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This Defective Product May Leave You Needing The St Pete Lawyer

This Defective Product May Leave You Needing The St Pete LawyerWe buy various items to add convenience to our lives every day, and most of the time these purchases are made with little to no research being done at all. However, even the most diligent and thorough investigation can not account for all of the breaks or malfunctions that may occur. When these actions happen, injuries that range in severity are a possibility. If it can be proven that the defective product or negligence is to blame, the injured party may be entitled to fair compensation to offset the costs associated with the recovery process. Typical factors that determine settlement numbers include...

Present and future hospital bills
Future and current lost Wages
Pain and suffering or mental anguish
Punitive damages

Find out if legal representation is in your best interests by contacting our team at 727-381-9200 today to schedule a free case review with the St Pete Lawyer. Our firm recovers millions of dollars every year for clients in Florida, and if given the opportunity, we would love the opportunity to attempt to do the same for you. The firms representing manufacturers... read article

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Consider Hiring An Accident Attorney If A Collapsed Bridge Or Sink Hole Is To Blame For The Crash

Consider Hiring An Accident Attorney If A Collapsed Bridge Or Sink Hole Is To Blame For The CrashWatching the news or glancing at social media over the past few days have shown devastating flooding in Texas from Hurricane Harvey. By the way, if Texas residents are reading this post, our thoughts and prayers are with you. These actions do not necessarily affect St Petersburg residents, but the images of roads washing away allow us to see how vulnerable our Florida roads are too. Drainage pipes containing holes can lead to dirt washing away from under the concrete, and the next thing you know a giant sink hole has formed. Typically, drivers expect other vehicles to be the cause of an accident, but shouldn't someone be held accountable for damages that are caused by mismanaged or improperly maintained roadways?

No one ever expects to be driving along only to have the ground fall out from under them, but the possibility and the hazards are real. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury due to hazardous road conditions, contact our firm to find out if you have legal options to recover... read article

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A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help St. Petersburg Residents With More Than Just Auto Accidents

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help St. Petersburg Residents With More Than Just Auto AccidentsHollywood has attributed to many of the stereotypes associated with the legal profession over the years. Citizens often have the image of a shady character listening to a police scanner hoping to hear of an accident occurring in their minds. Ideas may even go a step further and include erratic driving to catch up to an ambulance, or the attorney following the victim into the hospital to leave them a business card. However, a personal injury attorney can represent you in various other areas as well besides car crashes, but they should allow help to be sought, rather than force it upon victims of accidents.

Residents of St. Petersburg that have become injured in any accident should contact our office for a free case review to discuss their legal options. Michael Babboni, our personal injury attorney, has been a community member for over twenty-seven years, and he has practiced in St. Petersburg since 1987. Not every accident victim becomes awarded compensation for their injuries, nor is every law firm capable of handling long cases. We have the funds,... read article

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Why Is Getting Rid Of PIP A Bad Thing?

Why Is Getting Rid Of PIP A Bad Thing?Earlier in the year, in the month of May, another attempt by Florida legislature to repeal and replace PIP failed. PIP stands for the Florida Personal Injury Protection Law, and for drivers who live and work in this state, it’s a familiar component of financial protection in the event that anything goes wrong.

Ultimately, the Senate did not vote to repeal and then replace this law, and that means that for drivers in Florida, at least for the remainder of 2017 and 2018, it’s business as usual in terms of what they can expect for the financial process in an accident. Most people will see this as a good thing, simply because it means that no one has to learn anything new, or adjust to some unfamiliar legal implementation. But it does beg the question, why did some people in the government want to strike down the current PIP regulations and replace it something else? How would this have affected you and your driving?
The Current Situation
Right now for drivers in Florida, the PIP is a pretty standard and simple form of financial protection. Of... read article

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The Big Steps To A Faster Recovery Following An Accident

The Big Steps To A Faster Recovery Following An Accident An accident can ruin anyone's plans, and being able to make a quick recovery is one of the most important things that anyone will need to do after they're injured. But often, it's not as clear as it should be just how to go about doing that.

One of the key things to remember is that a total recovery should be just that - total. This means that the injured party needs to give attention to much more than just physical healing. While that should be the ultimate priority, what about mental health? What about your financial well-being?

That last question is one of the biggest things to consider and something that's easily overlooked until the bills begin to pile up. With that in mind, it's important to take a look at some of the most important steps to take to help yourself reach a faster recovery following an accident. Here are some things to pay attention to.
Seek Medical Attention
This is an obvious point for those who are seriously injured, but even those who just feel a little sore or who feel no... read article

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Binding Arbitration And Your Personal Injury

Binding Arbitration And Your Personal Injury When you're injured in an accident, one of the biggest challenges will often be figuring out just how to go about making a full recovery. Visiting medical professionals can obviously help you heal physically, but what about financial recovery? Seeking compensation is something that is very important for those injured in accidents to do since it allows them to get financial stability, pay for their medical bills and other costs, and focus on healing instead of on the stresses of a financial burden.

