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Motor Coach Recall Can Leave Drivers With Little To No Visibility

Motor Coach Recall Can Leave Drivers With Little To No VisibilityThor Motor Coach is expected to begin recalling certain 2014-2015 ACE, Hurricane, Challenger, Daybreak, Miramar, Outlaw, and Windsport motorhomes. The windshield wiper system may have been improperly installed or secured. This can lead to failure during operation, which can lead to impaired vision and increases the risk of a crash happening. Your visibility should always be a top priority while you are on the road.

There are potentially 6,561 affected units. Thor Motor Coach is going to inform owners and dealers will inspect and correct the problem. These services will be performed free of charge to consumers. Owners can contact TMC customer service for more information. Your risks of getting into an accident increase immensely, should the wipers fail during use while you are driving.

Camping season is right around the corner, and unfortunately so is hurricane season. America can be either extremely dry during the prime camping months, or dry enough to see giant cracks forming on the land. If it is a rainy year, many of these units will be on the open road, and if the problem is not corrected,... read article

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Signing Waivers: Your Legal Options

Signing Waivers: Your Legal OptionsFlorida being a tourist state, there are lot of different recreational activities for people to take part in. Some of them are pretty safe and pedestrian, such as the many families visiting the park attractions like Disney World Resort. But other activities have a definite element of risk, such as rock climbing, or extreme sports like sky diving and para-gliding.

In these high risk events, the companies providing the services that allow people to take part in these more dangerous activities will require a waiver be signed before you can take part. The waiver is, essentially, a legal agreement not to sue the company should you sustain an injury.

But just how much protection do these waivers offer to the company? And how much do they strip away from you?
Expected Risks
Undertaking any strenuous activity brings with it a certain amount of risk and unpredictability. Skydiving, for example, can result in death in many ways for people that don’t take the proper precautions. Someone may panic and fail to pull their parachute. They may pass out from fear, and fall straight to the ground. They may even hit a bird on... read article

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Don’t Wait Too Long To Make Your Case

Don’t Wait Too Long To Make Your CaseIn the legal world, there is a concept known as “statute of limitations.” Essentially, it is a legal clock that counts down to when a particular crime or violation is no longer considered punishable in a court of law. Murder, for example, has no statute of limitations and you can still be tried in court 50 years after a murder has occurred. Personal injuries that are not criminal acts however, have a much shorter “shelf life.” In most cases in the state of Florida, you have about four years from the time you were injured to bring about a civil suit case. Once four years has passed, you no longer have any legal right to sue an offending party, and there’s very little that a personal injury lawyer can do on your behalf at that point if you change your mind.
Reasons For Waiting
Of course, while in an ideal scenario, a personal injury case would be brought against the offending party as quickly as possible, the very nature of a personal injuries works against this. Car accidents, for example, can be serious, with a person... read article

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Should You Provide A Waiver For Playdates & Birthday Parties?

Should You Provide A Waiver For Playdates & Birthday Parties?One thing that Florida has a reputation for, whether that’s a good or a bad thing, is the number of lawsuits that take place here in the state. As personal injury lawyers, we ourselves are aware that people in car accidents, in mishaps at amusement parks, and even people slipping and falling in shopping malls are well aware of their legal rights and ready to fight for them.

It’s created a culture of litigation, not just in the state, but throughout the country that makes everyone aware that one unintentional error can cost vast sums of money. The infamous 1992 case of Stella Liebeck, taking McDonald’s to court for coffee that burned her mouth and walking away with US$3 million is a testament to the power of litigation in our country. Even when OJ Simpson was found innocent of murder, he was found guilty of wrongful death in a civil lawsuit and paid over 30 million to the families of the victims.

So with most people being able to find grounds for a lawsuit for many different reasons, it’s not surprising that even children... read article

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An Increased Chance Of Shock Increases Your Chances Of Sustaining A Personal Injury

An Increased Chance Of Shock Increases Your Chances Of Sustaining A Personal InjuryMost people have had the unfortunate experience of being shocked, in one way or another, at least once. It could be by accidentally touching a wire, working with cords that are not grounded, or even by one of those trick packs of gum. The feeling is not pleasurable, and nobody really ever wants to feel it again. Painful and jolting, an electric shock can have dreadful consequences as well.

