A Serious Injury Can Change Your Life

A Serious Injury Can Change Your LifeSerious injuries happen across America every day. They happen on the road, at work, at home, and on vacation. Sometimes it’s a freak accident no one could have seen coming, and sometimes it happens because someone was negligent and should have fixed the problem months or even years ago. However it happens, a serious injury can change your life, and almost never for the better.
Lingering Pain
Serious injuries tend to cause lingering damage and pain even after most of the damage heals. For instance, joint damage like a torn ligament or a broken wrist can lead to a permanent loss of mobility, and that’s after weeks of physical therapy to regain most of the mobility the joint lost. Damaged knees are often pressure sensitive and ache when the weather changes, and while this makes you an excellent barometer it also makes it hard to walk. Then there are traumatic brain injuries, which can hurt your ability to think for the rest of your life.
Medical Bills
It’s well known that treatments, hospital stays, and medication is far more expensive in America than it is in any other developed... read article

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Big Companies Need To Be Responsible For Bad Products

Big Companies Need To Be Responsible For Bad ProductsIf you make pork sirloin for a big dinner party, and if you undercook the steaks and give everyone food poisoning, then you’re responsible for the suffering of all your guests. They may want compensation for lost work hours and medical bills depending on how well they know you, but even your friends and family members will want an apology.

If a major company makes a defective product that makes people sick or causes them injuries, then their customers also deserve compensation. They may claim their customers didn’t use their products right, and in some cases they may be right, but if you suffer an injury and it’s because something you bought wasn’t safe enough or has a defect, then that major company can and should be held responsible for the damages they cause.

Not Every Accident Is Our Own Fault

The people file lawsuits in America don’t always have the best reputation. Too many people dismiss them as suing corporations to grab hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars because they got a scrape from falling off a bicycle or cutting themselves with a kitchen... read article

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Get Your Recalled Vehicle Fixed As Soon As Possible

Get Your Recalled Vehicle Fixed As Soon As PossibleWhen your vehicle gets a recall notice, it means the company that made it wants to bring it in and fix something that makes it less safe or stops a feature from working right. Since the problem is with the design or the assembly, the automaker will fix it for free if you go to an affiliated dealership.

Millions of car models get recalled every year, and that includes older models since sometimes it can take years for a defect to make itself obvious. In some cases it takes this long because the company thinks it can get away with doing nothing and hoping no one will notice the problem. However, they get found out eventually, because if regulators don’t catch them they’ll get exposed by personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits brought against them by their customers.

If it seems like car recalls are more common today, it’s because of a few reasons:

• Vehicles are much more complex and sophisticated than ever, and that means more chances for bugs in the software and poorly designed parts.
• A recent series of mandatory recalls, scandals, and... read article

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What To Do After A Serious Auto Accident

What To Do After A Serious Auto AccidentEvery year in the United States, over 5 or 6 million auto accidents get reported to the police. Since police don’t respond to fender-benders and other minor collisions, the real number of traffic accidents is probably millions more. Out of those accidents, 1.5 to 2 million result in an injury, and around 30,000 crashes end someone’s life.

Florida contributes more than our fair share of accidents. 3,174 people died in traffic fatalities in 2016, one-fifth of the national total. There are a few reasons for this: old roads crossing a very narrow state, a large local population, and millions of tourists who drive down or rent cars while they’re here.

Florida roads include some of the deadliest in the nation in terms of deaths by mile, and even if you don’t get into a fatal accident in Florida the odds are relatively high that you’ll end up in a serious auto accident at least once even if you don’t have a driver’s license. Because of this, it helps to be prepared for the worst and to know what you need to do if you end up... read article

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