One aspect of personal injury law that is often overlooked at first is binding arbitration. This can play a number of different roles within the personal injury world, and it's important to understand them as they apply to seeking compensation and getting the financial recovery you deserve.
What Is Binding Arbitration In A Case?
First, it's worth understanding the basics of what the main type of arbitration is. This is a permanent, binding procedure that allows a case to avoid going to an actual judge or jury and is instead presented to an arbitrator. The arbitrator listens to the case and then makes a judgment... read article

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Knowing Your Rights After A Drunk Driver Injures You

Knowing Your Rights After A Drunk Driver Injures You It's common knowledge by know that drunk drivers are among the most dangerous problems on American roads. However, despite knowing about those dangers, many people still get behind the wheel after having a few too many drinks. When that happens, innocent people can suffer in a significant way. Those injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver can face a long road to recovery, and some aren't so lucky. Wrongful death occurs frequently because of DUI, and those left behind to mourn their loved one often face significant challenges.

Chief among those challenges - for the bereaved or for a survivor of a DUI - is the fact that financial burdens mount quickly. From medical bills to lost wages, it's easy to become overwhelmed with these burdens. And when that occurs, many will struggle with their physical and mental recovery as well. Since you're spending so much time focusing on trying to manage your finances, it's common to lose focus on physical healing.
Your Rights After An Accident
Florida motorists do have rights if they're injured due to the actions of a drunk driver,... read article

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Take No Chances With Your Firearms

Take No Chances With Your FirearmsThe Constitution protects the right of every American to own and use a firearm for protection, defense, and even for hunting, either for sport or survival. It’s a right that many Americans treasure and exercise, and any professional lawyer would be proud to protect an American asserting these rights.

However, the right to bear and use firearms also means that there’s an enormous legal responsibility that firearm owners have. And while the law will do everything in its power to protect an American’s right to use a firearm, it will also come down heavily on that same American if they do not take their responsibility seriously, and allow negligence with their firearms to result in an injury to an innocent person.
Accidents Do Happen
Although most people wouldn’t think that it’s the case, statistically, a huge number of accidents occur in the home. Even something as innocuous and fun as a backyard swimming pool has resulted in the injury—and even death—of children, simply because parents and homeowners weren’t paying attention. And when that same amount of carelessness is applied to something designed to be as lethal as a firearm,... read article

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Poor Lighting Can End Up In Court

Poor Lighting Can End Up In CourtLighting is one of those things that most people in 21st century America take for granted. In our own homes, we can bring lights up with the flip of a switch. In public spaces, it’s always on, especially in the evenings, allowing us to carry on with our shopping, dining or even work if we’re still at the office.

Because lighting is so widespread and so prevalent, it’s easy to take it for granted. And that’s one of the reasons why, when we fail to get it, there may be grounds for going to court with a case of premises liability.
A Legal Obligation
Whether it is a public space, or a private one, the safety of visitors is the legal responsibility of the owner. The ability to clearly see and navigate an environment is part of that responsibility. A stairwell in a larger building is one of the areas where it is essential that good lighting is available, especially if there are no windows to provide light during the daytime.

Without clear lighting, attempting to walk down a dark flight of stairs can be a treacherous activity, and... read article

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Avoid Needing The Services Of A St Petersburg Car Accident Attorney By Not Doing These Things While Driving

Avoid Needing The Services Of A St Petersburg Car Accident Attorney By Not Doing These Things While DrivingIn the blink of an eye, a car crash can change a driver or passenger's overall way of life. Not all accidents are avoidable, but we owe it to ourselves and others to not do certain things while driving. Some of the most frequent causes of accidents are speeding, distracted driving, and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Of course, there are various other possibilities as to why car crashes happen, and the list can go on and on, so just be careful while doing errands or traveling on the roads.

Have you been injured while driving, or as a passenger, in a car crash, and do believe another party is at fault? If you answered yes to these questions, contact our St Petersburg car accident attorney to see if legal action is in your best interest. Our firm offers free case reviews, so feel free to schedule an appointment today at 727-381-9200. Evidence such as police reports, phone records, and witness testimonies will need to become collected. This tedious task can... read article

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The Big Challenge Of Recovering After A Motorcycle Accident

The Big Challenge Of Recovering After A Motorcycle Accident Being involved in any kind of accident on Florida roads can be difficult to recover from, but for those who are involved in a motorcycle accident that recovery can be even more complex. As such, understanding not only the process of recovery but how turning to a professional motorcycle accident attorney is important for anyone involved in these types of accidents.
A More Difficult Road To Recovery
Motorcycles give us the freedom of the open road in a way other vehicles can't provide. However, they come with increased risk. The lower levels of protection meant that when you're involved in a motorcycle accident, the potential injuries are much higher. Motorcycle accidents often bring with them things like:

Traumatic brain injury
Broken bones
Internal injuries
And more

These more serious injuries mean that recovery can take much longer periods of time, can involve far more effort and physical therapy, and more money. That increased impact on your finances is what creates difficulty in the other aspects of recovery, too - when you or your family are stressed about making ends meet and paying medical... read article

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Premises Liability Covers A Lot Of Ground

Premises Liability Covers A Lot Of GroundFor better or for worse, when it comes to car accidents and the injuries incurred, there’s a certain kind of brutal simplicity at work. Vehicles in motion impact with other vehicles or objects on or off-road, and the injuries are assessed, the fault is assigned, and, if there’s any dispute, it gets settled in a court of law. With a vehicular accident, you don’t have to be an experienced lawyer for a car crash to understand the consequences of the injury or understand that one or the other driver is likely responsible in some way, and has to own up to that fault.

However, when you move things beyond the sphere of one car impacting another, and take it to the everyday world of shopping malls, amusement parks and even the homes of friends, neighbors, and relatives, things become more complex. When an accident happens, there are many more ways, and many more factors to take into consideration. And that’s why legal disputes that fall under this category are much more complex.
A Broad Category
The formal legal definition for accidents that need legal resolution in another person’s... read article

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What’s Financial Responsibility Suspension?

What’s Financial Responsibility Suspension?One of the most basic obligations all Florida drivers—or any driver in the USA for that matter—learns is that having car insurance is not a luxury, it is a requirement. If you attempt to drive a car in the USA without having appropriate car insurance, you are obviously free to do so, but, should you get into a car accident, or even simply get stopped by the police for a speeding or parking ticket, and a background check reveals that your car is on the road uninsured, you are breaking the law, and you may be punished for it.

While this isn’t a criminal charge, this is certainly still a breach of law and it’s possible you may be denied your driving privileges because of it. When you drive without the proper insurance coverage, you may be charged with an “FR suspension,” which means Financial Responsibility Suspension, and it is both for your protection and that of other drivers on the road that the law has decided to revoke your ability to drive.

Sometimes, however, this charge may not actually be true, and that’s when you have to be careful.
Imperfect... read article

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Top 5 Things To Avoid After An Auto Accident

Top 5 Things To Avoid After An Auto Accident When you're involved in an accident, it can be a whirlwind of emotions, stress, and steps that you feel like must be taken. Knowing what to do after an accident is important, and failing to take the right steps can often make it harder to reach a full recovery because it could impede your ability to get the financial compensation needed to offset the costs of an accident.

And while knowing what to do is important for anyone injured in an accident, it's also important to avoid certain things as well. There are five things in particular that you should avoid doing after an accident.
One: Avoiding Medical Treatment
Even if you don't seem to be injured, it's important to go see a medical professional following an accident. There are a few reasons for this:

PIP coverage only covers your injuries if you seek medical attention within the first 7 days following an accident.
Some injuries can take weeks to manifest.
Visiting a medical professional helps create a record of your injuries and your actions after an accident, making it easier to show that you... read article

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Florida PIP Insurance Challenged By Lawmakers Again

Florida PIP Insurance Challenged By Lawmakers AgainInsurance is something that is designed to protect those who have it, at least to some degree. But in Florida, motorists have long been dealing with a type of auto insurance that seems to be set up to work against them when they are injured in an accident.

That could all change soon, as Senator Tom Lee just filed a bill to repeal the current no-fault system and replace it with a more standard type of insurance coverage. While PIP insurance has been challenged by lawmakers in the past, many opponents of the no-fault insurance finally believe that the time has come for PIP to be on its way out.
PIP Basics
PIP coverage was first put into place in the 1970s and had good intentions initially. The idea behind PIP is fairly straightforward - each driver in Florida is required to carry PIP coverage, and when injured in an accident it is their own insurance that pays for their medical treatment after the accident, not the insurance of the other party. This applies even if the other party is clearly to blame for the accident.

However, in order... read article

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How Solid Is A "No Sue" Clause?

How Solid Is A “No Sue” Clause?One of the things that many leisure seekers notice in the 21st century is the abundance of contracts and waivers that some recreational activities require people to sign. The fact that these are documents, with your signature on them does indicate that you are, in some fashion, signing a contract. And in many cases, that contract will stand up in court as evidence of a legal document.
The Waiver
Most of the time, these waivers and contracts are in place to protect companies from some kind of legal abuse through a lawsuit. For example, “extreme sports” such as bungee jumping, involve people jumping off bridges and other great heights. They rely on what amounts to a giant rubber band to prevent them from lethal impact, and this is obviously a high risk activity.

It’s normal for companies that run bungee jumping centers—or other activities like sky diving—to include conditions in the document stating that the people who sign understand that there is a much higher level of risk involved in such activities compared to something like riding an attraction in an amusement park. A person who signs such... read article

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