What if the cause of your electric shock comes from a product that has been recalled? You should not have to pay costly medical expenses due to the negligent acts of others. We often take for granted that the products that are in our home are completely safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. If you have been injured by a product that has been recalled, and live in the St. Petersburg area, contact our office for a free case review.
A Product Recall That You Should Know About Due To Increased Chance Of Shock
The bases of certain model Customatic adjustable beds are being recalled by Customatic Beds of Natick, Mass.... read article

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How Much Does A Trial Cost?

How Much Does A Trial Cost?If you get involved in an accident that has long term, negative consequences on you and your lifestyle, you’ll probably want to engage the services of a personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg. If your injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence or even malice, then it’s important to make sure that the other party doesn’t get it away with it, and gets the right message that negligence should not go unpunished.

However, getting justice in a personal injury case, while important, is also not free. At every branch of the judicial process there is money required. Clerks at the court are working on salaries, as are the judges that preside over a case. And of course, the accident lawyer that’s working with you through this experience is usually not doing the work absolutely free and will eventually be paid for the services rendered.

So how does it work? What kind of money is involved in a trial, and how does this affect you and your financial situation? Let’s take a quick, broad look at how money moves around during the trial process.
The Lawyer Wins When You... read article

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The High Cost Of Personal Injury

The High Cost Of Personal InjuryThe civil lawsuit is a double edged sword. On the one hand, there is the infamous case of the woman who took McDonalds to court and won because her coffee was too hot, and she walked away with millions of dollars, which many people regard as proof that the legal system is broken. On the other hand, there are many people in the country, every single year, who are injured as the direct result of someone else’s incompetence, negligence or ignorance, and they are now, through no fault of their own, forced to live a life with a crippling injury that prevents them from living and working the way other people do.

While it’s true that someone getting millions of dollars for a burnt tongue may seem excessive to most people, when you put aside that kind of spectacular case, personal injury lawsuits often do far more good than harm. We’re going to look at something most people don’t think about or want to consider, and that’s the medical cost and considerations you have to look at after sustaining an injury.
Temporary Injuries
If you’re very lucky, the traffic... read article

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Stay Safe On Your Motorcycle This Summer

Stay Safe On Your Motorcycle This SummerFlorida is one of the lucky states in the country where owning a motorcycle means you can actually drive it all year round, but different seasons mean changes in the traffic. As we come into summer, it’s not just your fellow locals that you’ll have to worry about on the road, there will be a lot of tourists that make the yearly summer pilgrimage with their families to enjoy the many attractions that Florida has to offer.

This means that you’ll need to be a bit more mindful on the road, and remember that as a motorcyclist, when you get into a confrontation with an automobile at speed, you’re the one most likely to lose the battle. That’s why we thought it would be good to remind the motorcyclists out there to follow these guidelines for better safety on the road.
Ride In The Right Frame Of Mind
This applies as much to driving as it does to riding a motorcycle, but it’s important to remember that you’re on a vehicle and putting lives at risk when you make a mistake. If you’re sleepy, you shouldn’t thinking about... read article

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Prom Night Is Fast Approaching Keep Your Teen Free Of Personal Injuries With These Tips

Prom Night Is Fast Approaching Keep Your Teen Free Of Personal Injuries With These TipsThis can be a fun and exciting time of year for teenagers. Prom night is often one of the most important nights in the life of these young men and women. It can be fun for parents as well, however, it can also be hectic and somewhat scary. You want to give your child space to grow, but you also want them to remain safe. There are a vast amount of ways that your teen can sustain a personal injury on prom night, but with any luck, these tips will help to avoid that from happening.
Tips For Parents
Never promote underage drinking, but keep an open and honest line of communication with your teen. These are the years when much of the experimentation of life takes place. Even if we do not want to admit it, in the back of our minds we know the things that we used to do, and our teens are every bit as capable of doing them as well. Make sure that your child knows that they can always call you, no matter... read article

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Avoid Bicycle Accidents And Personal Injuries With These Friendly Tips

Avoid Bicycle Accidents And Personal Injuries With These Friendly TipsRiding a bicycle in Florida has become a favorite past time for many of the state's residents as well as tourists. More bikes on the road, along with the already congested roadways, can be a recipe for disaster if all parties are not fully aware of their surroundings at all times. A fun and a relaxing trip can turn into a disaster in an instant.

Riders, under the age of 16, must wear a helmet when operating a bicycle. This is strict to protect them because their judgment skills may not be developed yet. While people over the age of 16 are not required to wear a helmet, it is a very good idea to do so anyway. Often, your helmet is the only thing protecting you from the elements. Riders may still be compensated if they become injured in a bicycle accident, whether they are wearing a helmet or not.
Friendly Tips For Drivers And Riders On Florida Roadways
Florida bicycle riders must adhere to the same laws and regulations as motorists on the road. You must stop for stop signs and red lights,... read article

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Camping And Motorhome Enthusiasts Be Aware Of This Increased Risk Of A Crash

Camping And Motorhome Enthusiasts Be Aware Of This Increased Risk Of A CrashYou likely bought your motorhome to see the sights or because you love the great outdoors. Either way, you have to drive your vehicle to get there. However, losing your ability to steer along the way could send you on a very unwanted detour. There is the chance that this nightmare could become your reality if you are the owner of a certain model 2012-2018 ih-45, Phenix and Nimbus motor homes.

Foretravel, Inc, is issuing this recall due to ball joints on the independent front suspension modules can loosen and separate. This can cause a partial loss of steering and can increase your risk of a crash occurring. If you are injured in a crash due to carelessness, negligence, or due to defective parts that you did not manufacture, you are likely entitled to compensation. Contact our knowledgeable team for a free case review to discover the different options available to you.
If You Do Make It To Your Destination Beware Of Some Of Your Favorite Snack Foods
Frito-Lay announced a voluntary recall of select Jalapeño Flavored Lay’s Kettle Cooked potato chips... read article

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Reasons To Hire A Truck Accident Attorney

Reasons To Hire A Truck Accident AttorneyCommercial truck accidents can be one of the most unforgiving types of accidents. These tractor trailers are big, bulky, and heavy. A certain amount of respect must be given to them by other drivers on the road, simply because their size can be intimidating and distracting. The same amount of respect should be given to you by the truck drivers as well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and accidents happen. If you have been injured in a truck accident and believe you are being treated unfairly, give our office a call for a free case review.

Not always, but compared to everyday fender-benders by car drivers, these types of accidents result in more serious injuries. Medical bills can pile up quickly, and if you are forced to miss work, trying just to cover necessities can seem impossible. Although your world seems to slow down to a crawl during this horrendous process, the rest of the world seems to keep working like clockwork. Do not become overwhelmed dealing with these people, let us do the heavy lifting.
Hire A Truck Accident Attorney Because Of These Reasons
Negotiations-... read article

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To Wear Or Not To Wear? Florida Helmet Laws

To Wear Or Not To Wear? Florida Helmet LawsSimple common sense dictates that if you want to get the best protection possible while riding a motorcycle, you should wear the appropriate gear. Obviously, traffic theory and reality don’t always mesh, especially in a state with weather as nice as Florida. No one is going to argue that wearing riding leathers and putting on a helmet doesn’t add more protection to a rider who is already at risk from no seatbelts and no chassis to protect from outside shocks and impacts.

But at the same time, on a clear, sunny day, the idea of being on a motorcycle with a comfortable pair of blue jeans, a favorite shirt and only sun glasses against the glare is an appealing idea. And in Florida, depending on your situation, this may be a 100% legal option. So how does Florida traffic law work when it comes to motorcycle helmets and how might this affect you in an accident?
It’s The Law When Except When It Isn’t
Florida helmet law seems simple at first. The law simply states that all motorcyclists must wear a helmet and that’s easy enough... read article

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Things To Do If You Are Involved In A Boating Accident

things-to-do-if-you-are-involved-in-a-boating-accidentFlorida is known for its beaches, beautiful ocean water, and awesome weather. It is the ideal location to hit the water for a fun day in the sun on your boat or another watercraft. Always do safety checks and inspections prior to going out on the water. This will ensure that you have taken all of the necessary precautions to make sure your vessel is seaworthy and prepared to handle any accidents that may occur.

Boating can be a fun and pleasurable experience for the whole family, however, if an accident happens at sea, the situation can become hectic and blurred. There are many people that are probably not even familiar with what to do after a car crash, and those happen daily, so knowing what to do on the water can be like speaking a foreign language to them.
Safety And Well Being Should Always Come First
Before anything else is done, all passengers from all of the boats involved should be accounted for. No matter who is at fault, everyone should be safe and away from any dangers. Any passengers that may require medical attention should be given first aid treatment until... read article

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Information For Parents About Product Recalls From The St Pete Lawyer

Information For Parents About Product Recalls From The St Pete Lawyer Serving and representing residents of the St. Petersburg area for over 27 years has been our pleasure. Being active in the community allows us to learn a lot from one another. Our community prides itself on coming together and taking care of their own. That is why we saw it fit to provide you with this product recall information that can affect your children. They play with toys and wear clothes that we buy them. Often, they can not discern if something is dangerous for themselves or not. It is our job to keep them safe and out of harm’s way.
Recall Information For You
Osprey has issued a recall on approximately 82,000 Poco child carriers. There is an increased fall hazard associated with this product. The company has received 4 reports of children falling through the leg openings. One minor injury of scratches to the head was reported, as well as an incident of a fractured skull. Affected models include the Poco, Poco Plus and Poco Premium child backpack carriers that were manufactured between January 2012 and December 2014.

These carriers came... read article

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Mercedez-Benz Is Issuing A Recall That Poses An Increased Risk Of A Car Crash Happening

Mercedez-Benz Is Issuing A Recall That Poses An Increased Risk Of A Car Crash HappeningMercedes-Benz USA, LLC, is expected to start recalling certain model 2016-2017 E300 and 2017 E300 4MATIC vehicles. These cars were designed to provide you with an elegant, sophisticated, and stylish ride. They have often been sought after commodities for many Americans because of the superior workmanship and excellent handling. This specific recall does not necessarily have to do with the performance of the vehicle, but it does pose a danger to you and others on the road.

These models have a roof mounted spoiler that may become detached while driving. This flying object can pose a danger to people that are anywhere in the vicinity of your vehicle, including drivers directly behind you. It can impair their vision causing them to crash into your vehicle, another vehicle, person, or another object. Due to the spoiler coming off of your car, insurance companies may try to hold you liable.

There are a potential 411 affected units. This may not seem like a huge number, but it is of the utmost importance to have your vehicle checked if you think it... read article

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How We Win Cases, An Inside Look At Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, And Walsh

The insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible. Your lawyer wants to win your case and get you everything you deserve. To accomplish this, we use a team of experts to get you the most compensation for your injuries. Here are some of the unique ways GetMeJustice builds your personal injury case:

1. Accident Reconstruction Experts to show who caused the accident.

In some accidents, the other driver denies fault and instead blames you. Sometimes the insurance company will even deny your claim or refuse to accept 100% liability. This is when you need an Accident Reconstruction Expert to help you win your case.

Accident Reconstruction Experts are highly skilled experts. They gather data about steering angles, braking distances, turn signals, speed, engine indicators, tire marks, and other information. They can show who caused the car crash and the speed of the vehicles.

2. Biomechanical Engineers to show that your injuries were caused by the accident.

In some accidents, the insurance company will say that your injuries were not caused by the auto accident and therefore deny you money for your injuries. This is when hiring a Biomechanical Engineer will help you win your case.
Biomechanical Engineers are specially trained engineers that... read article

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What We Do Right That Other Law Firms Get Wrong

If you’ve been injured and want to hire a lawyer, you might wonder if there’s any difference between law firms. The answer is, there is often a huge difference. It is all too easy to sign up with a firm that says "In a Wreck, Need a Check?"

However, you do not want to sign up with a law firm that is run like a “mill.” One that will treat your case like an assembly line, cookie-cutter style. Because those kinds of law firms are in big rush to settle, they often aren’t willing to go to trial. They don’t want to spend the time, effort, and money to get you all the justice you deserve. Their strategy is to make you sign their contract, then do the absolute minimum in order to settle your case fast.

The St. Pete Lawyer doesn’t do it that way. We treat you right.

1. We treat each case individually. We do not treat your case like an assembly line.

Our attorneys take the time to listen carefully to every detail so we can plan the best strategy. We know that learning everything about the accident and how it has affected your life is the only way to... read article

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The Science Of Winning Personal Injury Cases

Hiring the right experts, at the right time, can make the difference between receiving nothing for your personal injury claim or getting justice. For example, let's take another look at our client, Susie, and her terrible auto accident, when she collided with an abandoned vehicle on the highway.

Susie was traveling at the speed limit, during morning rush hour, when the car in front of her swerved to the side, revealing another car stopped in the middle of the freeway. Susie tried to change lanes, but was hemmed in by traffic on both sides. There was no way out and Susie slammed on her brakes and hoped for the best.

The collision fractured her right shoulder and damaged her own vehicle. The following hours were a blur and ended with her in the hospital.
“At least I’m covered through my own insurance,” she thought.
The bad news continued when her insurance company denied her claim. They said she was at fault. After all those years of paying premiums, they weren’t only going to over her PIP coverage.
Astonished, Susie called GetMeJustice and met with an attorney.
“We can help,” he said after reviewing her case.

One of the problems that Susie had was that she did not... read article

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The Trial Exhibit Can Make All The Difference

The Trial Exhibit Can Make All The DifferenceThe trial and the theatrics of the courtroom are something that many of us are familiar with at least through the entertainment industry. Unless you’re a lawyer, or participating in a court case yourself, many people have little personal experience with what actually happens during a trial. But thanks to the fascination that American culture has with the judicial process, there’s plenty of coverage about trial activities both in the fiction of films, books and dramas, as well we news coverage and reality TV shows that document actual trial events.

A trial has many different aspects that are critical to its resolution and a final verdict. The one that we’re going to look at today has had many changes over the decades, and some might argue that it’s importance has grown at the same rapid pace as the technologies used for it, and that is the trial exhibit.
Show & Tell
A trial exhibit is more of technique or a method than a specific technology. It is a way to demonstrate to a jury a certain point, so that they have the information they need in order... read article

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Good Detective Skills Can Change A Case

Good Detective Skills Can Change A CaseFor people who are involved in a legitimate personal injury case, the use of an investigator by your personal injury lawyer—or even the lawyers of the party you are suing—are just one more way to arrive at the truth and get a verdict in your favor. During what is called the “discovery” phase in the time leading up to an actual trial, both sides of a civil lawsuit are free to use any legal means necessary to further investigate the truth and shore up arguments that will eventually be presented to a jury at the trial.

Despite the fact that we now live in a world of DNA profiling and forensic analysis, sometimes it is good old fashioned detective work that is critical to uncovering the real truth behind a story. Especially when the truth has been deliberately obscured.
From Personal Injury To Fraud
One example of how investigative techniques can uncover the truth happened in Ireland in 2015. A Lithuanian woman who had been in a car accident sued for damages over what she claimed were crippling injuries. However, in the lead up to the actual trial,... read article

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Winning A Civil Suit Means Educating Your Jury

Winning A Civil Suit Means Educating Your JuryOne of the things that most people accept as a normal part of the American judicial process is the jury. We see juries all the time in reality television, news broadcasts and the films, television and other fiction that covers legal drama. But we often overlook the jury in favor of the spectacular speeches by lawyers, or the nervous collapse of a witness at the stand.

However, it is the jury that is the basis of American justice. The idea is that no single authority should decide the fate of a person being charged with a crime or sued in a court of law. Instead, every person is entitled to have that decision of punishment or no punishment be decided by people just like him or her, and that’s the jury.

And this is why one of the greatest unsung skills in the trial process is the ability to educate a jury.
Unbiased & Unqualified
The central premise of a jury is that they are selected to make a verdict after hearing the merits of both sides of an accusation as presented by lawyers. Part of this process... read article

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